UNC BoG Member: Silent Sam Will Be Reinstalled Within 90 Days

Antifa are violent criminals who break the law and engage in mob violence. They deserve to be punished for their behavior, not rewarded by the University of North Carolina:

“CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The Confederate monument known as Silent Sam will be reinstalled with 90 days, according to a member of the UNC System Board of Governors.

Thom Goolsby posted to Twitter and YouTube saying the monument will go back up as required by state law.

“Criminals who destroyed state property at UNC and police who did nothing will be held accountable,” Goolsby wrote.

The monument on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus was torn down Monday night by protestors. …”

3 Antifa are facing charges for rioting and defacing public property:

“The UNC-Chapel Hill Police Department has filed warrants charging three people in connection with the toppling of the Silent Sam statue Monday evening.

The warrants charge the three with misdemeanor riot and misdemeanor defacing of a public monument, according to a UNC police statement.

The three people named in the warrants, who have not been publicly identified because they have not yet been arrested, are not affiliated with the university, UNC Police spokesman Randy Young said in an email …”

It is not in the interest of UNC to become the next Charlottesville.

At the moment, most of the groups who oppose the removal of Silent Sam and who support North Carolina’s heritage protection law are waiting to see what UNC’s response is going to be. Is Silent Sam going to be restored as required by state law? Are these criminals going to be punished? Are the students who participated in the riot on Monday going to be expelled?

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    • North Carolina has a sizeable Southern leftist population of its own now, theyve been breeding there for sixty years, there are also a sizeable quantity of Jews down there too. John Edwards is only one example of this. If it was so simple as expel outsiders that’d be nice, but it isn’t. Those crooked Southern Politicians brought them in there in the first place to take the Out of State Tuition Money knowing what they were getting. Don’t forget the Bassett Affair of 1903. This only took place 38 years after Appomattox and the guy involved was a Native North Carolinian when Duke was still Trinity College.

      In 1903, a controversy arose that would eventually lead to a significant event in the evolution of academic freedom in U.S. higher education. This series of events is known as the “Bassett Affair.” Popular professor John Spencer Bassett published an article in the South Atlantic Quarterly entitled “Stirring Up the Fires of Race Antipathy” in October 1903. In the article, he spoke about improving race relations and gave praise to numerous African Americans. Near the end of the article, he wrote “…Booker T. Washington [is] the greatest man, save General Lee, born in the South in a hundred years…”[4] This led to an outpouring of anger from powerful Democratic party leaders as well as the media and public. Many demanded that Bassett be fired and encouraged parents to take their children out of the university. Resulting from immense public pressure, Bassett offered his resignation if the Board of Trustees requested that he do so. The Board of Trustees then held a meeting to decide the fate of Bassett. In the end, they voted 18-7 not to accept the resignation citing academic freedom.

      • Duke may have its problems but I was all over NC this summer and could feel the fight around me.

        There’s still plenty of it in NC. Even a Lorax character would see it.


        • @Genie…

          How right you are, Girl!

          Tarheel Confederates, and sundry smalltown sympathizers, are far stronger, and gaining strength every day, than those who do not live here know.

          The image of our state is cleverly crafted by our Chamber of Commerce, in such a way so that you won’t know that prideful, spiteful, and determined Good-Ole-Boys run this state.

          I’ve been amazed, since I returned to my Carolina home from an exile in New England 4 years ago, how attitudes are changing.

          Just the growing amount of Confederate Flags one sees is evidence of that.

          Not that Billy Ray does not his finger on some important aspects to our state, but, not living here, he does not see us.

          You don’t read of us in Wikipedia – or, at least, not yet!

          • Junius I knew about the College out of state tuition thing the Southern Democrats put in I believe in the 1930s though I am not sure to lure out of state students to North Carolina Schools. I know at the time it sounded like a good idea, a tax money windfall, but seemingly they never understood what they had gotten themselves into.

            They made a deal with the devil. Like I said before crooked Southern Democrats and their crooked Republicans grandchildren same thing. More cheap labor, more out of state tuition money. Always the same thing, import degeneracy and human waste no one wants. Makes me physically ill

          • Yes, Sir – I can see how you think they, ‘made a deal with the devil’, but, I think it was something different, ‘cuase I remember how folks talkt when I was a youngun. The politicians were concerned to get rid of the poverty that was still hanging around our state, and, as well, I think they thought that embedding universities in our state would ensure the political changes that they wanted, in the long run. Crafty of them…

        • The problem with this statue is the same problem everywhere. How far are they willing to go to secure it? Will they get motion detectors? Fencing? Post a guard? This has always been the problem with Confederate Monuments is that how far are these cities/colleges willing to go and how much are they willing to spend to protect them?

