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  1. I hear about stuff like this, I simultaneously witness how the FBI and CIA seem to be filled with men who have the minds of 15 year-old girls… I really get the feeling that it wouldn’t be all that hard for us to forcibly take this part of the continent away from Fedgov if we really wanted it bad enough. Just how many men would we need to overrun a major military base?

    The only question, of course, is whether enough of us can ever be convinced to quit bickering, get off our asses and do it.

  2. I used to talk to Vasillios, he was a nice kid, though he didn’t learn to keep his power level hid too good. No way an active duty Marine or any active duty soldier should EVER come to any event EVER. Send a couple bucks maybe, but bro you’re getting training for the future. When Mad Max sets in all over the planet, we are going to need combat trained gents

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