Journofa: CNN Demands Censorship, Then Calls It “Conspiracy Theory”

I’ve been seeing a lot of this on Twitter.

This is why thousands of Germans are out in the streets screaming Lügenpresse:

“After months of having lobbied social media giants to silence Infowars, CNN published an article insisting that President Trump’s complaint that social media companies were silencing conservatives was a conspiracy theory.

In an article entitled Trump props up false claim that big tech is out to silence conservatives, CNN’s Oliver Darcy, the same reporter who repeatedly lobbied YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to censor Infowars, asserts that there is no political agenda to censor conservatives.

Responding to Trump’s tweet about social media giants “silencing millions of people,” Darcy accused the President of “exacerbating a longstanding paranoia from conservatives who have for years erroneously accused social media companies of bias and censorship.”

However, his article is absent the admission that Facebook, YouTube and other Big Tech outlets banned Infowars after months of intense lobbying by CNN, a competitor network, to shut down their competition …”

It goes without saying that I am hardly a fan of PJW.

This is so over the top though, such brazen lying and political activism masquerading as “journalism” … all I can say is this is why Americans believe the media is the “enemy of the people.”

Note: I got five emails from YouTube this evening notifying me that my UTR and Livingston videos were being censored in all kinds of ways.

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  1. “It must, over and over again, be pointed out to the adherents of the movement and in a broader sense to the whole people that the Jew and his newspapers always lie and that even an occasional truth is only intended to cover a bigger falsification and is therefore itself in turn a deliberate untruth. The Jew is the great master in lying, and lies and deception are his weapons in struggle.

    Volume 1, Chapter 12

  2. Psalm 5:9 For there is no truth in their mouths; their hearts are destruction; their throats are open graves; they flatter with their tongues.

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