North Carolina Antifa Arrested In Chapel Hill Identified By Police

I would like to thank the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Police for identifying the Antifa who have been arrested in connection to the violence around Silent Sam:

“CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – UNC-Chapel Hill officials Saturday night released the names of 11 people arrested this week in connection with the toppling and subsequent protests of a Confederate monument on campus known as “Silent Sam.”

On Monday, the statue was torn down from a pedestal where it was erected in 1913.

Initially, officials said three people were charged in the Monday incident, but UNC officials said Saturday that a fourth person was charged with concealing one’s face during a public rally and resisting arrest. …”

WRAL has an interesting observation:

Raul Jimenez was also charged in the toppling of the Confederate statue in Durham. He went before a judge who found him “not guilty.” After walking on the charge, he participated in the destruction of Silent Sam. BTW, it turns out that Jimenez is a communist organizer and a DREAMer in the country illegally. Please take the time out of your day to report this criminal to ICE.

Jack Corbin notes that several of the Antifa who were arrested are part of the traveling circus who participated in the violence in Charlottesville and Newnan:

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    • Yes. Obviously their ancestors had nothing at all to do with the “Civil War”. These people have come here to conquer, take what our ancestors built, and erase all whites.

      • Enabled by cowardly Southern Republicans who want their cheap labor. Look at what they’ve done to Texas North Carolina and Georgia. If you think a Southern Born leader will stand up for White Interests, I submit to you Lindsey Graham, Jeff Sessions, Phill Gramm, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Trent Lott, Lamar Alexander. ALL NATIVE BORN SOUTHRONS. Have they ever stood up for White or even Southern Interests? HELL NO. This problem isn’t Yankees, it is Jews. Until you name the Jew, you will never get it. This is why Sam Bowers and the States Rights party in the 1950s and 60s began attacking native born Southern Jewish synagogues. They understood, the synagogue gave these terrorists aid and comfort. Another good example, native born Memphis Jew Steve Cohen, whose ancestors go back in Memphis to at least the 1880’s.

        If you think you can trust a Jew, ANY JEW, you are a fool

        • The problem is traitors, aka those who look like us but have no loyalty to us. Traitors are the prime movers. Without them the Jews couldn’t get to first base.

          • @Billy Ray & More of The Same…

            Y’all, both, are right, because it’s a relationship.

            Who cares to prove who came first : the chicken or the egg?

            There is one thing I’ll say that neither of y’all said, though, and that is exactly this :

            The Lord Jesus Chryst said that you would know a tree by it’s fruit, and what he means by that, in this case, is that, if many people, from different groups that live in the same nation, are highly corrupt, immoral, and ungodly, it points not only to the character of that nation, but, to the time in history.

            This time in history is the time of The Anti-Chryst, and there are lot of folks wittingly, and unwittingly, forwarding his claim.

            That said, if y’all can’t hear it well in Christian vernacular, I’ll put it in plain Southern : “A lot of folks ain’t right, nowadays, and they needs be taken out to the woodshed, over and over ag’in, ’til they start flyin’ right.”

            That leaves one final question?

            Who’s gonna give them long overdue butt-whoopin’s?

      • Exactly exactly. It’s sickening to see the SCM, ( Satan controlled media, ) try to distract us with ANYTHING BUT real important news like our country being taken over by 3rd world sh&t balls and self hating brainwashed white homo’s. Again though … we won’t change a single thing by just “narrating” all this. We have to show we at least have “general goal.” A “basic direction,” we want to move in. A “topic of discussion to get the ball rolling.” See, without this, we’re just a bunch of flunkies letting this last last window of opportunity to roll on by ………… bye …. bye …..



    • Some of these leftists have been living and breeding in the South for at least three generations now, some of them if you figure 1970 was the beginning of the Sun Belt Era. Do you honestly think if all of them were expelled, everything would magically return to 1935? No it wouldn’t and here is why. The South controls NOTHING, not it’s own books, not its own colleges and it hasn’t really ever. The kids are educated with the same textbooks, filled with the same garbage anywhere else is filled with, The churches are filled with the same leftists everywhere else is. The televisions are also filled with the same programming. This is more than a OUTSIDER problem, this is an entire structural problem.

