8,000 Nationalists March In Chemnitz, Germany

Beautiful sight.

The crowd is chanting “Merkel Must Go” and attacking the Lügenpresse. This is the most inspiring march that I have seen since the big one in Poland last November:

Shouting Lügenpresse … Lügenpresse … Lügenpresse

Rightwing Dead Squads:

It’s the Night of the Blue Checkmarks:


Note: Lolcow Eddie Gorcenski wasn’t seen anywhere punching Nazis in Chemnitz.

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  1. Chemnitz is the former Karl-Marx-Stadt, which is why you see his snoot.

    And it’s a town we didn’t go through during the summer voyage. But, I’m all of eight days away from the first day of the rest of my life, so stay tuned.

  2. Hate to drop a black pill but these are not nationalists, these are PEGIDA, an alt-lite Zionist counterjihad movement. A few years ago National Socialist groups could turn out thousands in Germany but, like everywhere, they have been extremely weakened since the Zio friendly alt-lite groups came along and replaced them. Just as in the US this was the worst thing that ever happened to nationalism.

    • I dunno. I used to despise the Oathkeeper/Patriot Prayer/Proudboy/Sweden Democrat/Pegida-style alt-lite/civnats, but I’ve been begrudgingly impressed with them recently. Maybe it’s all a farce, maybe it isn’t.

      If they ever start shooting at their traitors and occupiers, then we’ll know for sure that it isn’t.

      • I’m sure there are good people and real nationalists who practice entryism in many of those groups but they have to break from the (((leadership))) in order to accomplish anything.

        • @Jijcf: I’ll know the crowd is serious if I see ’em waving the black, white and red flag of the old Reich instead of that dreadful black, red and gold rag of bourgeois democracy. The other day 500 true German patriots marched in what used to be Berlin to commemorate the murder of Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess by the Allied criminals 30 years ago.

          • It would be illegal to wave that flag though – which is why a lot of NS groups in Germany use the Strasserite flag even if they are not ideologically Strasserite. Some also use the Confederate flag and the Palestinian flag.

    • East Germany, due to the heritage of Communism preventing the psycho “denazification” that happened in west Germany, has some potential, but not if the alt-lite continues to hijack actual resistance. Even Sweden has the Nordic Resistance Movement which seems to be the only real anti-Semitic nationalist movement left in Western Europe that is not pathetically marginal, other than maybe some groups in Italy.

      • The mountain towns near the Czech border seemed less damaged to me. I got caught in a blizzard and had to stop about 10 years ago. The village I stayed in seemed lost in time complete with a beer hall tavern near the center. Probably too small and poor to be a high priority (((target))).

  3. Didn’t Lenin say a bourgeoisie revolution must always precede an actual Communist revolution? Indeed through their incompetence to solve pressing problems the bourgeois revolution makes a Communist revolution inevitable. So also in nationalism! A timid patriotard civic nationalist revolt must always precede an actual white nationalist revolt. Just food for thought. As a matter of principle people do not revolt when the situation is hopeless but-as in the French Revolution and Weimar Germany- rising expectations are cruelly crushed but events beyond their control.

    • True but not every bourgeois revolution successfully led to a Communist revolution and there were some Communist revolutions that occurred without the bourgeois-democratic revolution happening first. The greatest Communist revolutionary ever, Pol Pot, believed in skipping both capitalism and socialism and going straight to full communism. All I can say is I hope for the best but I’ll be wary of praising anything Katie “gas the poor, class war now!” Hopkins and her merry band of Zionists think is good.

  4. Great news. I hope Merkel’s unforgivable crime backfires on her and the establishment in the biggest way possible.

  5. I think it is time to leave the past in the past and look at what is happening without emotional judgement. The country is loosing its identity and …. its people. Help struggling countries on their own soil. Do NOT spread the disease of violent culture to civilized nations. What an insane experiment on the German and European peoples. Comming to US next.

  6. Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if they were all goosestepping while giving the Roman salute? In time, in time.

    • That would be illegal in Germany, but actual NatSocs WERE having huge rallies before PEGIDA came along. Although there are probably NatSoc entryists in the PEGIDA crowd, that doesn’t change the fact that far-right demonstrations have become less radical in recent years, not more so.

      I can only hope that many of the better elements of this group do get red-pilled and become radical anti-Semitic Nazis along the likes.of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Then after a few more red pills, they will finally reach the highest state of consciousness – National Bolshevism.

    • That is exactly what happens. Visegrad and entire Eastern Europe worked years to spread our nationalism over the border and now it happening.
      Do not expect any ideology or intellectual, it will just common sense based mass movement. Close the border, then economy reforms, change the foreign policy and finally country will be National Socialist.

  7. Antifa vermin getting their asses kicked, mud invaders getting chased and scared shitless, anti-merkel chants. I tell you what, if this is their alt-lite, then more power to them. I would have taken these 8000 at UtR last year. It appears that only a small percentage of the Whites actually carried out any real violence. If the entire 8 to 10 thousand strong crowd decided to full scale riot, the army would have been called to put it down. If we ever do decide to collectively riot, we will make the black riots of the 60s look like a Saturday night bar fight by comparison.

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