          The Lee Jackson statue in Baltimore, supposedly no one even knows where it is now. These dismantled statues should be taken and put where they can be truly protected. I say send the Lee-Jackson statue to a private collector who is willing to put up security and shoot on sight anyone who hurts it

          • Billy Ray – you are just so amazing!!!!!

            After reading your comments for a couple of years, I ought be awarded a degree!

            I quote you to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has the temerity to question my historical perspective – this after before having met you I had already graduated Sigma Cum Laude from Brad Griffin’s course in grevious disputation at Michael Cushman’s Southern Nationalist Network.

            Funny as hell I had to get a lot of the history of my state from a Ohio Confederate.

            Of course, I’ve been helpt by some Klansmen in our state, as well.

            That said, Billy Ray, as I’ve said – you DO have your finger on the pulse of a lot of my state, but, there are more Confederates than you realize here.

            To be fair, most are not such an in your face sort as you and I, but, you know – it comes at me from every corner – not just the many Tarheel Confederates I know, but, those who come up to me, anywhere, and talk to me about the insignias I wear on my shirts and cap.

            I meet them at barbecue buffets, the grocery store, Lowes, church, the convenience stores, or just walking down on the road.

            My wife worries about me because she says some folks eye me with such hatred in their eye, but, given that they are sure I’m Klan, they don’t say diddly to my face.

          • No matter what they do with Silent Sam, nothing is going to really happen to Antifa in Orange County, NC as it will always have leftist prosecutors and leftist resident judges. And as long as the likes of Gov. Roy Cooper and AG Josh Stein are in Raleigh, nothing of any real consequence will happen to Antifa there either.

      • It’s always good to see real Southerners write about their own native betrayers. White Americans in the North AND the South have been betrayed by their own kind repeatedly over the centuries.

        Regarding the traitors, every single one of them still alive should hang one day no matter their age, gender, color or religious affiliation. It would be even nicer if there’s a malfunction with the gallows and things become slow and unbearably painful before the real ending.

    • Get down there and make it happen.

      I’ve spent my summer planning to relocate down Sourh. I hope to find the peace and safety my exploratory trips brought me either this late fall or at the latest by spring.

      I try to figure out ways I can help my people, and my family of white children, once I’m down there.

      What challenges have you taken on? Have you done anything beyond making low morale comments on OD?

  1. All it takes are Governors, State Legislators, Mayors and University Chancellors with balls to stand up to these people© and enforce the law.

    And stand up for their State, and for the South, they way their Northern counterparts do for their states and region.

    • Never happen in North Carolina, Those Southern Democrats and now their Republican great-grandchildren are like hogs at the troth for that out of state tuition money and their basketball program. It was bad enough in the 1960’s that George Lincoln Rockwell said that the South was almost finished after visiting Wake Forest. All the fight had went out of the dog!

  2. There’s a lot more than three involved, all of whom are on the $380k surveillance system that had the monument within observation. Possibly as many as a dozen or more should be charged, and since they conspired to take down the monument, it’s a felony and should be charged as such.

    • I am actually for fencing in these monuments. Yes it would be hideous yes it would detract but my thing is, if the police and who ever else are going to refuse to do their job, precautions must be taken

      • Another solution is the provide the monuments with large concrete stands, as some have. The monuments we have on our capital lawn, in Raleigh, you simply cannot knock over – not without a large team of oxen!

  3. I am simply stupified to hear the good news.

    Could it be that the officials of our state could hear the war clouds in the piney breezes?

