Big League Politics Exposes Violent North Carolina Antifa Cell

Big League Politics has a new expose up which shows how a small group of North Carolina Antifa is responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, Durham and Chapel Hill:

“CHAPEL HILL — The Antifa leaders who tore down the Silent Sam Confederate statue on August 20 on the University of North Carolina campus were also integrally involved in Antifa activities at the fatal “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Big League Politics has exclusively obtained information on the suspects. This information is currently in the possession of Chapel Hill police officers. The evidence below exposes a close-knit sect of left-wing agitators mostly based in Durham, North Carolina. Their network operates in part out of the Elevate MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym in Durham, where the conspirators practice combat techniques, and is linked to high-profile activists including Chelsea Manning.

UNC cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon is under police investigation for assaulting me at the August 20 rally in an incident that I captured on video. Dixon has not been fired by the university, but his network of criminal collaborators is unraveling. The university Board of Governors promises that Silent Sam will be restored to its original place on campus within 83 days. Meanwhile, police are making some arrests and stating that more arrests could be forthcoming. The Board is visibly outraged at the conduct of campus police, who took orders to stand down and allowed protesters to topple the statue without resistance. …”

I remember Sam Carey from Charlottesville:

If I am not mistaken, he is one of the 10 suspects wanted by the Charlottesville Police Department for the violence on A12. Why hasn’t he been arrested?

Call the Charlottesville Police Department at (434) 970-3280. Please inform them that their A12 suspect Sam Carey has been identified and has been involved in further violent protests in Chapel Hill, NC. Don’t forget to also contact ICE and report Raul Jimenez for being an illegal alien involved in several violent conspiracies to destroy public property in North Carolina.

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  1. Josh Mascharka- Des Moines, Iowa

    Adam Luke Senecaut- Des Moines, Iowa.

    Dwayne Dixon- New Jersey

    James Neal Ritchie- family are New York State transplants.

    Anderson Sweetser- Minnesota.

    Mascharka and Sweetser I suspect are Jews.

    Notice that all of these characters are foreigners. Not natives. It’s always the same combination of Jews and their Goy stooges.

    The war may have ended in 1865, for the South, but not for these people. Payback can’t just stop at the Jews.

    • They wouldn’t be operating at all in North Carolina or anywhere on these Campuses if the locals who hold the purse strings didn’t tolerate it. They have been tolerating it in North Carolina since the Mid Sixties, when Rockwell went down there. You have wealthy alumni, Native Southrons, who give to these schools and have given to them in family trusts for a century. PULL THE DARN MONEY. That’s what they have to do. As long as the Alumni Associations and the sports programs keep the money flowing in, this is what you get.

      How many young white girls got assaulted at Southern schools while you had SOB’s like Art Briles and Barry Switzer, both natives, looking on with glee? God only knows. There’s enough blame to go around. Until the alumni associations stand up and these sports programs are destroyed/purged, this will continue to go on. Nothing happens in a vacuum

      • @billyrayjenkins

        No doubt. I’ve said elsewhere that we need political and other leaders with balls to stand up to these outside political agitators.

        The point I’m trying to make with my comment, and ones like it, is that Southrons are having their own states governed for them, by arrogant outsiders who don’t respect the notion that it’s none of their business how people outside of their own states, conduct and/or govern themselves.

        In other words, why are people from Iowa, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey, in North Carolina pulling down a statue that doesn’t concern them, in a state that doesn’t concern them?

        As an aside, and as an example; that an election in Iowa, or a law passed by that state’s Legislature, would be of concern to anyone but Iowans, simply doesn’t occur to Southrons/Texans.

        It genuinely puzzles most Southrons why people would spend large sums of money, time and effort to travel long distances in order to tell distant strangers their business.

        To me it’s arrogant, stupid and rude. It also shows a complete lack of respect for others, and poor character.

