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    • @Harold Crews

      Like most of her type, she probably insists that nobody in Dixie can read or write.

      I’ve seen these characters proclaim as much online. Misspellings, improper punctuation, bad syntax, and all.

  1. Shes proud her last article was on a “prison strike”, which is all about hardened criminals demanding the right to not work, get paroled, and have better food. Here’s an idea-its a PRISON. Not supposed to be fun. What chutzpah. Hopefully she can drown her sorrows in a few knishes before she strokes out from being so overweight.

  2. @Fenris

    During the Russian Civil War©, the Reds© released all the violent criminals from prison.

    They also waged a ruthless war of extermination against the Judiciary and police, prior to the Revolution©.

    The same pattern, under the cover of pseudo concern for Niggers, is repeating itself in what used to be America.

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