    • Doesn’t mean anything until they take measures to secure it. If that means fencing or motion sensors, it will have to be done. I’d like to see that statue in Durham recast and put back where it belongs too. Screw these Commies. We need another Greensboro 1979

      • No, billy, Ray – I don’t quite agree with you there. The fact that they are speaking forth so plainly does mean something. That said, I do agree with you we gotta see some action. But ,don’t you worry – the high officials of our state were hot-wired with hundreds of thousands of messages fro us, over the last couple of days – the underlying message being that, if they won’t do something, someone soon will…

      • As to 1979, Billy Ray – that was Grand Dragon Virgil Griffin and his Klan. He died 10 years ago, and his successor is big on talking tough and traditional Klancraft, but, not Klan acts…

        • I don’t agree with violence, except where Communists are concerned. The thing about Greensboro that no one remembers it that it was a Communist Rally that started the entire thing. To this day people will eulogize these folks who died, but they never seem to remember that they were COMMUNISTS. Even under United States Federal Law the Communist Control Act of 1954 gives the US Government the authority to detain Communist insurgents. For instance it was told during the Cold War Era although not today, that if the Communists ever moved on the government or Russia attacked what have you, it was the duty of every American to fight them.

          I can still remember when old people used to say, THEY SHOULD—–THOSE COMMIES. Today no one would say that out. Up through the Reagan Era, it was permissible to say )))) the Commies. I expect that is why Reagan never investigated Greensboro Deeply though it did happen under Carter. Reagan hated the KKK and violence, but he hated Communists more!

  4. So Brad reports that Matt Parrott is out again, touting Kessler as the new messiah.

    Gag me.

    Fed or just idiotic or somewhere in between?

    Just say no to cop-callers.

    Don’t trust jewish Kessler, Southrons. He organized a trap for us.

    That goes for his sympathizers.



    • We will, Grey Ghost, and we have.

      They are our NC Tea Party, and by them we, the smalltown and rural Tarheels, rule most everydang thing in our state.

      Though Progressives in our state are still in denial, we dun’ held a funeral for them back in 2010.

  6. Any first time pilgrims to Tennessee make sure to check out The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s ancestral home outside Nashville. He took on the jews and lived for years with a bullet in his chest.


    I don’t have to remind many out there that he killed the Fed, for awhile anyway.

    I just can’t believe Matt Parrott has the nerve to try to resurface waving a pro-jewish flag.


    Watch him come on here and patronize me as a woman or something.

    My South was a jew-enabling neurotic misogynist male-free zone. Please southern men let’s keep it that way.

    • Andrew Jackson might be the only american worthy of a statue. He actually won and at great personal cost.

      • I like how Andrew Jackson openly championed the rights of the poor while also being supportive of white nationalism. Unlike today when everyone is either anti-White or worships the rich, or both.

      • Oh, come on, Hans – Andrew Johnson, John Tyler , George Washington, James Madison, were excellent presidents.

        Tyler stuck his thumb in Rothschild’s nose, who had the whole thing rigged with his handpickt Globalist candidate William Henry Harrison.

        Trouble was that Harrison died quick, and Tyler was an anti-banksters States’ Rightser who would not play ball!

        Andrew Johnson held off The New England Yankee lunaticks for 4 years, and they hounded and accosted him just like they are doing Trump.

        Johnson is the great unknown Southern president, from the Southern point of view.

        • The only knock on Andrew Johnson was his hatred of the Southern Elite. He hated them so much he was willing to side with their enemies. Still on the whole once the war was over, he did his best to end their suffering and he issued the great proclamation on Christmas Day forever ending the Radical’s ability to prosecute innocent men directly.

  7. On a different note, did you hear that the latest Pew poll says women are less likely to support Israel than men? WHITE SHARIA NOW!!!!

  8. I don’t have all the answers but I know we must do real life/ public space activism. It can and must be done,in ways that avoid violent clashes with the stupid Left.

    We also have to can the public in- fighting. If a thought leader has a beef with some other leader or their projects, don’t attack the in a public way , do it privately.

    Also, a common adaptive strategy must be devised and be ready in reserve to deal with the eventual shut down of the dissident Right, which is happening already.

    • Public activism is only good in areas YOU control. No cities, stick to small towns and areas that you have sympathy in. Marching into a city like that moron Kessler did, knowing the Virginia Independent City law means that you’d get city justice, is not a good thing. STAY RURAL or SMALL TOWN LIVESTREAM IT

      • Also in any rally, forbid the use of divisive language. Let your presence speak for yourself. That way if no divisive language is used, they cannot charge you with that fighting words shyte.

  9. Having come from rural NC to UNC-CH back during the Vietnam war period I came to despise this school for all the Communists and hoe moe professors, etc — it was just a perverted environment. At one point I would even pull for athletic teams from other schools to beat UNC while I was there. It is now so refreshing to hear some conservative voices say they are going to actually do something to disrupt their polluted Leftist march towards total insanity. I haven’t heard these conservative voices since Jesse Helms who would rant against UNC almost daily when he was with WRAL. The whole school needs to be drained of its Communists and other perverts. It was only after I started studying the unCivil War that I really started to think positive thoughts toward UNC. So Silent Sam represents an era that to me was something I could be proud of UNC instead of loathing it.

