Snapchat Hack Renames New York City As ‘Jewtropolis’

I’ve been highly critical of mainstream social media platforms, but this marketing move by Snapchat is brilliant. Snapchat is literally dropping red pills about the JQ:

The Snapchat support account blamed the blunder on an apparent hack of Mapbox, the third-party mapping software that powers Snap Maps and other GPS maps like it.

“@pisceschrist Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Snap Map relies on third party mapping data which has unfortunately been subject to vandalism. We are working with our partner Mapbox to get this fixed immediately,” tweeted the company.

Snapchat also sent the following emailed statement to The Sun apologizing for the mistake and promising a rapid fix:

“This defacement is deeply offensive and entirely contrary to our values, and we want to apologize to any members of our community who saw it. We are working with our partner Mapbox to fix this as quickly as possible,” said a company spokesperson. …”

It appears that Snapchat is trying to appeal to the Alt-Right. This sort of “hate speech” is going to give Mark ‘Extremism Grandpa’ Pitcavage a heart attack!

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  1. “defacement” LOL! I suppose an over reaction is in order when someone insults your most sacred gods. Someone here linked to an article at the “the American Thinker”. I hadn’t been there in quite some time, after all, why comment somewhere that they remove whatever you post. However, I was amused and not surprised to see this warning there:

    We ask our readership to please flag anti-semitic and other vile comments.

    Other “vile” comments? These White slaves, also known as useful idiots, to and for the jews have stepped up their defense of them. But not to worry. In regard to the recent deplatfforming and stifling of free speech, I saw Trump this morning say to the google, facebook, and twitter, jews, that he does not want regulation, he wants fairness. Trump is a jerkoff.

  2. Word on the street in Asheville, NC is very anti what’s being considered a literal invasion from NJ.

    What pro-white transplants down South need to do is expose the jews to natives who dont know better

    Not saying only jews are the problem but they’re the worst of it.

  3. It isn’t just Jews you have to worry about. There are Russian Spic, & Chinese Troops imbedded across America “waiting for the call.” Another reason Leagueofthesouth needs to be careful what they wish for, ( and invite in, ) with their Chinese language thingimabobski.


    • also, Lord Tweedmouth and the 77th Bengal Lancers are “waiting for the call” somewhere near Little Big Horn valley.

      if GG isn’t a hasbara,

      he’s giving a real good imitation of one.

      • He’s hasbara, definitely

        … or maybe just a 50+ year old cosplay virgin who fantasizes about being a “General” one day, KEK.

    • Yeah, Jesse Jackson got into trouble over that but being a black guy he didn’t have his “career” destroyed.

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