President Trump Deports 95-Year-Old Nazi

It is stories like this which make me wonder if the Republican Party is capable of doing anything policywise for anyone but wealthy Jewish donors:

President Trump has between now and the midterms to figure it out.

We don’t have a border wall. We have been losing free speech on the internet. We have been watching mobs tear down our monuments. We have seen an orgy of Antifa violence in the streets. In return, the Republican Congress has condemned us and given Silicon Valley tax breaks.

I’m not sure where anyone else draws the line, but this is mine. This isn’t anything close to what I voted for in the 2016 elections. If something isn’t done to dramatically turn around this situation around before November, I am sitting out the midterm elections. At a bare minimum, we have to see strong action taken to follow up on the promise to reverse the censorship of social media.

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  1. I will be voting for the asshat Scott Walker for governor in Wisconsin here since the alternatives are even worse than he is, but that’s it no one else is getting my vote, and I’ll be damned if I vote for Drumpf again, either.

  2. “It is stories like this which make me wonder if the Republican Party is capable of doing anything policywise for anyone but wealthy Jewish donors.”

    Hunter, you said it all, right here.

  3. “The United States will never be a safe haven for those who have participated in atrocities, war crimes, and human rights abuses”-Jeff Sessions
    The irony

      • Hear! Hear!

        There were many, many major war crimes committed by the US in WWII.

        And in every war since.

        Serbia, 1999

        Hell, the list is endless.

      • April 29, 1945

        15th Inf Regt, 45th ID US Army executed >500 Wehrmacht POWs– including 358 machine-gunned along a wall and an MD carrying a Red Cross flag.

        Did these war criminals find a “safe haven” back home?

  4. “We urged the German government as recently as this month to finally accept his deportation.”

    They refused to take him for years, because he was never a German citizen.

    April 23, 2118.

    Famous Nazi hunter Emil Scheißberg announces the disinterment and arrest of Martin Bormann’s skeleton.

      • Didn’t the sainted Paul Wellman pull strings, many years ago, to allow Jewish WW2 Red Army veterans to immigrate here and get veteran’s benefits, or something equally outrageous? Wonder what blood-curdling atrocities an investigation into those yid’s war records would reveal?

      • @Mestigoit

        You forgot: Famous Nazi hunter AND HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR Emil…

        He’s a Holohoax survivor because his 192 year old grandfather survived Auschwitz by hiding in a shit house, in a village in Sweden, after escaping from an Opera House in Oslo, in 1932.

  5. My first reaction this morning was, “WTF? Trump pardons a Jewish dude, convicted of human trafficking, does nothing about the Muslim terrorist training camp where they discovered the body of a child, but he can revoke the legal citizenship and deport a Polish man, that an been here 75 years now!? I’ve been telling people that we can revoke citizenship if we wanted too! But no one believed me! But this case was because muh ADL! Yet not enough action on the border, Obamacrap not 100% gone, and worse of all, our 2nd Amendment has been under Republican assault since the deep state shootings”! I’m hoping Trump did this so he can proceed with other deportations, using this case as precedent, but I’m losing hope that Trump is anything but another run-of-the-mill politician. That said, we know the four stages of freedom, must be sought. Soap box, Ballot box, Jury box, Ammo box. Decide

    • I’m not a Trump basher but to think he did this so he could proceed with other deportations is too generous. Trump tries to buy goodwill from the hostile Jewish community with these gestures. This would be a good time to raise the issue of why no deportations, why no human rights trials for communist criminals? Not a single one that I know of except a couple Serbs who were tried not for communist crimes but for nationalist, ethnic-cleansing activities. You have to keep bringing up this stuff til it strikes a nerve with the public. The raw material, the facts are all out there waiting to be publicized.

      • Exactly, Powell. Which means he’s always taking us 1 step backwards. He represents a slower pace towards our coming displacement and eventual genocide, that’s all. What a cuck. Typical wishy-washy Boomer. I’ll not be voting for his dumb ass next cycle, that’s for sure. I think what’s needed now is for this system to get as bad as it can and come crashing down. Continued polarization and tyranny, let this bitch burn! Then, once the bacon is out of the way and the Leftists have no protection, we in earnest form those RWDS and take care of business. To hell with this creeping-death, this slow but steady trudge towards doom which is Trump and every other “Republican”. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR.

        • Actually, the data presented on this site shows that the detested ‘boomers’ are the ones who identify most strongly with being white and with white nationalism.

          • I know that is true of many, but not all, boomers were I live. And if I were to believe the web sites that I frequent, all Millenials are based NS/WN shitlords ready to mount the counter-revolution if only the boomers would die and get out of the way. Yet all the Millenials and most of the Gen Xers I know (and I really hate these stupid Jew-coined generational nicknames, btw) are dyed-in-the-wool SJWs and antifa losers who worship blacks and parrot the Jewish line on everything. Perception or reality?

        • I have to agree with both of you concerning the tendency to shit on Boomers. Didn’t mean to come off as anti-Boomer. I just meant that a lot of older folks, White folks, seem to be wishy-washy. But I agree that, with all their faults, they’re a hell of a lot better than the generations which followed. One thing we have to acknowledge: Boomers cranked out some White babies. Something subsequent generations are failing miserably at. I understand that Boomers to a huge degree sat back and allowed this country to get increasingly non-White, anti-White, let the Jews take over our media, let that same Jewsmedia tell them a bunch of bullshit every night about the world around them, Boomers let the “civil rights” shit, desegregation and all the rest of it get crazy as hell, etc., etc., etc. True enough. BUT THEY HAD WHITE BABIES. And what have the next generations actually done that’s any better or worse? Nothing. The anti-Whites are still running roughshod over us, we’re still being flooded with non-Whites, Jews still own everything worth a damn… and the White grandkids of those Boomers are NOT having White babies. Instead, they’re out there carrying signs that say “BlackLivesMatter” and “Good Night White Pride”. I mean, we need to be honest here. Shitting on Boomers, on our grandfolks, is pretty hypocritical.? Like I said, I myself am not anti-Boomer. I love(d) my grandfolks.