      When they integrated the Universities in the Fifties and Sixties, these universities were still mostly native born yet how many professors, working staff members and locals actually protested? Almost ZERO. These places were Leftist havens long before any Northern Interlopers showed up. In 1941, the dean of the Department of Education at Georgia Walter Cocking and why in the world Georgia hired an Iowan i will have no idea, demanded Integration and Governor Talmadge fired him for it. The thing was Cocking had already worked at Three Southern Colleges, Texas Missouri and in Nashville at the Peabody Institute. Southern White academians knew he was a leftist, they continued to hire him. Proof positive that these Universities were already becoming Leftist strongholds. Remember these Universities use the same Textbooks every other University uses and reads the same books. This was the same argument in the 1850’s as now, when you read the enemies books and use his textbooks, you educate your children in the enemy’s ways

      Every single university fell like dominoes to Integration in the Fifties and Sixties aside from Ole Miss and Alabama, every single one of them. How many native born protested outside of Alabama and Mississippi? Very few and why is that? Were there any widespread protests about Negro football players? Nope, look at Baylor they were trying to lure Negroes with white girls and guess what? ART BRILES IS A NATIVE BORN TEXAN AND HIS SON WAS TRYING TO PIMP WHITE GIRLS TO BUCKS. So why does all this traitorous activity go on? Well it is very simple and it is the same reason why there was little widespread White resistance in most areas during Reconstruction, The men who led the resistence were much less than 10% of the total population.

      In any population you can count on less than 10% of the people who will stand up for what is right. Then you have maybe 75% who don’t care. The actual native born Leftists (JEWS) may only be 2% but they will be able via peer pressure to cow about 10% of the people to follow them. The only way that you get the 75% to come to you is through strength and fear. The same way the Klan did during Reconstruction. If there had been no Klan, the average Southern white man would have given up and just submitted, just like he is doing now. The difference between 1868 and 2018 is that in 1868 you had leadership. Where is that leadership in 2018?

      • HUNTER

        The thing is wealthy Native Southerners who graduated from these schools continue to send them large endowments. My thing is if you don’t like the leftist crap, starve them for money. Wealthy Southern Whites keep funding their own destruction and everyone else has to feel the heat. Look outside of Alabama and Mississippi do you HONESTLY think anyone at these colleges stands with Southern Nationalism? To my knowledge these Leftists have seized every college town, even the Judge in Charlottesville, is a native Southerner, and graduate of UVA and Duke. He made sure to screw our guys.

        As long as activists avoid the College Towns, you should be fine. The minute you stray into their city limits understand that the Communists are in control. I think the worst I have seen at least online are AUSTIN, RALEIGH DURHAM CHAPEL HILL, GAINESVILLE COLUMBIA Mo and CHARLOTTESVILLE. though there are skads more. Thankfully the people of Columbia Missouri stood up to Mizzou and have those leftists on the run, Postive News,.

        I will never forget Auburn when that White cuck on the Football team, who was evidently a Georgia Boy went off on Richard Spencer. Some Southrons will do anything to excuse the conduct of the Football or in KY, NC, basketball teams. I think Paul Kersey calls it the Opium of the South or something College Football

      • Hunter Wallace once wrote that CharlottesvilleSSR was the most hostile city in the South to have a pro-White demonstration in. They call themselves the capital of the resistance. As I see it, the axis of evil known as the research triangle has become the new southern marxist capital. In fact, I think they always held that title. It has just become very obvious now.

  1. If you look at YouTube videos on Mexican DNA results, it’s amazing how many of them have African blood. It is often not a lot but I’d like to know where it specifically came from. The Iberian side, the Indian side, or somewhere else?

    • Caribbean probably. You get something like 1-2% race blending per 100 years on average. Even with Jews, although they got their african DNA from their slave trade in Africa apparently. Some foreskin munching Rabbi declared it kosher to screw baboon ass negresses back in the 1300’s or so. When the whites showed up and started shutting down their neat and nifty guns for slaves racket they moved up to Antwerp and Amsterdam and the rest is history.

    • Something close to 90% of Mexicans are Genetically White European Patrilineally. The Negro slaves in Mexico, the males were obviously kept from reproducing much or died from overwork, because in all of the genetic studies of Mexico, Sub Saharan Negro Male DNA is almost absent. In fact there is still more Native Male DNA than Sub Saharan Negro Male.

      What typically happened in Mexico and Latin America was this. These were all Spanish Military and Catholic Colonies. The men coming over were all single men, largely of the Spanish Aristocracy. Remember primogenture, the firstborn gets everything so it is in my best interest to rid myself of extra sons. Spanish white women were in short supply especially in the upper class, so many of them became Nuns and they would only marry a man with land. If you were the fifth son of a noble, you didn’t have chicken feed.

      Single men came to the Americas, claimed land and had children with their Native and African Slave girls. Under the law of Partus Sequitur Ventrem which was law in the Southern US as well, slave status followed the female line. This was one reason race mixing with Negro bucks and White or Native women was outlawed, children born of these pairings were born free under the law. Thus one man could increase his slaves naturally by breeding his slave girls himself. This happened alot in Latin America because the only white women who came to Mexico and those places were Nuns and the wives of wealthy government officials and military officers.

