CNN: Antifa Is “Widely Perceived As ‘African-American’ Organization”

UPDATE: This is another good one.

This is arguably the most hilarious fake news story from CNN of all time:

Note: President Trump has previously called Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television.” After tonight, I think we can all agree Jeffrey Toobin deserves that title.

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  1. Wolf Blitzer, Jeffrey Toobin, and Ron Brownstein … three lugenpresse jooz making excuses for the nogs on the Chosen Negro Network … just another day in Weimerica.

      • @juniusdaniel1828

        Don’t forget scalawags, Jimmy!

        I try to. Because the thought of them aggravates and sickens me. Them and our supposed state political leaders.

        However, they may be sons of bitches, but they’re our sons of bitches. Which is sad and disheartening.

    • Given that Jews are funding and directing Antifa, I call it a Jewish terror movement against white Americans. They are likely arming them with guns, even military weaponry by now. We will be forced to shoot and kill them if they are allowed to expand any further and they attack whites in the streets , schools and their homes. I don’t see them showing their ass in my area in the near future, but next year might be a whole ‘nother story. Especially if gun ownership on the part of whites is banned.

    • It’s one of those things you can’t unsee once you’ve first perceived it.

      In fact, after the Realization, the (((tribal))) infection leaps out at one and forces itself on your attention in a thousand ways.

      In short, I know exactly how you feel.

  2. There are some Blacks and Mexicans in Refuse Fascism, which is a separate group from Antifa. Refuse Fascism is basically a front group for the First Church of Avakian (they share the same mailing address) while Antifa is what was formerly known as Anti-Racist Action and mainly consists of “black bloc” anarchists. Antifa is overwhelmingly White or (((White))).

  3. Antifa is perceived as an African American organization. LOL. No it’s not. Seeing a black person at an antifa protest is about as rare as seeing a black person at a country music festival. Antifa is a jewish organization through and through.

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