        • We agree 100% James and you want to know the real reason why they are coming down there? The state colleges recruit them to come to school down there, because OUT OF STATE TUITION=MONEY. The thing that really aggrivates me James is we can talk about this, yet no one wants to talk about the real purveyor of political degeneracy and that is the school athletics programs

          These people are merely symptoms. If the native boosters and endowment people merely refused to give another penny to these colleges, this would end. The thing is though they might have traveled long distances, but that’s not a concern any longer. They have breeding populations in your states now. You have 3 generations of Leftists in Texas and the South now, who have been there breeding since 1968 or so. You may not see them where you live, but I guarantee you will find them in the cities. If there were thousands of these native born operatives to give the outside operatives aid comfort and organization, they couldn’t organize at all.

          In 1970 sure it would have been easy to say, OUTSIDERS you would have been 100% correct. However this is 2018, thats not the story now. Look at Florida, they have been breeding there and living there since the 1940’s. Even if you removed all the non-native born, you may solve 50% of the problem but you wouldn’t solve the other 50% because like I said, they established a breeding population there 50 years ago.

          Another thing is the growth of Urban cities and suburbs. Ever watch the movie DAZED AND CONFUSED? This takes place in 1976 in Austin Texas and Richard Linklater did the movie. Unless you saw the unedited version which shows the schools name is ROBERT E LEE High you’d never tell it was Texas. The only obviously Texan actor is of course Matt McConahey, but the rest probably came from outside. No cowboys no hats, no Mexicans, no twang, When I realized the movie took place in Texas I thought to myself, WHO IN THE HECK CAST THIS THING? You see this alot now with movies that take place in the South, you cant tell they take place there. Of couse they will throw in the ubiquitous trailer park denzien, who is always overly twanged.

          In 1950 Texas had a population a bit over 7 million, today it has a population of 28.3 million. In less than 70 years it multipled four times. Probably 30% of that was due to relocation and 70% Latin America, not sure of the numbers. If you think you could get more than 10% approval for any Southern or Texas nationalist thing now, that’d definately be an overestimation. I study demographics, and I go by numbers. I doubt our positions would have even gotten over 40% approval in 1950. Maybe 40% hard approval, 40% could go either way, 15% oppose and 5% all the way oppose,. Today you would be lucky to get 10% approval

        • James Owen+++++Why do you think it is today in modern polls about the South a good percentage of Texas kids no longer know they live in a Southern State? I have a theory about that and I call it the Public Relations Theory. For some reason some VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE in the Lone Star State somewhere around 1940-1950 decided that they would have to divorce themselves politically and perceptionally from the South. The public relations groups worked long and hard at this job. I think the real beginning of this was LBJ stealing the election from Dixiecrat Coke Stevenson.

          I forget the politicians name but there was a Texas politician somewhere after the Voting Rights Act, LBJ dispatched to talk down to Alabama and Mississippi and told them that WE TEXANS ACCEPTED THE NEGRO SO SHOULD YOU. I wish I still had access to that video. I remember when I saw it just being perplexed. I never could understand how Lyndon had the Texas delegation by the shorthairs to the point that very few of them would speak out.

          These public relations jerks even managed to go so far as to get Social Studies books to place Texas and Oklahoma with New Mexico and Arizona. They also put in all these tourism ads completely eliminating all mentions to Southern things. I just want to know how they managed to get away with this? I remember when George W Bush (carpetbagger) managed to pull down the Confederate Memorial plaques and the response to this? Crickets.

          I think someone really needs to write a piece on this. The whole present move to take down memorials began in Texas with some minor plaques, nobody noticed but once they realized they could do this, it was onto everything else. At least they preserved the Jefferson Davis Statue. Some of these monuments, like the Lee Jackson statues in Baltimore, people don’t even know where they are hidden. I am afraid they are going to begin melting the statues down soon if they aint stopped

          It is high time someone gets in the face of these Legislators and asks them WHY they wont stand up?

