Farstar Comic: Liberal Fundamentalists

We did it again!

I’m very proud to have worked with the comic genius Farstar to just “notice” that the New York Times White hating b&$*% Sarah Jeong is a:

Liberal Fundamentalist – who’s about as open minded, “tolerant” as the worst 8th Century Islamist fundamentalists. Neither of these close minded, hateful bigots are a lot of fun to hang around, neither group is known for their sense of humor.

But not us – we love a good laugh – especially a laugh at the expense of the worst, no fun, humorless, sexless feminist bit&#*# like Sarah Jeong and all the Choseness bit#*$& on the New York Times. I hope President Trump starts torturing the worst Islamist terrorist in Guantanamo Bay Cuba detention camp – by forcing them to go on date with the likes of Sarah Jeong.


  1. Cartoon comedy is as useful as its funny, being very on point and relatable. Ranting and raving your views at a normie may scare them off, or at best, just leave no impression at all. Comedy cuts through. Another suggestion to appeal to the public would be music of reasonable, listenable quality. Maybe also annual events or gatherings where politics are not mentioned at all, yet are undeniably pro white and family friendly with attractions such as country music, truck displays, gun demoes, kids activities, and maybe guest speakers discussing the importance of a strong family and why we oppose wars and foreign policy.
    Just throwing ideas out there. The public need to see us as being just like them. We’ve allowed the left to own comedy, music, the environment and animal rights-we need to do something about it.

  2. The gook doesn’t look Oriental enough, it should be an extremely insulting caricature. But the vibrator was a nice touch. I’m sure many OD readers are now thoroughly scandalized.

  3. Should have put a picture of a White man on the wall, because as Sarah tweeted herself, “i’m sexually attracted to straight cis white boys”

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