“Journalists” Campaign For Internet Censorship While Brazenly Denying It Is Happening

If you get an email or a phone call from a “journalist” who is working on a story, you should just hang up the phone or send it to your trash folder and delete it:

A Few Hours Ago

Last Week

As with the White farmers in South Africa, it doesn’t matter if it is actually true to these people. The only thing that matters is the narrative. So why not lie?

Look at this:



Update: Here is another one:



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  1. I’ve got a headline for the left to consider:

    “Communists, Antifa, and the Democratic Party Praise Mainstream Media for Spreading Russiagate Conspiracy Theories”

    That actually is a conspiracy theory, since there’s still no proof – South Africa has plenty of proof of the 45,000 murdered Whites over the last 10 years.

  2. The ADL and the Elders of Zion really have destroyed Journalism. The last good newspaper in the United States was Henry Ford’s DEARBORN INDEPENDENT in the 1920’s.

    The South lost the War in the 1850’s and why was that? Because it never controlled its own publishing and its own media. Why was that? Southern White Men saw writing and publishing as sissy work. They’d rather be out hunting fishing and working the land. So they were content to allow others to do the job for them. Suddenly they discovered that they lost the propaganda war. The South did the same with her economy, keeping a store was sissy work a man should work the land. So they brought in Jews to do that job. Later those Jews stabbed them deep.

    The message is very simple here. A man who allows others to do the work for him, ends up a slave to that man.

    • Another good example of this whole Southern mantra of storekeeping or being a businessman is for sissies, after the war thousands of ex-Union veterans opened stores in the boomtowns on the Texas frontier and those places. They did the same later in Oklahoma after 1889. One trait of them as they moved west was that they typically settled in cities. They didnt work the land

    • The editor of the Chicago Tribune was nearly put in prison for criticizing FDR’s New Deal. I suspect there was some real journalism going on there for at least a few years.

  3. Alex Jones is a Texan, but I have barely if ever heard him say anything remotely good about Southern principles, he typically glosses over that stuff. I listened to him for a long time and I have always wondered why he won’t stand up for his own people? He never has really and I always wonder why?

    • He’s a pussy. He doesn’t belong in the upcoming Confederate States. He cares more about getting a few more shekels for selling a couple more bottles of snake oil to the 3rd world invaders wiping us out … so screw Jones. He’s BS.

    • @billyrayjenkins

      Alex Jones is a Texan, but I have barely if ever heard him say anything remotely good about Southern principles, he typically glosses over that stuff. I listened to him for a long time and I have always wondered why he won’t stand up for his own people? He never has really and I always wonder why?

      Jones was married to a Jewess, whom he divorced. He’s married to another one, now. He’s controlled Cuckservative opposition, like Limbaugh, who was also, at one time, married to a Jewess.

      Then there’s the rumours of Jones being a crypto-Jew. He’s certainly a Zionist shill.

      • I am aware of the first Jewish wife, he claims the second one isn’t but I’ll believe that only if I see the family tree. He’s always been a Cuckservative/Conspiracy guy I realize that and he seldom says a peep about Occupied Palestine.

        I am not sure about Alex being a crypto it is possible. For some reason and I don’t know why but you can look this up, Texas had quite a few Marranos and Cryptos settle there in the pioneer days. Geneology has fairly well pinned down LBJ being a crypto, some say Ladybird was as well, though the evidence is again sketchy at best. It is known LBJ was wetbacking Jews into Texas in 1938 with his Texas plan. Land them along the Mexican Coast and wetback them in. LBJ was given a special award by the Jews for this.

        The crypto Jew mess is very strange, Conspiracy people have claimed everyone from Sam Houston to the settlers of Roanoke Island of being Cryptos. Again without actual DNA and family trees who could prove it?

          • @billyrayjenkins

            “Alex Jones claims his family came from Tennessee.”

            People from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee settled North/Central Texas.

            South/Central Texas is/was a colony of Alabama.

      • James Im not aware of where his people are actually from, he isn’t from Austin he was born and raised in Dallas, he did say somewhere in East Texas once but I can’t remember what town right off the top of my head. I had to go back to Wikipedia and all it said was that Alex was born in Dallas. He said one time that his family still owned part of their own Mexican land grant.

