South African Waifu: President Trump Is Telling The Truth About South Africa

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Note: Maybe it is her brother, guys?

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  1. I guarantee some “fellow white” South Africans are going to make their own response videos with the theme of “nothing to see here, goyim. Drumpf is a liar. There is no white genocide.”

  2. Scary! White Genocide happened during the Haitian Revolution. I was never taught about it in globalist government schools.

    Hope it does not happen again in South Africa!

  3. Voortrekker Boys by John Edmond – one of the great songs of Boer S.A. and Rhodesian British. is

    It is a piece of Marxist coswollop that there can be no White Africans whose ancestors were born on that continent. There can be f*cking Blacks on every other continent – Blacks who were trafficked out of Africa through the tribal warfare that has been the basis of the Black African economy since the year Dot. But there can be no White Africans who brought civilisation and economy to Africa.

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