Update: OD Lawfare Fundraiser

Occidental Dissent won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

We’ve already overshot our fundraising goal. I’m shocked by the result. I was expecting to raise about half of our legal expenses here, but we have already raised $5,851. Thank you!

It is has been a rough year. I assumed that with this site being basically inert from March through July and with half of our audience drifting away that we would struggle to deal with this issue. But I was wrong. I underestimated how many dedicated followers we have who want us to keep going.

After posting that fundraising appeal on August 8th, I figured that I would close down the site, check our P.O. Box and reopen the blog in about a week. I assumed that we would get a few letters because readers wouldn’t respond immediately. It takes several days to mail anything through the Post Office. I checked it on Friday and that P.O Box was slam full of letters from our supporters.

It was the most heartening thing that has happened in a long time. As I read through all of those letters, I realized that we are going to get through this. We’re going to survive all this lawfare, violence, deplatforming and censorship and come out stronger on the other side. I’ve already started writing back to everyone who sent something and my wife will get those responses mailed soon.

In the meantime, the plan here going forward is to become as active as we were in December, January and February before the catastrophe that was March. I read dozens of books while I was taking a break and still have a lot of book reviews to write. I want to do some smarter activism, hold some private meetups around the South and the keep the site constantly updated with news.

One more thing: while the vast majority of the funds we raised came through our P.O. Box, we discovered something interesting that should be of use to other content creators in our community. It turns out that we don’t really need PayPal anymore. You can easily transfer money to anyone in the United States with a simple phone number or email address through lots of new services.

Note: After reading “Erfahrungen mit dem Bitcoin UP robot” – I’ve signed up on Coinbase and plan to start using Bitcoin. The biggest mistake that I made last year was failing to take advantage of the Bitcoin gold rush. It seems more technical and challenging, but one of our readers was a big help and sent me something about how to do it.

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  1. “Note: I’ve signed up on Coinbase and plan to start using Bitcoin. The biggest mistake that I made last year was failing to take advantage of the Bitcoin gold rush. It seems more technical and challenging, but one of our readers was a big help and sent me something about how to do it.”

    I reply.

    Sounds promising. I am not set up on any internet based payment systems besides Chase Quickpay and the Zelle network.

    I don’t want to give out my cell number or too much private information and don’t know how to do this yet.

    It would help if we had one official tech teacher here who can give simple, practical advice on

    How to…

    Thanks again to everyone who helped us reach our fundraising goals.

    Jack Ryan

    • Two things. First about Coinbase. Like PayPal they have a SJW agenda and have shutdown numerous nationalists accounts including mine. The benefit of having Coinbase is that it’s convenient to turn dollars into BTC and BTC into dollars. It’s not needed to simply receive BTC. All you need is a BTC wallet or a wallet for any crypto currency you want to receive. Second as far as using a mobile number that is a security risk if you circulate your actual mobile number too broadly. If you can try using something such as a Google Voice number. And don’t use that number for any 2FA on your accounts. Surprisingly I was able to use my Google Voice number with Signal instead of my actual mobile number. Maybe you can use such a number for the transfer service you want to use.

  2. Well Brad, hopefully you got “served” by mail under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4 and got 60 days to answer instead of being served by a process server and only got 21 days to answer.

    When I was sued in federal district court in Cleveland Ohio for $10.75 million by Bryan Reo working as a “law clerk” for Attorney Kyle Bristow I made the mistake of making a simple disavowal that this “homosexual Satannic mongrel abomination” had a legitimate case. Then it was a matter of a year or more while we argued like two retards over what was posted on my web page and the identities of some mongrel retards Reo was blackmailing over mangina. Bryan Reo would file numerous motions for Summary Judgment and Motions to Strike. I’d file counter-motions for summary judgement and to strike Bryan Reo’s Motions to Strike. Must have had six or eight motions out fighting with each other while I’d take the opportunity to post Bryan Reo nigger-lipped, unibrowed, slant-eyed homo pictures that Reo had posted on homosexual dating sites as “exhibits”. Then I’d post most of this crap on my forum for shits & giggles. If you don’t want to becum a pub[l]ic figure then never start a lawsuit claiming that you are not a pub[l]ic figure.

    What you should do is to pull a Mike “the kike” Enoch. Mike the kike pretended to be pro se all the way, but hired or had a friend who was a lawyer write stuff up for him, turn it is as a pretend pro se, then Mike the kike would post it on his TRS Forum. The federal jewdge got tired of the jewboy dicking up his circus so he booted Mike the Kike from the lawsuit according to the $PLC.

