CONFIRMED: Chapel Hill Police Chief Ordered Officers To Stand Down In Texts And Emails During Silent Sam Protest

UPDATE: In clown world news, the police officer with the III%er tattoo has been out on paid administrative leave.

ACTBAC is having a Silent Sam rally tonight at UNC.

The League of the South has been hesitant to get involved in this. I’m not eager to walk into another trap in a liberal stronghold in a college town where suddenly we find ourselves in volatile situation with Antifa because the police have been ordered to stand down.

Antifa isn’t the problem per se. The problem is the corruption of these liberal enclaves. The local government is corrupt. The police are corrupt. We know the way it works now. We show up to hold a peaceful event in one of these cities. The police are given a stand down order by corrupt leftwing politicians, which allows violent Antifa to attack our group, which forces us to defend ourselves, which is then taken out of context and hysterically spun by the fake news media as a “white supremacist invasion.” Then we get arrested, demonized, deplatformed and subjected to lawfare.

Chapel Hill seems to be trying to recreate the Charlottesville formula:

“CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Police Chief Chris Blue instructed Chapel Hill officers to stand aside last week as protesters pulled down a controversial Confederate monument on the University of North Carolina campus, a review of Blue’s text messages and emails shows.

Following a public records request, WRAL News obtained about 400 pages of emails and texts sent to and from Blue on Aug. 20-21 – before, during and after the protest that led to the toppling of the “Silent Sam” statue. …

Blue sends a thumbs-up emoji and suggests helping with traffic control.

When someone lets him know officers on bicycles are already doing that, he replies, “Ok. Monitor the masked folks. Keep our folks off McCorkle place for now.”

“Need to make sure our plainclothes guys are really looking out for counter protesters to arrive,” Blue texts at 7:35 p.m. “This thing is all over tv and internet. The longer they take with the statue the more time Folks have to arrive.”

“We connected with them. They are going to keep us posted,” someone replies.

At 9 p.m., Blue texts, “Let’s give them lots of space.” That was followed by, “Yes but do not engage w Crowd at statue. Stay way out.”

When he tells his officers that UNC officers also are backing away from “Silent Sam,” someone texts him, “Copy our folks did as well.”

“Wral shows CHPD guys too close. Back up,” Blue replies.

“Silent Sam” came down shortly after those texts went out. …”

Why was Silent Sam allowed to be torn down by a violent mob in the first place? It was because the police were ordered to stand down and allow it to happen.

If you are going to this event tonight, you need to be extra cautious and on the lookout for the police standing down and pulling another Charlottesville on you. You can’t just assume because you are on American soil that the police in Chapel Hill, NC are going to do their jobs.

Maurice Jones is now the Town Manager of Chapel Hill. This is the same piece of shit who presided over the disaster in Charlottesville on August 12th.

Note: The Justice Department needs to get involved in this. We’re seeing the rise of the leftwing equivalent of sundown towns where vigilante mobs are given a license by local governments to break the law. This is an inexcusable situation that has to be addressed by federal oversight.

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  1. This guy will explain who the enemy is. The question is … what are you going to do about it ? Build a new country … or whistle Dixie ? There’s just one question you’ve gotta ask yourself. Do I feel lucky ? Well … do ya punk ?

  2. The “progressives” have made the false religion of Abolition which includes racism the official state religion and every citizen is expected to be part of the inquisition team to scour the land for all heretics and their symbols…

  3. One thing is for sure and that is the police chief MUST BE FIRED . This is beyond outrageous and clearly domestic terrorism with the police being involved in it.

  4. Blue lives matter? Police are the tool of our anti-White overlords. Same goes for the military. Funny how conservatards and patriotards never stop worshipping uniforms regardless.

  5. Beware of the police and military since many of them are freemasons. You should all know that masonry’s teaching is based on the kabbalah, the jewish mysticism and the luciferian doctrine.

  6. Chris Blue is a scalawag.

    There ought to be a march of thousands, dressed in plain clothing, and maybe accompanied by the Virginia Flaggers and Southern Nationalist organisations, carrying Southern flags, and signs that say “End Reconstruction.” “Southerners have Rights, too.”

    Backtrack Sherman’s March to the Sea route, with a March From the Sea. Carry signs that say “Southern Government for Southern States.” “End Reconstruction, End the War.” “The War is Over, Go Home.”

    Don’t allow costumed creeps or obvious degenerates to participate. Or non Southern ideologues, either. Just Southern Nationalists and Southern laity.
    Like the Confederate Summer of 2015.

