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  1. It has been interesting to watch Mr. Carlson evolve from being a jovial pundit to practically a hellfire and damnation preacher on what is wrong with America.

    Whether I agree with all his views is irrelevant, the fact remains that he is a courageous patriot, who has thrown himself into the fire.

    You have to respect that…

    • I remember there was a time when I was much less enamored of TC than I am now, a time when he used to work for the National Review, wear bow ties and talk like a protégé of William F. Buckley, Jr.

      • Yes, Spahn, like so many of us, Mr. Carlson has refused to put his head in the sand, and, instead, left the Jodies and Buffies of the country/club to fight for the Average Joe.

        He’s a traitor to his fellow elites, but, to me, he is a hero – a Frank Capra-like character, the sort of which Jimmy Stewart would play, if he were alive…

          • It’s not a problem, BMan – I think Robert e. Lee the greatest hero of the South, but, I don’t agree with him on Pickett’s charge or The Winter Campaign of 1864-65 that led to Appomattox. That’s the hell of it, Sir – in the real world you can’t go cherrypickin’ folks – but, you got to take some bad with the good.

  2. Hunter, I sent you directions on getting ready for cryptos via a prozium msg. and I haven’t heard anything. You may miss out on a moonshot. Or, maybe you won’t. If you’re undecided that’s fine, too.

  3. Would you trust these people with AI? Robotics? Transhumanism?

    They have to be stopped; the sooner the better

  4. The scariest part of the first video is in the last 5 minutes. The tech giants are undoubtedly compiling “social media scores” on everybody, based on how liberal or conservative you are. These data (hate how that sounds, but it’s correct) can then be passed on to all the globalist employers out there, who can then use that exclusively to decide whether to hire you or not. You may have stellar work qualifications, but none of that will matter if you’re a political conservative. And there won’t be any way to prove that you are being discriminated against based on political leanings alone. They can weed us completely out of existence in nothing flat this way. Whatcha wanna bet this isn’t already going on?

  5. We welcome Tucker into :



  6. The Government can’t stop the media or any NGO from broadcasting anything it likes in the way of opinion or ideology. But the media and other NGOs can certainly censor the public by refusing to print their comments and expressions in the paper, allow them to speak on radio and television, or post online.

    This is why the Left© have gone silent about, and given up on, trying to censor their opponents through the agency of government. They’ve realised that the Constitution gives them all the powers of censorship that they need.

    Look for them to start promoting Jeffersonian Federalism and States Rights as a means to get around legal and political opposition to their schemes for domination.

    If the current censorship by Twitter and other online media is ever challenged in Federal court, their lawyers© will argue that the 1st Amendment is a restraint on government, not.them. Which is true.

    Government is becoming obsolete to these people because they’re starting to realise the power of Corporate sector authority and NGOs over that of traditional government.

  7. Funny how the all powerful Jews, in complete control of mainstream media, lets this guy get on the air nightly and do his thing. Which doesn’t include 9/11 truth, exposing the holyhoax, or talking about how the Bible doesn’t ever say the Jews were God’s Chosen Ones in fact it says the exact opposite.

    Kind of like Stormfront, the Daily Stormer and virtually every “pro-White” website out there. They’ll talk about the problems all day long, for years, but will never make any attempt to really chip away at the main sources of Jewish power over the White man.

    I say Tucker is playing his new role as well as he played the part of the concerned Conservative type in a bowtie. Obviously he is not in control of who gets to be on tv, and everyone here knows who is.

  8. Tucker Carlson is very smart. He isn’t in the least racialist, he condemns us as much as he does Black Lives Matter. He just has this idea of intellectual fairness and when he sees it being threatened he talks back. The funny thing is, the Left isn’t sure what to do with him. They cannot say he is a racist, there’s no proof, They’ll probably Dinesh D’Souza him if it keeps up. Dinesh because he is nonwhite, they couldn’t attack him for fear of being called racist themselves, so they set him up on a Campaign funding violation

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