Heaven On Earth: South African Man Lynched By Social Justice Mob For Celebrating Beautiful Beach

CNN is trying to destroy this poor South African man for enjoying a day at the beach:

“(CNN)A video of a man making racist comments while on a beach has prompted widespread outrage and sparked a conversation about racism in South Africa.

In video apparently taken on a beach in an unknown place, the man who was named in South African news reports and on social media as Adam Catzavelos, uses a derogatory term for black people widely known in South Africa as the K-word.

The video has caused widespread outrage since a Twitter user posted it on the platform on Tuesday.

The hashtag #AdamCatzavelos has since been trending as people used Twitter to condemn his comments, with some sharing his personal and work details as well as those of his wife, Kelly Catzavelos, who South African media says works as a merchandising director for sportswear firm Nike in South Africa. …”

What did he do that was so terrible?

Adam Catzavelos was a little too honest about race realism and the environment in post-apartheid South Africa. He dared to say out loud what everyone knows is true.



The South African Human Rights Commission and Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters have opened up a criminal “racism investigation” on this “entitled settler.” They want White people “to get the message” that you can’t talk about what a social justice beach looks like.

Note: It looks like we might be talking a lot about South Africa in the future.

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  1. White man: Thou shalt NOT____!!!! (just put anything in the blank, since White people are forbidden almost everything save praising “diversity” and hating their own kind)

  2. One of the funniest things to do when a Kaffir begins to get in your face and call you names is to reply, “Yo’ Mama!” They get all bug eyed and puffy, and often ask in utter disbelief, “what’d you say?” Then, repeat slowly, “Y o’ M A M A !” Unless they are willing to go the extra mile and start swinging on you, they typically lose all semblence of composure, incoherently bleating out threats and profanities. But, then what do you expect when you insult the only parent that they are acquainted with?

    It’s also fun to point out that the expression, “I got 99 problems and a B*tch ain’t one,” is probably how their father felt about their mother, and that’s why he skipped out just before, or immediately after, they were born.

    Not for the timid, but a ton of fun for the intrepid!

  3. ….Sparked a conversation about racism in South Africa? Yes racism against whites is quite bad there these days. Indeed we need a conversation.

  4. A great book is “Out Of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa,” by Keith Richburg. Keith was the chief correspondent in Africa for the Washington Post in the early to mid nineties.

    Upon his arrival, he met one of his White, liberal colleagues, who was on his way home. Richburg was astonished when his friend said to him, “I’m going to write a book, I’m going to call it ‘Gorillas With Machine Guns.’” A little unnerved, Richburg chalked it up to fatigue.

    Richburg started out on the east coast in Somalia during the hunt for Aidid. From there he witnessed first hand the Hutu vs. Tutsi conflict in Rwanda; spending a day counting the bodies floating down the Nile. He traveled across the Continent and saw and experienced corruption, bribery, mutilations and fratricide. He visited Liberia and described the Butt Naked Brigade running around slaughtering other Negroes with Machetes, and another group of male warriors who wore dresses and Donald Duck masks during their nightly “Purges.”

    He went to Sierra Leone and visited the Slave holding pens. He read the notes left in the guestbooks by tourists who had come across the Atlantic and who been moved to express their feelings about how horrible the experiences of their ancestors must have been. He felt moved to write something… anything… but, could not bring himself to do it. He had seen Africa. Not the coastal region set aside, and maintained, for the tourist’s $, but the interior, the heart of Africa.

    He decided to visit South Africa last; thinking of it as a refuge for Skinheads, Neo Nazis and renegade Klansmen. He thought that the “progress” that had been made there would be a salve for his wounded soul. Instead, he found that he had the very last emotional response that he wanted to have: Sympathy for the Boer.

    On the plane ride home, he wrote, “Thank God my nameless ancestor, brought here in chains, made it out alive. Thank God, I am an American!”

    This book should be required reading for Black History Month.

  5. @Cowtown

    Despite their whining and moaning, blacks in America know their on to a good thing in that country. They get to sponge off whitey, claim victimhood status against him, waffle on constantly about ‘racism’- they thrive from being among us. In Africa they’d just be another useless nog that nobody cares much for. No welfare or functioning infrastructure here…
    Rest assured-they need us far more than we’ll ever want them.

  6. I agree with Cowtwon Rebel “Out of America” by Keith Richburg is a brilliant, brutally honest book about the real Black Africa.

    But these occasional, very honest reports by Black Americans and honest liberals really don’t change anything in the big scheme of things. The Atlantic Magazine in the early 1990s was full of very honest, well written personal stories about mass Immigration, Islam, the Rodney King Riots – even honest reviews of books like Jean Respail’s Camp of the Saints.

    Now the Atlantic Magazine has fallen completely in to the hands of PC Lib Leftists and worst Zionists Neo Cons like David Frum – the head editor of The Atlantic Magazine is some Jew named (I think) Goldberg he was born and raised outside of Boston – felt Irish Catholic school mates were “racists” – he went to Israel to serve in the Israeli military as a

    Prison Guard for Palestinians captured in the Intafata. He does his duty for Israeli Zionist racist state but tries to bond with the young Arab POWs and use his connections to get them accepted in Liberal colleges back in our United States – now he just goes full throttled “WE HATE TRUMP” all Trump Supporters are just RACISTS, Anybody that wants Israeli style border walls for the USA/the West is a RACIST NAZI – he sees no contradictions between his positions on mass immigration for the West and no, non Jewish immigration for Israel. All Comments for the Atlantic Magazine blog have been closed – it’s just the “Party Line” – it’s very Orwellian 1984.

  7. Give the kaffir an inch and they demand the whole beach.
    Poor White guy is going to get his life destroyed just by pointing out the obvious, “Heaven on earth not a kaffir in sight”
    ‘Around blacks you never ralax’
    I’ve got kaffir fatigue. I can imagine our White brothers and sisters in SA not knowing when or where they’re going to hacked and eaten to death.

  8. You can whip and beat the nigg- I’m sorry, the kaffirs- into submission, you can turn them into docile, domesticated servants and singing, laughing field hands. But as long as they’re around there is always going to be the very real possibility that they will slit your throat in your bed and then partially eat you. It’s just not worth the risk!

  9. As one ordinary white man makes a single comment without thinking and it makes international news, in the same country, the government begins an official racist policy of confiscating white owned farms and it is all but ignored………..

  10. I am on vacation in Ocean City, NJ. It’s about 98% white, and pleasant as can be. It’s a vacation from work AND diversity.

  11. Hopefully a few more rich wealthy Bill/Hillary-loving “white” Americans will be murdered/raped by kaffirs during their expensive, but now “politically correct”, vacations to South Africa.

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