  10. Remember we’re on 4 year campaign of Trump when he came down the escalator.Things doesn’t happen ove night. It takes time to turn the ship.Trump is red pill now then he was before.

  11. God and Christ are NOT abolitionists. If you really read the Bible from cover to cover you will know this to be true. The South used the Bible to support their position on the institution of slavery.

    “Let the gentleman go to Revelation to learn the decree of God – let him go to the Bible. … I said that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, authorized, regulated, and recognized from Genesis to Revelation. … Slavery existed then in the earliest ages, and among the chosen people of God; and in Revelation we are told that it shall exist till the end of time shall come. You find it in the Old and New Testaments – in the prophecies, psalms, and the epistles of Paul; you find it recognized – sanctioned everywhere.”
    –Jefferson Davis

    One of the biggest casualties of the unCivil War was religion. This nation discarded the Bible as its moral guide.

    The following expert Guelzo is not one of my favorites for sure but he makes some good points in his hour long speech on the subject of:

    Religion and the Civil War

    Professor Allen Guelzo talked about the Civil War and whether the conflict brought an end to the dominance of religion in American culture, making the U.S. a more secular nation. He argued that soldiers often had a difficult time maintaining religious sentiments despite moral justifications for the Civil War. He also described the rise of moral relativism since both the North and the South claimed to have god on their side.


    • Apocrpyhal story is that when the Confederate Constitution at the behest of Judah P Benjamin kept any mention of Jesus Christ out of it and when the Confederate Congress refused to pass a Christian Loyalty Oath, Stonewall Jackson said that the War was over the South had lost. Stonewall likely did say this because he so firmly believed that unless the CSA was Christian IN LAW as in practice, that it would never survive. Unfortunately Jews and Atheistic Freemasons made that impossible.

      Until 1850, the North was more Christian than the South, that flipped in the 1850 Census when after a century of hard evangelism, the Baptists had converted much of the common white population. The Episcopalians still held the Aristocrats. The Bible Belt came to be just about the time the war was beginning.

      The North just didn’t quit being Christian, the North became Urban. The rural areas remained relatively Christian, the same as they had been for decades, but as the people urbanized, Christianity declined. Unitarianism was big in the New England States, which is basically just a coffee club, not a Church. Unitarians represented all the monied people and as people rose up the ranks of success, they went to the money. . The North had no CASTE SYSTEM in the strict sense.Once a person made some money, they would typically join an upwardly mobile Church, thats how it worked. So their kids could meet the kids of wealthy people.

      THE SOUTH HAD A CASTE SYSTEM. YOU WERE BORN INTO YOUR CASTE AND YOU DIED IN YOUR CASTE. UNLESS YOU WERE SOMETHING SPECIAL. This kept Religious fervor much more strong, as all Poor Whites had to look forward to was a home in heaven. Wealth=degeneracy. Always does

      • Guelzo did mention Stonewall Jackson’s warning about not trusting in God and not giving God all the glory:
        “I am afraid that our people are looking to the wrong source for help in ascribing our successes to those for whom they are not due. If we fail to trust in God and give Him all the glory our cause is ruined. Give to our friends at home due warning on this subject.”

        But through all this, brj, all Christians, all Jews, all atheists, etc, etc — they all bow down to this false religion of Abolition with is cardinal unpardonable sin of slavery and the lesser sin of racism. No other religious doctrines comes close to being important as these in this secular nation…Guelzo talked about Lincoln’s idea of a “political religion” … Lincoln got what he wanted, alright …

        • Which all stemmed from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s idea that Slaves were somehow People and Slaves at the same time, which was an aberration in the Common Law. In the Common Law conferring Personhood upon someone makes them eligible for citizenship. The British had made Free Negroes eligible for limited citizenship in British America. When the Constitution was passed in 1787, only three states, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia outright had Whites Only Citizenship. The remaining 10 used the British reckoning of any man regardless of race that was free-born.

