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  1. 1. Obama holdovers still sit in so many gatekeeper positions. Trump needs to HURRY THE F UP AND DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!

    2. If this were white on black WOW … would it be top story everywhere.

    3. At the VERY least, Trump should send rescue teams and bring those white “victims,” over here, and cut any aid to ‘Planet Of The Apes.’



    • Surely you do not believe that Trump will be supportive of your 4th position. I mean, he is totally surrounded and controlled by jews (who aren’t white).

  2. @Hunter, the video you embedded has an important portion missing at the 4 minute mark. It sounded like it was skipping over some words, so I checked with the @MrD – Trump News Live and you may want to check out the full uninterrupted version. Thought you might like to know.

  3. Every day in S.A. the nogs make the old apartheid system look more and more credible.
    It looked bad from the outside when still in place, but its now obvious WHY it was in place-to prevent this kind of behavior.
    Being firm keeps us alive and respected, being nice gets us killed. It replicates perfectly what goes on in America post-Jim Crow, and in Europe. Give them an inch……and they want your life.

  4. The sheer stupidity and caveman tactics of White Nationalists still surprises me after all these years. You guys were given an opportunity to draw attention to the plight of White South Africans and put pro-White views into perspective for the masses. Given this opportunity by the President of the United States, and given primetime media attention in the process to show just how anti-White rhetoric goes from simple talk to state-approved violence and murder against White people.

    If you have an IQ above room temperature, then you will know by now that Trump isn’t going to do the dirty work or bother with the details. That’s your fucking job. This is one of those moments where researching and talking about South Africa for years, even decades for some people, puts you at the forefront. You’re the experts and should have ample evidence and countless stories and quotes at the ready any time an anti-White opens their lying mouth.

    And what do a lot of White Nationalists do?

    Talk about Jews, of course.

    There are many Jews who support Trump. There are many Jews who are glad Trump brought up South Africa. There are many Jews who AGREE with Trump and YOU about South Africa, borders and anti-White rhetoric.

    Sorry, Hunter, but you will find yourself in perpetual limbo or atrophy if you don’t find a way to purge misanthropes and keep them from stinking up your public image. This isn’t about simple optics as much as it is about survival, sustainability and building solid foundations.

    • It would be very interesting to investigate who has actually bought the deeds to farm properties abandoned by whites in Rhodesia and South Africa. Who holds the “chit” now? My guess is that you are going to find Strausses, Oppenheimers, Bergers etc etc all over the place just like you do in cities in the US abandoned by the whites who built them. A lot of the manouvres by the blacks to steal productive land is being orchestrated. You do make a good point though. There should be a script that the racially aware whites read off when the topic comes up. It’s should be bullet pointed on here. Have one that is just about PROPERTY rights, one just about RACE and one geared toward anti-Semitic minded folks who might have already dug into the issue and found Oppeneheimers and Barnardos and Slovos there.

  5. The Jew media will never ask the civil rights leaders who claim to be crusaders against racism about the plight of white South african farmers. The alt right media never bothered to expose the hypocrisy and double standards of liberals, leftists, democrats and so called civll rights on the black south african governments treatment of white south african farmers.

  6. If Whites just leaving South Africa would cause a mass starvation of the kaffirs, then I would support it. However, what we are seeing on the dark continent is a massive population explosion. Thanks to the White man’s food production, medicine, hygiene and other White inventions, the kaffirs are breeding faster than bacteria. Nigeria increased its population by 50 million in 11 years. When the Whites leave, they need to take all their inventions with them that they can take and destroy that which they cannot take. After that the kaffirs need to be locked in their own lands and no one from outside should be allowed to go in for ANY reason. THEN their numbers would thin very rapidly.

  7. I don’t want whites in South Africa just like I don’t want non-whites anywhere near the West.
    I’m consistent.
    I heard whites have been offered 10% of the value their farms are really worth…..well just take it, and get out of there! Also the farmers could bargain with the government to include the means to get out of South Africa, in the deal.
    In the real world, the farmers would never be paid the true value of their farms by any black. So let them have them-they’ll be worthless the minute blacks take them over anyway.
    I’m a farmer myself, and its a tough gig in NSW.
    Its hard yakka, and your at the total mercy of weather patterns. We’ve had no rain for months and do our government assist us? Well for the most part, no. Just token handouts, but only if its really bad. Yet they readily spend millions in aid to fund building mosques in Indonesia or research into why so many factory workers in China smoke!
    But as hard as it is, it runs rings around trying to do it in South Africa with the constantl fear of death on top of all the other worries.

  8. talking, typing and being upset is getting us nowhere but on NSA lists.
    that is the purpose of these forums, right?

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