  4. Most ‘journalist’ are just your full on , Commie anti-white Marxists with an agenda. They go on about how diversity is just wonderful…well, in the West, but don’t push for it anywhere else.
    They prpretend to be reporting the ‘news’ when all they’re doing is shaping opinion. They oppose free speech for the white masses, but demand it for non-white lobby groups, and themselves.
    Leftards become journalists for the same reason they become politician’s- because they just hate, and want to destroy us. Even if a leftist is a mere school teacher, they’ll use that to advance their agenda.
    They don’t speak for us, and are dangerous.

  5. Jews in Texas are Southern Jews. They’re not like the obnoxious Northeastern Jews of popular culture.

    Remember that Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and to a lesser extent, Kansas, are the Western South. The original Southwest. What holds true in the Southeast, culturally, holds true in the old Southwest.

    Jews in Texas are quiet, keep to themselves, and are seen by their neighbours as mostly harmless. Just like everywhere else in Dixie. Texas is still Dixie, culturally. It’s difficult for Texans and other Southrons to see them as subversives. Even Abraham Zapruder, from Russia, fit right in. Except for his (in)famous film, he was just another Dallas businessman.

    Jews run stores like Siegel’s Wines in Dallas, or Joe Daiches Jewellery. They’re culturally Southern/Texan. The Jews I knew in school kept to themselves. Some of them were Ladinos. To me, Jews were/are the nasty characters on T.V., in the Northeast, or in Hollywood.
    Chuck Schumer is a Jew. Mr Risk is just the man who sold me my first pair of black Justin Ropers.

    Then you have characters like Kinky Friedman and Jack Ruby, and the community of Jewish NETs, who are seen more as meddling Yankees, than as subversive Jews.

    Alex Jones supposedly is connected to the Jewish transplant community, somehow or other. I believe that I heard that his mother is a Jewess, with connection to the deep North.

    As Hunter has said, and as I’ll say, Jews in the South are a complex subject because of their long history here.
    They’re harder to figure than the ones in New York or Chicago.

    Whatever Jones is, he’s not one of us. He runs a literal medicine show to distract the Goyem.

    • The Jews in the Missouri cities were just an extension of Chicago, because Saint Louis was a major German cluster it was really no different than any Northern city at that time. A wise writer from Missouri once said Missouri was two large Northern Cities with Dixie in between which is pretty much true. Jewish Mafia and Italian Mafia in Missouri were all connected to Chicago. Joseph Pulitzer founded his newspaper empire in Saint Louis. In 1861 there weren’t enough loyal Southrons in Saint Louis City and County to fill a thimble, but get outside of Saint Louis County, then you would find them. Kansas City in 1861 was nothing but a wagon train/stagecoach stop. Only 4418 people lived in Kansas City, it was also a Northern held City run by Yankees, it was where a large number of Southern women were taken prisoner to the Union Women’s Prison in Kansas City and it collapsed killing them. That was what precipitated Quantrill to burn Lawrence

    • The Jews also ran A LOT of nasty plantation and company stores as well James I don’t know if you didn’t have them in Texas as much, but further east they did. My Grandpap told me once, Every Store In Town Was a Jew Store. Small town people used to call them Store Jews, because it didn’t matter whether the town was a jerkwater crossroads or Atlanta Ga, the stores were to a large extent Jewish. Company stores were pretty terrible in Kentucky and West Virginia, everything you bought was on scrip and it was sold at a gigantic markup. Plantation stores ran similar scams as well.

      I knew a man who grew up in the Delta. Jews owned a lot of the Cotton Warehouses and Gins, so when you took your cotton to sell it after the harvest, you took it to the Jews. He told me they cheated everyone but as they owned the gin, no one could do anything about it. Driving Miss Daisy was all about the Cotton Jews. Nasty bunch.