          In 1784 the states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Rhode Island were bitching and moaning because they had restricted boundaries and Pennsylvania was bitching because Virginia claimed most of Western Pennsylvania. along with all of the Northwest. So Congress sat down and decided that the US Government had the right to restrict slavery. At this time 1784, Massachusetts had emancipated all of her slaves, and Pennsylvania Connecticut Rhode Island and New Hampshire had begun a program of phasing out slavery because under the Articles each were independent nations unto themselves.

          Thomas Jefferson’s solution was that slavery would be forbidden in the Ohio Country ie Northwest Territory and Virginia would give all of it up except a sliver between the Scioto and Little Miami River, the so-called Military District for Virginia soldiers, Land ordinances were passed in 1785 1787 and one in 1789 to forever forbid anyone from trying to legalize slavery in the Northwest Territory. The Constitution continued this a step further calling African slaves PERSONS and forbidding their importation in 1808.

          Congress took for themselves the authority to restrict slavery which made no legal sense, because it was restricting property and we had fought a war with Britain partly over property rights. Of course it was not until 1857 that this question was revisited and Roger Taney said that Congress never had the right to restrict slavery, but his ruling was toilet paper, as the court had no power of enforcement.

          • The concept of Liberty Equality and Fraternity was born with Thomas Jefferson in 1776. Abraham Lincoln cited the Declaration of Independence in stating that it was never the intention for slavery to remain legal. Well Lincoln was correct, the Founders, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and countless others believed that the United States should outlaw it eventually, Even Preston Brooks of South Carolina said this very thing and said that EXPERIENCE AND THE COTTON GIN HAS TAUGHT US BETTER.

            Thomas Jefferson’s whole concept of the Tree of Liberty being watered with the Blood of Tyrants comes into play here again. Jefferson was a Double Minded Man who spoke out of both sides out of his mouth. Out of one side, he tells Southerners that Slavery is our culture, out of the other he praises the French Revolution, the outlawing of Christianity in France and says that Liberty must be extended to Negroes, as long as they are deported first. The point is this idea of expanding the definitions of Liberty etc which came from Jefferson, this became the civil religion that began partly with Lincoln, but was largely created in the decades after his death by academics and our universities.

            The idea that the United States must bring liberty to the world came about truly with Teddy Roosevelt who couched the Spanish American War as the destiny of America to bring freedom to the Cuban People, who had been fighting Spain for forty years, suddenly for the cause of Liberty we must rescue them. The most powerful practitioner of the American Civil Religion was Woodrow Wilson who was ironically a Southern man.

            The concept of racism as the original sin, was invented by FILTHY JEWISH COMMUNISTS in the 1920’s as a means of attacking our civilization, that had little to do with the Lincoln Era. The Jews merely took some of the talking points from that era, and used a Trotskyite interpretation and flipped it around. All our present concepts come from Jewish Bolshevism which thanks to Thomas Jefferson opening our borders in 1802, was allowed to swarm in here like rats.

          • “The concept of racism as the original sin, was invented by FILTHY JEWISH COMMUNISTS in the 1920’s as a means of attacking our civilization, that had little to do with the Lincoln Era.”

            But still racism has become part of this “political religion”/politically correct false religion of Abolition.

            I am quite sure the Left will keep adding more definitions of what is “sin” to their false religion of Abolition as time goes on — like the sin of using the wrong pronoun when referring to a transgender freak.

          • Turn Hearts, all I am saying is this political religion that you are referring to in its present form was something Jewish Marxists invented in the 1920’s. Paraxodically, thanks to Thomas Jefferson convincing Southerners that Open Borders was in the South’s interests. they were allowed to come in the first place.

          • “…all I am saying is this political religion that you are referring to in its present form was something Jewish Marxists invented in the 1920’s. Paraxodically, thanks to Thomas Jefferson convincing Southerners that Open Borders was in the South’s interests. they were allowed to come in the first place.”

            I agree that the Jews are the PC masters — the best PC Pharisees the world has ever seen — but the real train wreck in religion came as a result of the radical abolitionists’ victory over the South. Two sides both claiming that God was on their side with the both sides coming off the war with the Bible forever discarded as the guide for morality in this nation. With actual slavery gone, charges of racism certainly helped fill the void in attacking whites for the PC masters.

