SPLC Plays Up Fictional Rift Within League of the South

The SPLC has a new article up on the League of the South leaving the Nationalist Front:

“Brad Griffin, an Alabama resident and the League’s PR Chief, has publicly feuded with Hill in the past. Griffin has recently decried the League’s participation in “the Summer of Hate”— as the intense period of public white nationalist rallies during the summer of 2017 has come to be known within the movement — its ties to the TWP, NSM and other Nationalist Front ilk, and its overall departure from messaging that Griffin developed with former South Carolina chairman Michael Cushman to differentiate “Southern Nationalism” from garden-variety “heritage activism.” In “Review: 2018 League of the South Conference,” Griffin takes Hill to task, saying …”

I’m hardly feuding with Dr. Hill.

I think it is great news that the League of the South is going to return to focusing on its own message. If anything is true, this will quell what divisions existed within the League as our involvement with the Nationalist Front had been a long standing point of controversy.

It’s true that I supported the “Hard Right” rebranding after Shelbyville. The collapse of the Traditionalist Worker Party in a sex scandal and the slew of documentaries in the previous article changed my mind though. I just don’t see a path forward for that sort of thing anymore. I don’t want to attend anymore volatile public events either with strangers who I don’t know or trust.

Identity Evropa was right to focus on their own movement. I feel we should do the same.

“In a recent post titled “League of the South Holds North Florida Meetup,” Griffin describes a trip last month to meet with members of the Florida League at a private event in Panama City Beach in glowing terms and compares the direction in which Hill has taken the League to “private meetups without the presence of Antifa and the violence, doxxing and lawfare that follows in their wake.”

In my experience, most people join groups for the fellowship. We don’t have to be marching in the streets, wrestling with Antifa and getting doxxed to grow our movement. When mobs of violent Antifa are beating up people with American flags and tearing down Confederate monuments, those people are already making our case for us and sending waves of new recruits in our direction.

It is more fun to relax on the beach with likeminded people in Florida than to get bombarded by piss balloons in Charlottesville. I think Antifa should be given the public spotlight to discredit the Left. I’m happy to let these feral criminals continue to attack police officers, “journalists,” bystanders and Bernie Bros. I don’t think we have anything to gain by clouding that picture.

Antifa are producing some really great optics right now. We should leave them alone to self destruct engaging in violence with conservatives and Patriot groups.

“Griffin’s ire with the alt-right as a brand likely stems from being added to a civil suit for his involvement in the planning and coordination of the Unite the Right rally.”

No, I have said in public and private on multiple occasions that I don’t want to be associated with the violent incel rhetoric. Everyone in the Alt-Right knows that is my position. I believe in faith, family, folk and some of those people don’t and that is the divide.

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  1. “We don’t have to be marching in the streets, wrestling with Antifa and getting doxxed to grow our movement.”

    Well said. You should frame that one.

    I fully expect the climate to get worse and for new tactics to become necessary over time, but until then there is so much that we can do outside the spotlight. Just raising your kids to stay in the church and off the coal is a major priority. Just growing our numbers bit by bit and facilitating networks and business partnerships is a glorious accomplishment. Also the vision of independence and how to get there needs to be polished until it is clear. These are all things we can do (for now) without suffering lawfare.

  2. I never understood why the League aligned themselves with any NS in the first place. I was very involved with the League years ago and when they decided to partner with NS I knew it was going to fail on a PR level. I am glad that they are going to concentrate more on their own organization but I feel that sadly the damage has been done. Aligning with IE, the CofCC or even the Knights Party would have been far more compatible.

  3. Brad let me back onto Occidental Dissent in January and I promised to not run the Dylann Storm Roof Fan Club on his blog

    And he is smart to dump Jeff Poop Scoop’s NSM Nutzi ZOGtards and the rest of the 14/88 ass-clowns always wanting to show they’s asses. The poop-Scoop is associated with Clifford Herrington who is into homosexual Satanism. He does an efficient rally or four over the summer, but nothing ever comes of them.

    ASSociating with proven failure puts no slop in your trough.

    That said, I think League of the South should dump the murderous jew pig William “Baal” Finck who murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief in the Jersey City Jail and then “fincked” out the other pig David Dumers who assisted in the murder, got him convicted by a jury trial, then destroyed Dumer’s appeal by filing his appeal of his guilty plea-bargain on the same day. So you got a snitch as well.

    Finck pretends to be a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor but believes in papist-preterism (the belief made up by Jesuits in 1619 that the Roman Catholic Church put Satan in the pit in 500 AD where he got out by 1517 to whisper in Martin Luther’s ear), instead of the pre-millennialism of Great Tribulation, Satan being bound for 1,000 years, and then Judgment Day after the Millennium which is in the furure.

    Nor does Finck believe that Satan seduced Eve and she spawned Cain — the first jew. Rather Finck pretends that something made the 6th Day Beasts of the Field, but that there is no real Satan. Finck is thus a Sheldon Emryite “No Devil” No-Seedline poseur.