          • Were they Boomers brainwashed? Heel ya, and the system really did a number on them, hitting them with every new-fangled mind control weapon they could introduce from TV to pop music to LSD. (You don’t really think it was a coincidence that less than decade after the CIA starting playing around with acid that an entire generation was being exhorted to blow their minds for kicks, do you?) And it was politicians and “educators” from the so-called Greatest Generation/Silent Generation who were doing that. And even they were not the originators, but the products them selves of the great New Deal brain trust. Really, this agenda to create the new Eloi from the White race has long, twisted roots. Every second we spend attacking someone other than the Tribe, we are losing…

  6. Sitting out the elections is probably not the way to go. It might be helpful to field an Alt-Trump candidate who promises to do all the stuff Trump said he’d do but didn’t. Then, if Trump straightens up, that candidate can drop out. Trump has little incentive to reward his base since they’re pretty loyal to him while the bad guys keep hurling bombs at him.

  7. I think all WNs should sit it out unless they’re living in a district where Art Jones, Paul Nehlen or some other “Nazi” is on the ballot.

  8. We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by our “emotions,” like a woman. We are all VERY angry at many things Trump’s done and not done. Remember the old saying, “you get the government you deserve,” and another bend on it is, “the government you have is the government you deserve.” Well fellow Confederates … throughout OUR history, many of us had to fight in actual physical wars and get wounded and die. Loss of $$ family … everything just to get us to THIS lousy point !!! And we pout and throw a tantrum when things don’t go right ? The founders would’ve been attacking decades ago. All we do is NARRATE AND COMMENT. Yes, and sometimes march which IS very noble.

    Well … it’s our turn now. Phase I of any campaign, is to formulate a motto. A message. Something everyone can RALLY behind, and CONTRIBUTE $$ TO 🙂



    Until our “campaign” is in full swing we can NOT afford to skip any elections. We MUST, ( because of our own inactions in the past, ) campaign hard for and vote for THE LEAST WORST ONES.

    You KNOW I’m right.

    • If the Confederacy separates from the Union then ZOG would lose its best military bases as well as its best fighting men. GOOD.

      • spahnranch1969

        “If the Confederacy separates from the Union”

        A great deal of the interior West is likely to come along, too., especially the Southwest.

  9. Trump having his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a (((bankster)))

    was a loud warning signal:

    “Beware! Shabbatz goy!”

    And you all ignored it.

    Now, you pay.

    I’m praying Kamala Harris takes down this orange-haired asshole.

    then the White Right can get back on track…though with 4 years wasted.

  10. In my state I have no decent choice anyway, so I’m staying home rather than vote for a pro-amnesty, Israel First Republican.

    I’d vote Trump in 2020, but he probably will have been impeached and removed by then. Or denied renomination or have decided to hang it up.

    But he sure has been a disappointment, especially on foreign policy, jew-stuff like this deportation and Jerusalem, and immigration. He provided a great service by driving the bad guys wild and having them show themselves.

    I am ok with the whole f***ing thing crashing. Politically, morally, culturally and socially this country is racing to the bottom. The education, legal, permanent government (swamp) and media systems are all astonishingly corrupt. It’s best to shed any emotional attachment to a country which is no longer what you thought it was, or maybe remembered it to be.

  11. Of all the human garbage Trump could deport, he deports 95yo ‘Nazis’. WTF will this achieve?
    I’m sure the average American will now sleep better at night, knowing he’s gone…
    Same thing occurs in Australia-government boasts of deporting overstayers or criminals who did some shit in 1915…..but they’re always whites from Germany, Italy or Britain. Nobody gives a fuck. They want Muslim terrorists and African gangs deported, but they never are. They just remain at large, and continue being a burden and danger.
    Government pretends to be ‘tough’ on foreign criminals, when all they’re really being tough on are whites. Deporting blacks would ‘violate’ their human rights. They know they won’t be deported no matter what, so they know they can act up.
    We’re being played for fools, we really are.

  12. I took note of the fact that this little show coincides with the release of “Operation Finale,” a new film about the capture of Adolph Eichmann. It kind of seems like this is a propaganda stunt meant to serve as a theatrical preview to generate interest.

  13. The comment about the founders attacking decades ago is pretentious & ignorant.

    The redcoats couldn’t helicopter a team onto your rooftop in 2 hours.

    Destroying the enemies morale is arguably the objective of war, as victory is achieved when the enemy can no longer fight

    This makes actions such as these (websites) important but obviously physically & mentally prepare for real confrontation

    Also christcucks are Shabbos Goy!

  14. The public have no clue of ADL other than some charity group.Nazi eviction is reminder to the top brass generals and high ranking officials that going pro white is career suicide.

  15. OTOH, this story may well have solved irresistible force v immovable object.

    Twitter SJWs, ever obsessed with Nazis, are nonetheless upset with ICE over deporting an “actual” Nazi.

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