            Again God and Christ are NOT abolitionists and this nation has suffered ever since in this daily/hourly condemnation of slavery which includes all who ever practiced it, if you haven’t noticed this … I am sure you have … racism is the lesser sin in this suite of these “political religion” of false secular pseudo-religious doctrines. But God Himself even makes racist statements where He promises that His people would be the HEAD and not the TAIL if they obeyed Him…(“And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:”)
            Now that’s a PC racist statement — God’s people on top?… similar to what Lincoln said about he preferred the white race to be on top over the black race (“there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race…”)

          • I am not trying to dissuade your belief that the Jews are the ones 100% responsible for all of our problems…but I see whites condemning other whites over supposed sins as just a big of a problem as the Jews. I have been actually attacked for my beliefs by more whites than Jews… many whites love this PC religion of Abolition that doesn’t actually involve God and real obedience to the Bible…if the Jews didn’t invent the lesser “sin of racism” then whites would have invented themselves I feel sure.

            You know Lincoln is doing the will of Satan when a Free Thinker (atheist) starts praising him for triumphing over the Bible and the Christian leaders of his day.

            “As proof that the emancipation of the [Black] slaves was opposed by the Christian Church, I need but quote the testimony of the celebrated divines of that time.

            “The Reverend Alexander Campbell said : “There is not one verse in the Bible inhibiting slavery, but many regulating it. It is not then, we conclude, immoral.”

            “The Reverend E. D. Simms, professor, Randolph-Macon College, wrote: “The extracts from Holy Writ unequivocally assert the right of property in slaves.”

            “The Reverend R. Furman, D.D., Baptist, of South Carolina, said: “The right of holding slaves is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example.”

            “The Reverend Thomas Witherspoon, Presbyterian, of Alabama, said: “I draw my warrant from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to hold the slave in bondage.”

            “The Reverend Nathan Lord (what an authoritative name!), president of Dartmouth College, said: “Slavery was incor- porated into the civil institutions of Moses; it was recognized accordingly by Christ and his apostles. They condemned all in- ter meddlers with it.”

            “The Reverend Taylor, principal of the Theological Department of Yale College (and he certainly ought to know,) said: “I have no doubt that if Jesus Christ were on earth, he would, under certain circumstances, become a slaveholder.” And I want to say here and now that I agree absolutely with the Reverend Taylor.”
            –Joseph Lewis. “Lincoln the Freethinker”, 1924,1925

          • Sadly it was a misunderstanding of basic Biblical concepts that led to Abolitionism. Most of it originated with Calvinism, the Elect and perfectionism, while another part of it originated with the Quakers. In fact New England was remarkably PRO-SLAVERY in 1775 when the war broke out, there were two trends that changed this. One was the Quakers in Pennsylvania taking the chance of the war to Outlaw Slavery in Pennsylvania in 1780 although slavery itself wasn’t outlawed immediately. Slaves born before 1780 had to die in slavery or be freed, slaves born after 1780 had to serve a long indenture and only be freed if they had marketable skills.

            In 1783 the Massachusetts General Court outlawed slavery citing the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 and declared Negroes on equal footing with whites. The 1780 Constitution was unfortunately inspired by the Declaration of Independence. The Republic of Vermont outlawed it in 1777.

            The basic change in New England was a change in religious outlook. Calvinism itself was scrapped, replaced with instead the idea that all of Humanity was saved at birth by God and that they could always redeem themselves. This was called Universalism/Unitarianism and the tenant of this religion was building heaven upon the earth. By the 1850’s most of the conservative old money New Englanders had become Episcopalian like the Southern Aristocrats, while the Universalists spawned literally every cult you could name or think of. Strange as it may seem, Virginians Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were both Universalists.

            You also Turn Hearts forget to mention one thing. Abolitionism in the US was funded heavily from Europe as well. Sam Houston mentioned this in 1860 during his famous speech against secession in which he said the whole mess was being funded and fomented from London, and of course it was. Somehow the Confederacy though it could count upon the friendship of Britain, a nation that without its money, Abolitionism never happens.