    You should do the same thang. As a pro se litigant you don’t have to know the law as much. Rent a weasel on the side by all means. (Like Sam Dickson who is competent, not Kyle Bristow Esquirrel or Kyle Bristow’s nigger-lipped brain Bryan Reo, also now an Esquirrel, who will write stupid Motions to Strike which didn’t work for Mattoid Chaimbach either.)

    Also, I’d add the $PLC and ADL and antifa and those who are suing you now to your pro se countersuit. It doesn’t have to be good as you can ask to amend the counter-cumplaint. It just has to make of the circus an even bigger more stupider circus. And you should be getting all the present and past legal work in progress now that you are a Defendant/Counter-Defendant .

    I know whereof I speak:


    Five Thousand Eight hundred & 51 ZOGbux is 14 federal civil rights lawsuits at $400 each. Think of this as your chance to learn ZOGlaw.

    Anyways, now that you have been served, don’t pull an Andre the nigger Anglin and collect 156K ZOGbux pretending to live in Lagos Niggeria or as a sex tourist in Cambodia while hiding in daddy’s basement in East Columbus Ohio. Might as well tell us all about your adventures in legal-land. Now that you got your nuts nailed to the wall, might as well fight and fight mean.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. Hunter- you may want to be careful with Coinbase. They have been known to shut down people’s accounts for donating to certain ‘alt-right’ figures (ironically, the Jew-controlled ‘AmNat’ ones that attacked Spencer, Patriot Front, Iron March and the TWP).

    I’m not sure if they’re fully freezing/stealing funds as Paypal etc have, but worth being careful.


  4. Coinbase sucks AND they’re in earthquake country, so when God flips the Sodom & Gomorrah switch bye bye coins for a LONG time till can retrieve on blockchain. Go with Poloniex and Gemini. YouTube : Jsnip4

  5. Hunter, make sure that you report the exact amount of $5,851 (which you just declared) on your 1040 come next April. You know that the $PLC and ADL minions that monitor this site will report your declaration to their (((employers))) who will eagerly snitch this to their co-ethnics in the (((IRS))) and the (((DOJ))). You need to make sure that you do not set up yourself for a future tax fraud lawfare prosecution because you are an Aryan and reflexively tell the truth, instead of being a jew who lies as effortlessly as they eat and sleep, since they are of their father the Devil, the father of lies (John 8:44).

    PS, I would recommend that you use some of these funds to set up a 501(3)c tax exempt foundation to which future donations can be made, that are not direct income to you and your family.

  6. Congratulations! I’m very glad to hear you surpassed your goal. You more than deserve it, You’ve made a lot of sacrifices for our people and I am sure those who could afford to send something did so. And, I am equally sure that those who were not able to would have if they could have.

    Glad to hear you’ve finally opened up to the world of cryptocurrencies. Anonymity is important in these difficult times and cryptocurrencies do offer that protection.

  7. Brad, Coinbase is fine to get started because you don’t use it for storage. Ever! Most people in the US start with Coinbase. If you buy anything from them, move it immediately or as soon as it becomes available. If you want immediate access to your crypto, you must use a debit card and then you have an additional “international” fee of 3% but it’s in your account immediately as opposed to a 5-10 day waiting period. The purchase fee itself is also high but Coinbase is very easy to use and is very dependable. You only need Coinbase or Gemini or Kraken to transfer between the main cryptos and fiat. All three of those exchanges sell and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. Your donations go to your own private Bitcoin public address which can be with paper wallets, hardware wallets like Trezor (highly recommend but do not store more than $50k on any one Trezor and only buy them from trustworthy companies like “All Things Decentral” which is Roger Ver’s company or the Trezor company itself but they’re located in Europe so you’ll have a longer ship time. Never use eBay to purchase crypto hardware wallets. Warning: your cryptos are only safe in paper and hardware wallets where you hold the private keys but using Exodus to learn the ropes is how a lot of people get to understand the crypto system. Another tip is get to know Shapeshift for converting crypto to crypto completely void of having to use fiat in the transaction which causes a taxable event. Some people look at any crypto conversion as a taxable event. You’ll have to study that and decide for yourself.

    Security is number one with cryptos and some people even recommend a separate laptop to store them on that has never accessed the Internet. They are referred to as air-gapped computers. I’ve been in the crypto game since the earlier part of 2017 and have never lost a single thing. Just always check your addresses. On average, it probably takes quite a few months for most people to learn the entire ropes of the system but I suspect you will pick it up quickly.

    Good luck!

  8. I’m sorry I could not contribute. I thank you for having persisted and held your ground against the devils arrayed against all of us who do not wish to live in Zimbabwe.

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