      Race mixing was also like this in old Virginia and Carolina BEFORE 1700, because it was expensive to bring women there so among the White indentured servant males, they often bred with nonwhite females. This did not happen in New England as they came there as families, the EARLY settlement of Virginia and Carolina was like Latin America. By 1700, enough generations of Whites had been born in the South so that they had evolved to the heat and practice of such pairings ended altogether. After 1700 as Virginia and Carolina became very wealthy, it was relatively easy to purchase women from England as mail order brides of a sort. Also there were more readily available white women in England, after the end of Roman Catholicism there, which ended the Convent issue. You cannot comprehend how many women in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France the Church took out of the available marriage pool. Thousands.

      The Spanish colonies were far flung, England’s colonies were compact. Spain did not have the pool of available white women England had. Therefore what you see today

  2. The fool women are not surprising but it’s amazing how many white men are willingly destroying their own civilization based on lies and misinformation. These freaking weaklings just have got to go.

      • Genie, the war on whites is targeting white men first and foremost. And I am referring to the female weaknesses rooted in emotions part. The nurture element. Women do tend to be softer in many thought processes and it should go without saying that it’s not all women.

        I am not going to avoid calling out what I deem female shortcomings simply because I am female.

        • There’s your slav speaking.

          Only a non-anglo would say something so oblivious. The jews have targeted both sexes in different ways simultaneously.

          If you were an angloceltish type you’d not only have experienced that truth, you’d express it too. Our women aren’t all so weak or pigeonholed.

          Castigating or even stereotyping either sex just plays into the jews’ game.

          Young men are just as naive and vulnerable to manipulation in their own way as young women are.

          These demonstrations are theater. I wouldn’t take the optics so seriously.

          • “There’s your slav speaking.” There’s your ignorance speaking.

            I’m not Slav. I am part English. So, it’s okay to make comments about everyone but a select few? Why are only some fair game for criticisms? First of all I was referring to Lefties in the above clip. So, I wasn’t speaking about Southerners.

            I let people comment here on the Irish and Catholics and never say a word. I am also part Irish and part Danish as well as a non-practicing Catholic. I sometimes don’t agree with the comments but I am not so sensitive as to not understand where they are coming from. Sometimes I even recognize truth in those comments.

            I disagree with you. White men are the main target with white women being mostly used as pawns. They are nowhere near the threat that white men pose just in the physical sense alone. Let’s be real.

            Is there anything else you have a problem with?

        • You know, I don’t mean to insult you but since this is a pro-Southern site I have to defend my anglo sisters, and northwestern europeans generally. Young women and certain defective older women become the jews’ pawns, just like young men and certain older pseudo alpha males are the jews’ functionaries when it comes to say, the international or elected political arena.

          My experience in a more cohesive homogeneous Southland was that the women are about the same as the men when it comes to defying jewish genocide of their race. The major differences I saw were in age and style, not gender.

          The slavs have more exaggerated less balanced gender roles in my view, so perhaps you’re projecting and unwittingly distorting in that.

          My people’s women are not fools and will fight to defend their tribe to the death. Anyone who believes too deeply in the mirage the jews construct in the media needs to step back and look deeper at the same time.

          A northern transplant warned me, these southern women will fight for their men and might accuse you of coming down to steal one. The unity and loyalty I sensed between men and women down south was edifying to witness.

          • You sure do mean to insult me. There are plenty of Southern traitors. Plenty. The South wouldn’t be in its present position without the enemy getting inside help. Only a fool would believe otherwise. I’ve encountered a whole slew of Southerners that vary from strong and loyal to weak and useless. To think that only the former exists without any of the latter is… well… can you read my mind?

            You are aware that suffrage was another manufactured weapon, no?

      • You stated on here in the past that you were part slav. I believe Russian. I dont recall if you stipulated what percent. I’m just sensitive enough to know where your comments come from.

        ‘My people’ isnt old stock southern women. My family and childhood upbringing weren’t southern. We’ were mostly angloceltic, though. Some heartland german.

        If part of your goal is to impose the distinct gender attitudes and cultural mores of eastern europe on my people I’d say to go back there or remain up North.

        Most of my comment was directed at the southern anglocelts and their northern brethren.

        I stand by it 100%.

          • @Snowhitey & Genie…

            I really wish y’all wouldn ‘t go at each other like this.

            Both of y’all spoke a lot of deep truths that are, if the truth be known, not mutually exclusive of each other – so why hammer each other into the ground.

            For whatever it is worth, I will offer a brief insight on the major premise of y’all’s major contention…

            In North Carolina we definitely have some very very patriotick Southern Confederate types, though they vary somewhat in style how they evince that.

            The number involved in that? somewhere between 2,000,000-2,500,000

            And we certainly have a lot of traitors, and that number I would put at 2,000,000-2,500,000.

