UNC Punk Charged With Mutual Fighting

UPDATE: This blonde shitbird has been identified as Michael Dylan Mole:

The police have charged two other Antifa who have been identified as Margarita Sitterson and Timothy Osborne.

Do you remember this punk who got punched in the mouth at UNC?


It looks like he has been charged with mutual combat. We will update this post when we have his name.

Note: If you are interested in doing some Silent Sam activism, ACTBAC is returning to face down this den of communists at UNC on Thursday night.

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  1. Many deserve credit here, for how things are progressing.

    I think it ought be mentioned that the dean of UNC-Chapel Hill is Akron, Ohio born and raised child of Albanian, Mrs. Carol Folt.

    Unlike many deans, who have molly-coddled Antifa, she has made considerable efforts to protect the monuments, to discourage vandals, and to voice her respect for our state even though she is not thrilled to have inherited this potentially explosive situation – all this in the face of being constantly solicited by every Leftist Tom, Dick, and Harry, on The Left, to do the contrary.

    I get the feeling she would like to find another location for Silent Sam on campus, and, though she may have success in that, I, unlike her, really doubt that will satisfy those who want Silent Sam’s blood – our blood.

    I see this issue as becoming the leading issue going not only into our coming midterms, but, as well – in deciding the next governor in 2020, whom I think shall be our excellent Lt. Governor – Dan Forest.

    I think that The Left has overestimated their power in our state, and made new enemies out of some who are gradually vacating the weakening centre for the new Populist-Nationalist Right

    For those who do not know our state, politically speaking, We, The Tarheel Confederates and Constitutionalists, hold our legislature with an ironclad veto- proof majority, and, because we were not able to hold onto the governor’s position, our legislature responded by stripping the governor’s office of practically ever power, before the new scalawag came in.

    Our Jew England Yankee United States’ Government Reconstruction Era II appointed governor can speak, sign useless vetoes, and go home early for lunch.

    That is about what we left for him to do.

    To be sure – there are many many progressives in our state, but, given that they almost entirely concentrate in 6 or 7 big cities, we, the rural and smalltown patriots who love our state, own and occupy about 80% of the terrain, are in a position of complete electoral dominance.

    I do not see that changing.

    Though Durham was very unfortunate, we will prevail in this, if for no other reason than our state officials are rightly concerned that, if they do not enforce the law and protect our people and culture, someone else will.

    • The people on this board need to wake up. The old-fashioned Yankees, descended of the very abolitionists who fought in the war are about 90% plus long gone. Only something like 30% or so today of the people in the North can actually trace their ancestors back before 1870 in the USA. The vast majority of these are in small towns and they never leave their region, except maybe on vacation. We can call them the Spiritual Children of these Yanks or whatnot but they are NOT the same people.

      Typically what you have in the Northern Cities is an alliance of Jews and their foot soldiers are largely Irish Catholics and an assortment of trash. The proof of this is the war on the monuments. The Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Union Veterans supported the South having her monuments, look at how many monuments there are at Gettysburg. The people invested in tearing down all of our historical symbols are those who had no ancestral connection to that time period. If they did, the last thing they would want would be the demolition of monuments. They stand to mark the time.

      You want to know what happened to the old Yankees? It’s simple mathematics so follow along. The Yankees typically had small families and because of their much higher death rate in the Eastern Theater during the war, thousands of white women in the North, especially Northeastern States ie Penna-Me. were left without husbands or beaus. Thousands of women began living with each other as platonic couples, this arrangment was so prominent it was called the Boston Marriage. Because of Thomas Jefferson’s Naturalization Act of 1802, the borders were open and after 1865 a gigantic surge of European and Jewish Immigration began. Most of these European Immigrants and to extent the Jewish ones as well had large families, while the old stock Yankees did not. By 1900, the Yankees had lost control of Boston and most of their major cities. By 1932, they had lost control politically almost everywhere. A few hung on, like Henry Cabot Lodge, but by the Sixties, they were entirely replaced politically. They exist only today in small towns in political obscurity.

      The term YANKEE although it works as a catch-all phrase in effect no longer applies here. They are NOT the descendents of the Bluecoats you are fighting. These people are something else altogether

      • Marcus Cicero is more familiar with this than I am, he would tell you that it is mostly immigrant trash of all sorts running the Northeast these days. The descendants of the Puritans are for the most part extinct

    • I’m coming down again this fall, we should get together Junius. I’ll be up in the northwest corner though.

      • Dear Genie,
        Sorry, I live 500 milers from you in the oldest part of the state, The Northeast.

        That said, if you and your family ever head to our outer banks, drive 58 in Southern Virginia to Franklin and we will meet there.

        Meanwhile, if you want to be in touch with myself, other Tarheel Confederates, and League members, come to VK social media where the Unreconstructed Cyber Confederacy is.

        Let me be absolutely clear that North Carolina is a welcoming state to all, and, very welcoming to Yankees, if they will stand with out culture and kind. In such a case, please allow me the honour of being the first to extend to you are hearty first to welcome you to The Tarheel State – a land of love for Chryst, people, and an armed populace who love freedom from tyranny!

  2. Junius- this comment gives me hope, but the J-Left bastards are not going to let this alone, as this article seems to make crystal clear:


    Isn’t it amazing that the Pseudo- [sic] ‘Jews’ (the Talmudics) keep on saying they wish to be ‘a race apart,’ yet they deny that very same desire, to the followers of the Hebrew Messiah (i.e., White Christians)?

    Why, it’s almost as if the J-Left were the perennial enemies of the followers of ‘the White Christ,” or something. Oh, wait. Good Friday. “His blood be on us [Talmudic Edomites] and on our children. Yeah.

    Jews. They all need to go… into the sea. By any means necessary. ASAP.

    • As to your article, Sir – this kind of thing has been going on in North Carolina since 1865.

      It will never end until we secede.

      But, don’t worry, because as soon as some Jew-Run New England Yankee Court redraws our lines, our legislature redraws them, again – and then the whole process of suits and appeals begins all over again!

  3. Hey there, Friar John. Good to hear from you, Sir!

    Look, those who think they are going to get rid of our sacred monuments may not know it, but, if the keep it up, they are staring at two alternatives – either jail or violence.

    That, however, is on the surface, so let’s have a gander under the hood.

    What these Leftists are doing is a great blessing, reason being that it is part of what is hollowing out the reasonable centre of politicks in North Carolina; and those who are leaving the centre are more with us than ag’in.

    The Left is making it clear to many smalltown Tarheels that if they wish to preserve our great state, they cannot sit by and look the other way, but, must become politically active.

    To be sure, this process is painful to undergo, BUT, it must be, this in order to reverse decades of learned helplessness and indifference.

    As to The Jews, history shows us that they will not stop until they make folks so angry at them something bad happens.

    I am sorry for them that, in spite of how bright they are, they don’t seem to have the smarts to see this, and take the remedial action.

    The future is written by our past, particularly when we pay no attention to our past.

    All the best to you and yours, Sir!

  4. Hunter, we really need a workup of all the Mutual Combat Laws in each state. Our guys need to know going in what situations to punch and which ones to back away from. The law is a bit hinky on Mutual Combat.

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