CNN: Don Lemon Defends Antifa Violence

They’re the good guys.

Antifa are fighting “fascists” … like the police, conservatives, Patriot groups, Marine Corps Recruiting Offices, “journalists,” bystanders, Bernie Bros with American flags, etc.

#AllOutAugust = the fake news media going “all out” to defend violent communist thugs and censor the internet.

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  1. Off topic but thought you guys might enjoy the following, which I just received by e-mail, from a friend:


    Guy’s been dead for days and still lying.

  2. This Negro wouldn’t have his job but for the Merchant. Never ceases to amaze me how they will make excuses for ANTIFA. I hope literally no I hope harder than I ever hoped in my life, that ANTIFA members literally do something horrible to the media, maybe even vandalize a CNN truck on live tv or more. Let the media defend them then. Soon ANTIFA will kill one of them. That’s coming

  3. Arguing with Niggers is a pointless waste of time. They’re nothing more than tools and pawns. Whatever opinions, beliefs or ideas they have, come from the last authoritative White/Non Nigger person/persons who spoke to them.

    Niggers didn’t even know that they had “civil rights,” until foreign SJWs came to Dixie and told them that they did.

    They don’t know what they think about Antifa©, or anything else, either, until somebody tells them.

    From personal experience and observation, they’re an easily manipulated and impassioned people.

    • You mean Jews. Something like 70% of the organizers were Jews, the rest were largely the children of Immigrant Garbage in the cities who hated the WASP’s, These were first generation college students for the most part after WWII.

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