            Was Lincoln a freethinker? In reality he was no different religious wise than Jefferson Madison or Woodrow Wilson for that matter. Politicians will all trumpet a little Christianity when needed. The problem was the Southern Leaders WERE NOT CHRISTIAN ENOUGH! Too man of them were involved in devilish Freemasonry. The Freemasons and the Jews made sure Jesus Christ was kept out of the CSA Constitution and Law. It is a true paradox, most Southern officers and politicians who espoused and practiced Christianity also espoused and practiced Satanism but they never looked deep enough to see it. Masonry to most of them was just a simple political club. Those who never reached the inner temple never knew. The most powerful mason in history Albert Pike, was a Confederate General and strange enough, a Massachusetts Yankee

          • The sad part is most of these Southern Masons were good men, often devout Christians who NEVER understood that they were in league with Satan. It wasn’t as if they came at it from impute motives, Freemasonic symbolism is difficult to understand its escoteric. The average person who never raised above Consistory ie 19th degree would have only scratched the surface of what the devilish cult is about

  12. Had Thomas Lincoln remained in the South, his son Abe would have died into the Caste that he was born in, a dirt farmer, a Corn cracker, Peckerwood, etc. Unfortunately Tom Lincoln went north, where the Caste system did not exist________

  13. Chapel Hill, NC:
    “Chapel Hill is located in the southeast corner of ORANGE COUNTY … The town was founded in 1793 …”

    Heirs to English, Scottish, and Irish yeomen, the Forrests had been primarily traders of cattle, horses, and mules…The first of the family to achieve the notice of history, Shadrack Forrest, did so in western Virginia, moving from there around 1730 into what later became ORANGE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. The North Carolina census of 1790 shows in that area a Shadrack Forrest owning a slave and 787 acres of land, a holding larger than three-fourths of all the others listed in the record. In 1806, Shadrack was still alive and healthy enough to move with the family of his second son, Nathan, to Sumner County, Tennessee, thirty miles northeast of Nashville. No record indicates they bought property in Sumner, but four years later Nathan Forrest bought 150 acres on Caney Spring Creek in BEDFORD COUNTY, fifty miles southeast of Nashville, for $150. The next year, Shadrack Forrest bought 471 acres along the same creek, the deed being signed by Shadrack and Nathan.
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    “Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on July 13, 1821 … in a secluded frontier cabin near Chapel Hill hamlet, then part of BEDFORD COUNTY, Tennessee, but now encompassed in MARSHALL COUNTY. Forrest was the first son of William and Mariam (Beck) Forrest… Forrest’s great-grandfather, Shadrach Forrest, possibly of English birth, moved from Virginia to North Carolina, between 1730-1740, and there his son and grandson were born; they moved to Tennessee in 1806…”

    Chapel Hill, TN:
    “Chapel Hill is a town in northeastern Marshall County, Tennessee, United States. THE TOWN WAS NAMED AFTER CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA BY SETTLERS FROM THAT AREA.”

    Does anybody know where (document?) Wikipedia got this fact that Chapel Hill, TN was named after Chapel Hill, NC by the settlers from that area? Nathan Bedford Forrest’s ancestors definitely were in Orange County NC at the time Chapel Hill, NC was founded and they did move from NC into TN and finally settling in Bedford County in the area near what became Chapel Hill, TN.

    Thanks to anyone who has any info on this …

  14. I propose Southlanders instead of Southrons or Southerners as our new term of choice. It just sounds
    more mythic and Folkish

  15. By adopting Southlanders as our official designation we also show solidarity with our oppressed Afrikaner brothers in occupied South Africa! Has the Southland won its independence Rhodesia and and Afrikaner ruled South Africa would still be in existence!

    • Unless it had evolved into a police state, I doubt the British Empire would have ever left the Confederacy keep its independence. The Confederacy mistakenly believed Britain would trade with them and not expect anything in return. Nope, BRITAIN always collects

      The CSA would have imploded in twenty years unless it had figured out a way to keep out the British and their Jews. That was the only way it could have remained free. Unfortunately the Aristocratic Fools in the Confederate Congress believed Britain their friend

  16. Those sorry “ scalawags “ ( university officials with their servants ) encouraged and allowed , Sentinel Silent Sam to be be taken down – in the first place . They “ did “ know in advance , what was going to happen . The “ key stone cops “ police , were ordered to stand-down ( maybe even to guard ) , those degenerate & radical & unlawful & unreasonable antifa . This is a conspiracy drama fact , a planned & preformed staged action , for anyone with honest sight , to see and comprehend . Those riotous “ skunks “ , have been holding training sessions , to continue the attack – on an industrial scale . We cannot count on , nor believe without question – whatever the so called “authorities ” – may tell us .

    It is the “ puppet – master “ ( jews ) , whom direct the “ cultural marxists / revolutionary provocateurs “ – as their hateful footmen , to destroy and replace , The Grounded Christian White Men – with all Their Culture and Flags and Markers and Statues and Heritage Monuments .

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