            If that leaves 4,000,000 others – more than half of them who have come to our state, appreciate our state, but, would never fight for it. It is merely another stopping point in their journey as individualist citizens, legal or illegal, of The Jew England Yankee United States’ Empire – a place where all are welcome everywhere, yet, have no home.

            As to those mostly Tarheels remaining, in this group, they do not care, but, instead, live in a withdrawn world of either drugs, delivery pizza, mall shopping, and Satellite NFL games, the only variant to that being the church-goers who, eschewing non-prescription drugs, take psychotropicks, and withdraw into a world of delivery pizza, mall- shopping, and Trinity Cable Christian Broadcasting.

            These 4,000,000 are the unwitting landscape over whose heads the battle of this state rages, and will rage.

            That, so help me God, is the true nature of my state, as of 2018.

            Who will dominate the politicks of this state are those who are prepared to sacrifice more, and, I suspect, after 70+ years of Judeo-Bolshevism, it is them fellers, like me, who would sooner die than have any more of it.

          • Snowhittey; You’re right, He’s ” full of it.”
            A carpet bagger does not have a clue. You got to be raised amongst Us and have a Grandma ? that sits with you by the fire ? before bed time and tells you the truth about the horrors the Yankees and their handlers commited against us and continue to subject Us Southerners to.
            Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

  3. Brad, post your Bitcoin public address, I’ll send you a little as a test. To not miss out on anything, you need to post Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin public addresses, too!

      • I’ll send you an email via Prozium and we can get started. I do have to go visit a family member in the hospital so it may be later this evening before I respond but I’ll give you some info to get started in the meantime.

  4. I thought that I saw that radical professor Dwayne Dixon in one of the videos. Why haven’t they put him in jail yet? Dixon was involved in the Durham statue toppling as well.

    Remember Dwayne Dixon was part of the armed Redneck Revolt who was in Charlottesville and he bragged later about chasing James Fields off by waving his AR-15 at him which apparently caused Fields to drive off and then down the street into a mob of violent Antifa and BLM illegally blocking traffic and failing to disperse after an unlawful assembly order was issued.

  5. Snowhitey,

    More Africans would be imported to Mexico than to the US during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade (300,000 Mex vs 150,000 US), it is just that they were heavily geographically localized (basically on the Veracruz area) and heavily mixed with the local population (and a good many would get killed during their war of independence and civil wars). Basically, they are the nightmare scenario that some US blacks mention about when they say that mixing is another form of genocide. Same thing happened in Argentina and Uruguay (although in the latter’s case, their niggers were brought in during the time they were a Portuguese/Brazilian colony).

      • I know, Billy Ray. Also, the American black population was mostly homegrown, while south of the River Grande the system had to rely on continuous importations, otherwise, it would all have ground to a halt in less than a couple of years.

        • Sugarcane work is much harder and hotter work, the slaves often took heatstroke and died in Latin America and the Caribbean. Not that Cotton Hemp and Tobacco weren’t bad, they were, but if you ever saw anything on these sugar plantations, many slaves would rather die than work sugarcane

          • While visiting Hawaii in 1979, we drove through an area where sugarcane was being processed and were overwhelmed by the stench. Couldn’t believe it was sugarcane. Just God awful and never forgot it! If that stench could be bottled it would be better than bear spray.

          • Also more snakes, risk of self-amputation with machete, and death from smoke inhalation.

    • I believe Pat Buchanan said that only about 400,000 Africans were brought into the US (pre-1965 of course). But I read that years ago.

  6. Great reporting around these protests. To see NC fighting back is amazing.

    Part of why the North is such a fat, unhappy place (I really didn’t see many obese people in my travels south and I went all around the state) is because of the lawlessness that passes as ‘order’ up here. I should call it Judeo-Roman Indulgence, lol.

      • Is this a state or county level crime?

        I’d think both. Or municipality and state.

        Get locals to throw the book at them.

        I and lots of Americans are sick of these thugs.

        • Junius may know Harley girl aka Lorax. I am not sure about the law in North Carolina but it is against their state statute to mess with the statues anywhere, Of course Durham it was leftist Democrats who pardoned these bums.

          I would like to ask these wealthy Southern Alumni jerks, why do you keep funding these universities? Why do you keep sending them money? Obviously they support cultural genocide. Look at Art Briles out at Baylor in Texas, his son was pimping out White girls to Negro ball players. Somehow that is appropriate

  7. North of the border, brave Faith J. Goldy is running for mayor of Toronto.

    antifa communists have successfully shut down her rallies.

    Have the cunuckleheads all become cucks and eunuchs like their brethren in the jew k?

    Rise up Canada. This your chance to give the (((tribe of globalists)) the middle finger.

    If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to get out on the streets to defend Ms. Goldy, at least get your asses to the ballot box, and vote for a Whiter future.

  8. Junis Daniel1828,
    Son, you should ease up on those Psychiatric drugs you taking.
    Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

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