FAKE NEWS: Huffington Post “Journalist” Accuses Wrong Man Of Burning Black Man Alive In Tennessee

UPDATE: Mark Pitcavage and Christopher Mathias have deleted several of their tweets. The Huff Post and ADL articles have also been changed, but not before we archived it.

Editor’s Note: These are the “experts” who the federal government has been relying on for “intelligence” about hate and extremism … people who can’t even do a Google image search or make a simple phone call to do the most basic fact checking.

I was scanning through my Twitter feed when I saw this:

Mark Pitcavage is very proud of putting together this fake news story:

If the experts at the ADL’s Center on Extremism who are responsible for policing Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube are saying it, it must be true, right?

My jaw dropped when I saw that Michael Weaver was mentioned in this. I clicked on the story to find out that Huff Post is accusing his father of burning a black man alive in Tennessee.

I thought to myself: this can’t be right, I have met Michael Weaver’s father several times who is from my area, he doesn’t look like this guy, I have never known him to travel outside of Georgia and I certainly would have heard about this if there was any truth to the story.

I texted Michael Weaver about this:

Note: This is a bad article and a good example of how not to cover white supremacy, Huff Post and ADL. You are accusing the wrong man of being a murderer. I’ve archived this in case Mr. Carothers wants to sue the ADL and Huff Post for libel.

Update: BTW, Mark Pitcavage and Carla Hill are also experts on South Africa.

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  1. The morality of Anti-Whites does not rely on truth or falsity but on whether it harms Whites. That is the beginning and end of their morality.

  2. Mr. Carothers has an excellent case for LIBEL!! He should contact a lawyer to send a Letter of Demand for payment… or a lawsuit. Conact Kyle Bristow ow William Johnson.

  3. Fake News is a great meme. Today’s “journalists” and ADL types care little for facts and truth. Their top priority is disseminating anti-White hatred and propaganda.

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