David French Virtue Signals About His Multiracial Family

I saw this article floating around this morning.

I didn’t realize who wrote it though or where it was published until a few minutes ago. It is a David French think piece preening about his multiracial family in The Atlantic.

“Then, sometime around the summer of 2015, we began to notice a shift. The attacks on our family came less and less from the left, and increasingly from the alt-right—a vicious movement of Trump-supporting white nationalists who loathe multiracial families. They despise international adoption. They call it “race-cucking your family” or “raising the enemy.” Heaven help you if they find you online, and find us they did. In part because I criticized their movement directly—and in part because I refused to support Donald Trump in 2016—they came after us with a vengeance.

They lifted pictures of my then-7-year-old daughter from social media and photo-shopped her into a gas chamber, with Donald Trump pressing the button to kill her. They put her image in slave fields. They found my wife’s blog and filled the comment section with gruesome pictures of dead or dying African-Americans. They made me wish for the days when “the left” came after us; at least progressive critics didn’t want my daughter to die. …”

I wrote a couple of those articles making fun of David French here, here, here, here, here and here. The joke at the time was that David French was like the archetype of the cuckservative loser who flaunted his adopted black kid from Ethiopia to virtue signal about “racism” and flirted with running for president as a spoiler candidate to throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

“In the years since we brought our daughter home, overseas adoption has plummeted—down 72 percent since 2005—and it’s not hard to see one of the reasons why. …

We love our daughter more than we love our own lives. But the idealism of 2010 is gone. Then, we thought our family reflected the future. Now we know that was naïve. Now we know that while the promise of Galatians—the promise that we are “all one”—is true in the Kingdom of Heaven, in America it does not yet apply.”

Good news to report.

David French is now about as relevant as Michael Gerson or George Will to the Right. The evangelical craze of adopting Ethiopian fashion accessories is also over.

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  1. I imagine he is a child molesting, degenerate freak like most people who adopt from foreign countries, even White ones. Russia banned Americans from adopting their children for a reason. If only their Orthodox brothers in Ethiopia had that much sense.

  2. And this is a self-styled leader of the “Conservative Revolution” and a major voice in National Review. Some revolution.It looks more like Mao’s cultural revolution than it does any variety of patriotism (Patriotism from the Latin word Pater-meaning father. Thus denotes loyalty to a kindred stock.) He whole appearance reeks of weakness and timidity!

    • He lost the plot with his Col Errad character as it will make conservative whites a lot more suspicious of Israelis. He did a solid without knowing it.

  3. I think this all started with Angelina Jolie adopting 3rd world darkies instead of white kids. Liberalism is a mental disorder and a nation killer. That’s why we need OUR OWN NATION :


  4. Great news international adoption is down 72%. It is morally wrong to steal these kids from their families and culture. They need their kids more than Angelina needs a new fashion accessory. If you want to adopt a kid see about an American kid that needs your help.

  5. Sad part about this is that David French is a Native Kentuckian and his wife a Native Tennesseean. Of course THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. It is one thing if some wacko in Seattle, San Franfagsco or Boston behaves this way, but this is something unacceptable!

  6. Each subsequent meme he used as an example of alt-right hate just made me laugh harder than the previous one.

  7. He thought his family reflected the future: A world with no more White children. Although discouraged he hasn’t given up on “the promise of Galatians”.

    No one is more pathetic or despicable than a White anti-White.

  8. I find it hard to believe that French was an army officer in Iraq but none of his men ever threw a live grenade into his tent.

  9. Unfortunately this is all too common with Southern Christians. DONT ASK ME WHY. There is a couple in Tennessee who adopted EIGHT Negro male children from Africa. EIGHT! I wish Hunter would do a good write up on why this is so problematic in the South because it makes no sense.

      • Slavery was just importing low wage/no wage labor. The other side of it was adopting darkies if the master was feeling patriarchal.

      • Yassuh, and the head house niggah was Uncle Ben, an Massuh taught him ta read, and Aunt Jemima, she don cooked Massuh’s food an wet nursed the Massuh’s chilluns, and dem no count hillbillies down the road, Massuh always said dey be white trash dat he haid no uses fo, until he needed him some soljers ta fit the Yankees wit.

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