    Finck is thus a ZOGbot associated with Bryan Reo and Kyle Bristow. Finck used to do shows with Bryan Reo claiming that Hitler was the ArchAngel Michael and yapping about how Moses plagarized the Story of Gilgamesh.

    League of the South would do well to purge this snitching murderous jew pig and ZOGbot.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. The SPLC is worse than the National Enquirer when it comes to sensationalist articles. They need a bogeyman to fund their anti-White propaganda machine. I am a prime example of this. 16 years ago, as an experiment, I sent the SPLC a flyer I made up. All it said was Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Richmond, VA. I was on the next SPLC hate map as a hate group and remained on it for several years. Today there is a Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan on their hate map, but I don’t know if it is supposed to be me or not because it is listed as statewide Virginia instead of just Richmond, VA. The point is that they play up what they think will raise money to further their anti-White, anti-Confederate lies, distortions and half-truths.

  5. Meetings, luncheons, talks, posts …. 5 years from now nothing will have changed. What’s the vision ? What’s the goal(s) ? What’s the motto ? WHAT’S THE POINT ?

    • There never was “a point” other than showing how many tards the bowel-Movement ober-shiessenkopfen-feeben-fatten-fartin-fuktard-fuerher could assemble to show the $PLC and the other bowel Movement tards what a great leader he is.

      Now post-Charlottesville that it has gotten so very costly, this stupid crap has pretty much died out and the survivors got wary.

      Hail Victory !!!

      .Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. Well, back in May 2004, after you attended a Billy Roper Rally you got hot dogs with the fixings and a crack at a keg of Milwaukee’s Best. Rick Spring, a federal informant who would steal Aryan Nations applications accompanied by a $35 check ($25 for the membership plus $10 first month’s dues) would copy the names and addresses from Pastor Butler’s copy machine and send the copies to the $PLC and Daryl Jenkins’ One Primates Project.

    Billy Roper got all mad at me in Feb 2005 after Pastor Butler died in Sept 2004 and wanted to coronate Rick Spring as the Head of the aboveground DSCI Church and Aryan Nations. John Britton had me supporting Morris Gulett, so I pointed out that it was the local congregations who determined who was head of the Church, not Billy Roper. Billy Roper got all mad at me in 2015 for making fun of April Gaede and has decided to call me a convicted child molester. He had run around with Paul Mullett until the Ohio FBI decided to do with Mulett what they did with Ray Redfearn, i.e. give him a “hot load” of cocaine and induce a heart attack. Mullet decided to retire so Billy Roper found some long-time criminal and sponsored him on a $25 per month on the v-bulletin Bronze program until Phil Morrow got sent back to prison.

    Now Billy has two rallies per month with five or six people, i.e. himself, his single-mom beard, UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie, and three or four other rent-a-tards. They drive around Memphis on the Watermelon 500 beltway flying Confederate flags or hold their rally at Thom Robb’s KKKK.biz business in Harrison Arkansas.

    Jeff Schoep used to have his third wife Joanna, of Syrian Arab parentage and a niglet daughter named Amber and lied about “Ambergate” for five years until wife #4, a stripper from California, moved into the family home. So Joanna sold Schoep’s loose-leaf notebooks with 1500 names to the $PLC. They said Schoep was actually very kind to Amber. They load up about a dozen or so tards into minivans and have a very efficient Rally a couple of times in the summer and another one or two during the rest of the year.

    Now Kynan Dutton, the tard Corn Cobb got in trouble is running Jeff Schoep’s operation in Tennessee.

    What these rallies accomplish is news to me. I got to see Pastor Butler before he croaked in May 2004, along with the jew Alex Linder and Corn Cobb. Two Deep-Woods DSCI from Missouri that I seen around at CI conferences, and two men from Kansas I didn’t know. Plus Rick Spring, Butler’s “Chief of Security” and then already suspected federal informant.

    My point is that practically all of these people are not white or if white they have a history of ZOGbotting and not getting anything done except expose their foolish followers to doxxing and/or harassment by antifa or ZOG. I cannot think of any time that these rallies accomplished anything good that quiet private activism couldn’t do much better.

    Any rallies should be specific to that particular group and issue and should have a backup plans in case things break bad.

    The bowel Movement is a network, not a hierarchy. We all know each other and in knowing seldom agree. Why expose yourself to the consequences of foolishness committed by those you have no control over? Why subject yourself to Bryan Reo/$PLC style lawfare? (By the way, Bryan Reo working with Baal Finck and then later Kyle Bristow took down a dozen of my web pages, four of the NIM-Busters’, a homosexual political porn forum impersonating John Britton, and a few others and held the record for such until post-Charlottesville. Many of the tricks now pulled were pioneered by Bryan Reo.)

    Hail Victory !!!

    .Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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