    • I will say that I always said forming the Confederacy was the bad idea that everyone could agree upon. The problem was the Politicians and the Professional Soldiers would never agree to a coup. Virginia and Maryland had plenty of militiamen, and North Carolina did as well. It would have been like hitting a domino in one of those domino mazes. The US Army had only 16,000 troops, many of which were Southerners themselves largely stuck on the frontier. It would have been easy for Virginia to march her militia into Washington after Congress came back in Session in December, hang all the abolitionists, hang all their allies, shot that faggot Buchanan and then declare Vice President Breckinridge President. A surge of men from the South would have arrived on trains within a week. They could have captured Annapolis and the Naval Academy from Washington, shot the Unionist Governor of Maryland, put a Confederate in charge, plenty of Baltimore men would have rushed to the job. By the time the North would have even mobilized, Washington would have been a sea of lynched abolitonists and burned buildings.

      The South then could have overseen the disbandment of the United States while being in control of the United States, as they would hold the titles, copyrights, international recognitions, and the like. Forcing the North to be the ones to secede. Had it happened this way, there would have been no war to preserve a Union no one wanted.

      Of course we know why this didn’t happen. Virginia was run largely by CUCKS as was most of the Southern political establishment. They didn’t have the stomach for a brutal bloody coup. They believed everything had to be done LEGALLY. Most of the Southern Officers felt the same way. You could have literally ended up in a Twilight Zone scenario where Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson would have been marching the US Army to Washington proclaiming that Abe Lincoln was the legal President and that laws should be followed.

      Thus secession was the only idea that would satisfy everyone. The Fire Eaters liked it, the Politicians liked it and the Soldiers liked it. It was more difficult than a coup, but to them it was all legal. The sad part was, I think the coup would have succeeded. The legal way was much more messy.

  7. Imagine the nerve of those Yankee interlopers, bringing their disagreeable Northern ways with them instead of trying to become proper Tarheels. I personally wouldn’t attend any more Charlottesville type events without being accompanied by my attorney.

  8. That is why we should seriously support blue state secession. Imagine the benefits that could have if they has their own blue nation! Open borders, mandated diversity, a sanctuary nation instead of a sanctuary state or city, mandated transgendered facilities, abortion at any stage of the pregnancy, massive taxes upon corporations, criminalization of any form of white identification, required anti-white curriculum in jr high and high schools, as well as financial incentives to homosexual and interracial marriages, and public financing of transgender sex change operations.

  9. @Ethno-Statist

    “That is why we should seriously support blue state secession. Imagine the benefits that could have if they has their own blue nation!”

    However, they don’t want it, because it would prove that they’re wrong. The Blue States would collapse when all the sane, productive people left, and they know it.

    They wouldn’t have the South and West to kick around and lord it over anymore. Or to act as an escape valve for their failing states. Or as scapegoats for their failings, generally.

    They also known that we can cut off the gas in Winter, and the food, too. And without a captive, White, working class, wouldn’t much of anything useful and vital get done.

    In short, their big, fat egos won’t allow them to accept what is in effect, defacto defeat in their century and a half long war against the rest of America©®.

    • The irony is that California has enough oil to power itself, BUT the envirofags would rather the state grind to a halt then to go after them. Plus as those rig workers are usually drawn from places like East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama, I seriously doubt even if California were to wish to drill, it would want the influx of OUTSIDERS into Utopia.

      Would be hilarious seeing them all end up eating each other when the food ran out, because there was no fuel for the power plants, no gas no anything

  10. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘The Justice Department needs to get involved in this. We’re seeing the rise of the leftwing equivalent of sundown towns where vigilante mobs are given a license by local governments to break the law. This is an inexcusable situation that has to be addressed by federal oversight.’

    Sir, an impossible number of us have messaged the top officials of our state and begged them to uphold our laws and protect our culture.

    The ball is in their court now, and, if you askt me for odds, I would give you 2-1 odds that they do the right thing.

    Moreover, it seems that the chancellor of UNC gets it it, too.

    Everything you say about Charlottesville and problem liberal towns, is absolutely true, but, this situation is not identical to Virginia.

    Our political environment has not been so usurpt as Virginia,

    That said, there is always the chance that things could go awry, when humans are involved.

  11. Kikes and niggers. Kikes using the nigger shit-apes and stupid goy useful idiots to do their dirty work.

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