      I am not sure how the Jews operated in Kansas, there really wasn’t any major cities in Kansas aside from Wichita and Kansas City Kansas. Probably like they did everywhere else, but not in the Southern manner. Yankees typically run their own stores. This is a major difference between a Yank and a Southern. A Southern White Man typically cannot handle inside work, they want to be out in the woods and the fields, Thats why there were so many Jews in the South scattered about owning stores. In the North, the Jews were largely isolated in the cities in their own ghettos and no one wanted anything to do with them

      • The New England Yankees who came west, typically lived in the cities and towns and ran stores. This was where the old Confederate saying about Yankee Ribbon Clerks and Shopkeepers came from when denigrating the Bluecoats. The people who came from the Upper South VA/MD and Pennsylvania largely were the farmers. In early pioneer days the New Englanders who came west to the Northwest Territory, you could trace their progress. The first generation might be on a farm, but by the second or third. they always ended up in town or a city working in offices. This was why and how they got so much power. They were better educated

    • James you are aware that although many of your tame down home Jews seemed like home folks, that as far back as the 1950’s some of them were secretly involved with the very disgusting activities we hate. Sure not the old men who kept stores, but their children. The essence of a Jew is knowing how to con you. Sure in old Dixie a Jew might sell New Testaments and pictures of Jesus in his store, because thats what the folks want, and he might be as kind as could be, but that of course is never the whole story. Even as far back as 1950’s in Atlanta, many of the Jews in that city had come out Pro-Integration and they had a major Synagogue bombing in 1958 which was connected to the late JB Stoner, though they never proved if he did it or not.

      The thing was during the Civil Rights Movement, of which most of the so called Whites coming South were Jews, some say as many as 70% when a Jew comes to town, other Jews will put them up for the night. They always give aid and comfort to one another, even when they don’t agree politically and even if said aid and comfort is just being neighborly. There would have been no way possible for the Freedom Riders or the Jewish Civil Rights workers to have operated in the South without local Jews giving them occasional aid and comfort, which obviously happened. They might not have supported them financially or politically, but a place to sleep and a plate of food is support nonetheless.

      Sam Bowers in Mississippi turned hard on the Jews in the late Sixties, because he discovered a portion of Mississippi Jews native folks had been aiding and abetting these rabble rousers all along. That’s why Sam’s boys bombed Synagogues in Jackson and Meridian.

      Almost all of the Jews in the South were and are Reform Jews. Reform Jewish Theology turned hard left in the 1950’s and after a few generations that trickled down. That vile Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Democrat Representative from Memphis, he is fourth Generation Memphis Jew. Now that the Klan isnt around to keep them honest, they will show their true face.

    • James

      You mean to say Kansas was INTENDED to be the Western South in 1854 but demographically and politically it is a clone of all of the rest of the Midwest. There is a reason Quantrill’s men hated Kansas. Don’t believe me? Look at this.


      Kansas was literally except for 1892 and 1896 no different voting wise than Ohio Pennsylvania or any state above the Ohio. Missouri of course was perfectly in like with the South until 1904 and after that point, that began to change. I know folks in Missouri and originally Missouri and Kentucky had the same accent and speech. For some reason and I believe it was after the war, so many Missouri Valley Missourians went to Texas and their farms were bought up by Union veterans from the Midwest. Before 1860 the entire valley raised cotton, tobacco and hemp. When I told my good friend in Missouri that he didn’t believe me. Blame the State Chamber of Commerce. Somehow they managed to convince Missouri children they were a Midwestern State, my friend and I have argued about this, he gets angry when I remind him that Missouri is the South and he keeps yelling Midwest at me.

      The TX Chamber of Commerce has did a number on Texas as well, this whole rebranding thing they have done since the WWII era. That’s why on any survey you look at, you will NOT find many people under 40 who identify with Southern by the Grace of God the further west you go. John Shelton Reed did these surveys years ago. That was all by design by the Chamber of Commerce. Which is why of course pulling down statues in Austin and the State Confederate plaques get about as much bang with the public as those pop its kids throw on the ground. Remember how LBJ got elected in the 1940’s? He was with the Chamber of Commerce big business types and Establishment Democrats and Coke Stevenson was with the Dixiecrats. These wealthy Texans made the decision to politically divorce themselves from the Rest of the South long ago. How they managed to sell it to the public that I will never understand. That’s from what I read about LBJ that makes it so aggrivating is how he managed to sell it


  6. Thanks to the internet MSM lost their monopoly on information control and they want it back. The Fake News meme is so widely accepted because even normies don’t trust MSM and haven’t since Nixon was president.

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