#AllOutAugust: The Free Press Goes All Out To Cover Up Antifa Violence

There is a growing violent extremist movement in America.

You would never know it though by getting your news from The Free Press™. “Journalists” have been covering up Antifa political violence while wildly exaggerating the threat posed by the Alt-Right through what these violent communist and anarchist groups have called #AllOutAugust. Occidental Dissent has complied a list of the worst incidents ignored by the media:


Antifa crack open the skull of a Bernie Bro in Portland who supported #OccupyPDX after he refused to surrender his American flag which they declared was “a fascist symbol”:

Antifa bust open the head of a reporter from The Oregonian with a glass bottle at the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland:

Antifa sucker punch a random pedestrian at the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland. He is a veteran who was wearing an American flag t-shirt and was mistaken for “fash”:

Antifa close out the day in Portland by fighting with the police:


Antifa close out the day in Berkeley with 20 arrests by smashing the windows out of a Marine Corps Recruiting Office and by threatening to beat up the livestreamer Ford Fischer:


A mob of Antifa affiliated with Occupy Philly attack Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk in Philadelphia


Antifa attack a police officer in Charlottesville:

Antifa attack The Free Press™ in Charlottesville:


Antifa attack a Trump supporter who came to counterprotest Unite the Right 2:

Antifa attack The Free Press™ at Unite the Right 2:

Antifa threaten to kill the POTUS at Unite the Right 2:


Antifa bust open the head of a Patriot Prayer supporter in Seattle:

Antifa throw a brick in a restaurant in Tucson and bust open the jaw of a Proud Boy:


A mob of violent Antifa tear down the Silent Sam statue on the campus of the University of North Carolina:


5 Antifa are arrested at the University of North Carolina for assault, inciting a riot, destruction of property and resisting arrest:

16 Antifa are arrested after attacking the police in Philadelphia while chanting, “eat the rich, feed the poor. Kill one cop, then kill more.”

Here is the clip of Philly Antifa chanting about dead cops:

Who got banned from social media platforms and payment processors in August? Who did the so-called “journalists” in The Free Press™ blame for the violence? The Alt-Right.

Note: During this #AllOutAugust thing, there hasn’t been a single person associated with the Alt-Right arrested or involved in ANY violent incident.

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  1. The most surreal part of this whole thing is when ANTIFA is attacking the Left’s own journalists and the Left covers that up. Maybe we will get lucky and ANTIFA will do something really bad to some famous journalist like dump paint all over them or something on live tv. People forget in 2014 ANTIFA and BLM threatened to beat up Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore

  2. This is why I think “bad optics” DO NOT MATTER AT ALL when it comes leftists. “Bad optics” is how they define “winning” and I’m seeing no reason to doubt that; they could start killing who oppose them and it still wouldn’t make the headlines. After all, doesn’t make the headlines when shitskins do it.

    It would if we responded in kind, of course. Punch back at one of them and you’ll get a decade in prison.

    • I think people have a confused idea of optics. Our optics will be bad, no matter what, as long as the enemy controls the media, while (((they))) will do their utmost to conceal and minimize their own side’s shenanigans.

      What’s needed for good optics isn’t a specific look or whatever. It’s control of a major media outlet.

      The powerful (and their flunkeys) have good optics. The powerless have bad optics. Simple as that.

  3. No no no. It’s not “Free Press !” It’s SCM, ( Satan Controlled Media,) because that’s exactly what it is. The orders go down the pyramid to THE BROADCAST BOARD OF GOVERNORS, ( did you know that ????, ) right to the CNN / FOX / MSNBC scum and into sheeples gmo’d up chem trailed heads. WE are The I M, ( Independent Media. ) (((THEY))) are The SCM, ( Satan Controlled Media. ) We have to get our abbreviations right.

  4. As a full blood American Indian who served in the US Army for 6 years and I have the nerve to be a conservative who hates seeing my tax dollars subsidize these anti American scumbags; i have heard and seen enough. The real Americans who love this country and who are sick of the media and antifas antics need to unite and abolish these NEOCOM pussys (NEO-COMmunist). File restraining orders before you attend a free speech rally. Take the narrative away from these lemmings, call them out for the communist dick taters they are! Video works both ways: start calling out the lamestream media for supporting these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!!!

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