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  1. He won’t name the Jew, however. Or that AntiFa© is a Jewish operation from top to bottom. Or that “Fighting Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis.

    What’s the relationship, if any, between the 613 Mitzvah Corps, which promotes SJW activities among Jewish youth, and the active participation of young Jews in AntiFa©?

    What’s the relationship between the presence of a significant Jewish community, and the likey appearance and success of AntiFa© in any public political event in any given town or city?

    • Won’t name The Jew, Mr. Owens?

      I’ll tell you someone else Mr. Beck will not name – The New England Yankee United States’ Government.

      Nor will he name Satan.

      And, as such, he is missing all three horses of The current incarnation of The Anti-Chryst…

  2. Beck’s an idiot who got blackmailed and or threatened a long time ago. The moron fails to mention such things as the massive 3rd world invasion into OUR country and that Soros and towel heads are the funders and organizers of Antifa, and that antfagita is made up of mostly uneducated brain dead zombies. However, he sure is quick to attack whites !!!


    1. Arrest all antfagitas and Soros, et., al, charge under RICO and be done with it. OR bring out the Apache Attack helicopters and put those gatling guns to use.





    • @The Gray Ghost

      The only obstacle to this is the Jews.
      Mossad maintain a network of agents and safe houses all across North America.

      1. Israel controls the U.S. through nuclear blackmail.

      2. Israel threatens biological warfare against the U.S. and Europe.

      3. For Pseudo-religious reasons, the U.S. government won’t retaliate. They fear a Jesus attack, more than anything else. Which they believe a nuclear strike on Tel-Aviv would certainly trigger.

      Ironically, on this last point, the Jews are pushing atheism. If Christianity disappears, the only real obstacle to exterminating them in self defense, will be gone. Hitler was right. The victory of the Jews signals their own destruction, as well as that of their victims.

      The Jews always sell the rope, at a profit, to the Goyim that hang them with it.

      • The Southern Baptists and their friends are the worst about kissing Israel’s ass. Remember the first state to recognize the creation of the Jewish State was ALABAMA in 1942. In fact ALABAMA LEGISLATURE gets special honors from Israel for this

        • “Nazi” Germany did a commerative Israeli coin about the same time. I think the hopes were that the Jews would want to leave. In the case of Alabama, however, my guess would cuckery and apology for Huey Long.

          • Huey was married to a Hebe. White men that marry Jews surrender their testicles to their wives, to wear as earrings, on their wedding night

      • Careful not to include ALL Jews. Just like not saying ALL whites are good. 🙂 MOST a-holes I’ve met are white – just sayin … but of course I’m white and I’m 100 % FOR an all white south. I’d say 50 % of Jews need to be watched / monitored for deportation if act up … 20 + % are bad enough to not allow in, and maybe 30 % are ok to good people, and those would be mostly the Christian ones.

    • @The Gray Ghost

      “Beck’s an idiot.”

      That sums it up right there.

      “bring out the Apache Attack helicopters and put those gatling guns to use.”

      Just need Governors, state legislatures and mayors with balls who’ll call out the National Guard with orders to shoot to kill and have prison camps ready for the survivors.

      The bulk of the aviation assets are in Dixie or the West, where AntiFa© are both ineffective and unlikely to attack.The only reason AntiFa© were effective in Charlottesville, was because they had the support of the large transplant community in NoVa and a Carpetbagger government at the state and municipal levels.

      • We have a good chuck of the nuclear arsenal too. If it came to that then our best hope would be to deploy the B2’s from Whiteman AFB, the B52’s from Barksdale and the subs from Kings Bay and split most of their payloads between Israel and the urban Northeast corridor. I would like to think that it wouldn’t, but I’m betting it would.

      • That’s the College Industrial Complex you are speaking about. These Colleges have taken over the cities where they live and it wasn’t Yankees that allowed them to do this, it was Castrated Southern Politicians who allowed them in the 1960’s to grow to gargantuan monsters. George Lincoln Rockwell caused a riot at Wake Forest University in the 1960’s. The reason is these idiotic Southern Democrats made A LOT of money off of the out of state tuition coming into North Carolina and other states. Of course they never saw the forest for the trees, but that’s a different story. The leftists and hippies were just as active on Southern campuses by the late 1960’s as they were on Northern ones, because of this college scam the Southern Democrats were running to put money into state coffers.

        The basic problem here is the eternal Urbanite. The State of Texas has done more for White Genocide than all the Yankees in America and how did that happen? Because of Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Ranch, Big Hospital, Big Military, so on. Texans barely had control of their own major cities in the 1960’s. Long ago I either found them in a book or website of leftist white churches in Dallas having Martin Luther King Junior speak in them in the 1950’s! This was long before any major influx of outsiders. These very urbanites turned against Jim Crow and elected these leftists like Lyndon and Yarborough to office in the 1940’s. They knew what they were getting. It was the rural whites, the true Southern men who held strong. Somewhere Lyndon explained this to someone, how he would manage to put on the best Peckerwood farmboy face when he was in rural Texas campaigning then put on the new urbanite face when in Dallas, etc.

        Think about it. While white men in Alabama and Mississippi were being arrested, being shot at by government agents, putting their lives on the line to fight back, the Lyndon Johnson Machine somehow managed to all but destroy the Klan’s ability to fight in Texas. There was to my knowledge not one major riot, major shooting or major uprising in Texas during the entire mess and this was before the 1970’s outsiders moved in. Not a single one. THANKS LBJ may you rot in the worst part of hell

        • The State of Tennessee allowed the Communist Highlander Folk School to operate openly in Summerville from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. No Yankees in sight, no one preventing them from closing it. It took lawsuits and pressure from Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi to finally force Tennessee to close it down in 1963 I believe after it had been operating for 30 years unabated but then Tennessee allowed to open again. Worthless Southern Democrats pigs at the troth again selling out their own people for Jewish money.

        • The ONLY Southern states that seemingly managed to keep the College Industrial Complex in its place have been Alabama and Mississippi and to some extent Georgia. You will never see ANTIFA burn down Auburn, Tuscaloosa or Oxford. You will see them burn and break cars in Austin, Gainesville, Talahassee all of North Carolina, Charlottesville, even in Tennessee Columbia Mo South Carolina and Arkansas, no one goes there to college so forget them on the list.

  3. Professor Beck always steers his jolly boat very carefully around the Hooknosed shaped island.

  4. This from the man who had novelist Brad Thor on his program who openly called for some “patriot” to step up and take out Donald Trump. Beck did not chastise him for doing so nor did he object in any way. Beck loves MLK and frequently players recordings of his speeches and often invites his relatives on his show.

  5. Has Glenn Prick had his T levels checked lately? I think he’s going through early man-o-pause (him and Keith Olbermann). He is the reason that boomers are so disliked by younger people.

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