  2. UNC cultural anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon

    It all revolves around college professors. Which has been my hobby horse theory about the anarchist/antifa/anti-racist militant street left for years.

    It goes like this:

    Young people are conformist, not rebellious. When you see them engaging in what appears to be rebellion to the untrained eye for outward consumption, in reality, they are conforming to someone or some force.

    If you see a mass of young men wearing the same uniform capturing a hill by force, you are wise to presume that an old man with five stars on his helmet is behind it.

    Likewise, when you see Antifa, presume an old man with tenure is behind it.

      • Also note the prof is cult-anthro, and that’s the last place on college campi these days that try to deny totally the existence of race (“it’s just a social construct”), whereas everywhere and every thing else on campus is racially charged as anything ever has been.

    • Southern Schools use the same textbooks everyone else does and push the same Cultural Marxism via those books. The thing is when you do not control your Textbooks, when you allow ideas at odd with the culture to be presented as giving equal time in the Universities, you get this. You must control your own textbooks, publish your own curriculum. The South never in its history did this, it never truly pushed its own curriculum it was always content to purchase books published elsewhere. These textbooks are where it begins. Then you get to the literature classes pushing out perversion as literature as well.

      The Governor of Georgia Eugene Talmadge understood this.

      Talmadge returned to the governor’s office in 1940, emerging as the leader of racist and segregationist elements in Georgia.[21] Responding to reports that Walter Cocking, a dean at the University of Georgia, had advocated bringing black and white students together in the classroom, he launched an attack on the university, charging elitism, and called for the regents to remove Cocking and purge the university of Communists, “foreigners” (non-Georgians), and subscribers to racial equality. The university board of regents at first refused Talmadge’s demands, but after the governor restructured the board, the dismissals took place.

      This intervention into academic affairs caused the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to remove accreditation from the Georgia state universities. It also contributed to Talmadge’s defeat by Ellis Arnall in 1942.

      The Wikipedia article doesn’t say this but the Highlander Folk School across the border in Tennessee was where alot of these attacks on Southern Colleges were being launched. Funded by Southern Communists and the Tennessee Government decided to let it stay open for 29 years.

      This didn’t just happen yesterday, this has been going on an awful long time.

  3. Those sorry “ scalawags “ ( UNC officials with their servants ) encouraged and allowed , Sentinel Silent Sam to be be taken down – in the first place . They “ did “ know in advance , what was going to happen . The “ key stone cops “ police , were ordered to stand-down ( maybe even to guard ) , those degenerate & radical & unlawful & unreasonable antifa . This is a conspiracy drama fact , a planned & preformed staged action , for anyone with honest sight , to see and comprehend . Those riotous “ skunks “ , have been holding training sessions , to continue the attack – on an industrial scale . We cannot count on , nor believe without question – whatever the so called “authorities ” , may tell us .

    It is the “ puppet – master “ ( jews ) , whom direct the “ cultural marxists / revolutionary provocateurs “ – as their hateful footmen , to destroy and replace , The Grounded Christian White Men – with all Their Culture and Flags and Markers and Statues and Heritage Monuments .

    • Southern Nationalists need to wake up and realize that their own native politicians made this all happen and stood by and allowed it. There were no bayonets, there was just an endless supply of money in the hog troth and like hogs they ate it up. I won’t even get going on all the Jew fellow travelers who helped the Civil Rights garbage along. People seem to think OH THIS IS AN INVASION FROM THE OUTSIDE or OH IF X WASNT HERE THIS WOULDNT HAPPEN. No you had traitors open the gates for these people, just like in Europe. Does anyone honestly think that without Jews or Leftists already there, giving this human waste three hots and a cot to come down there and cause this trouble they could? Of course they couldn’t

  4. THESE are the useful idiots of the true fascists ( who are laughing at them and will slaughter them when they’re of no more use, ) who will be “grabbed” and put into camps WHEN poo hits.

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