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  1. When all the brave and courageous leave for a better opportunity and only the weak and sick stay behind to procreate.

  2. ALL men in womens bodies are a disgrace. ( Eg., women doing what are clearly mens jobs – representative, judge, prosecuting attorney, police, or in charge of men in military or prisons. ) ALL men who VOTE FOR a woman in any of these positions are disgraces. We need to HURRY and form our own country. It’s sad that out of 8 to 10 well known and honorable white Christian southern nationalist Independent Media … not one, has a goal, a plan a motto that has anything to do with re-booting the south. WHY do they exist ? Do they see this as “just a hobby ?” 🙂 ARE THERE ANY REAL MEN AMONG US ? ANY NON SOYED UP TV BRAINWASHED “FOUNDER TYPES ?” IF … per chance … there’s even maybe “ONE,” out there reading this now … here’s the vehical. Here’s the “Prism,” in which to shine your great light through that it may spin out 100,000 fold awakening a sleeping and brainwashed giant into action :



      • The irony in America is that it was the Yankees the old Puritan Stock in the Northeast who were largely exterminated thanks to Low Birth Rates and the Army of Northern Virginia. The South while having much of its finest men killed, had enough good common men live and the Aristocratic women willingly married below their station in 1865 to attempt to build up their family fortunes again. The result being that by 1900, the South had recouped and doubled her White population.

        The Northeastern States ie Pennsylvania to Maine. their population growth was driven almost solely by Immigration, matters were similar in the Midwest but less dramatic. New England Original White People had went from an average of 8-10 children in 1700 to 3 or less by 1860. If you figure up childhood disease death rates, etc, you would discover New England was below replacement rate. The result was that by 1885, Boston elected her first Irish Catholic Mayor. By 1900, the Irish held Boston. The city build by the Puritans as the New Jersualem was now completely Catholicized. This same trend happened all over the Northeast. By 1924 when Immigration began to dry up, Immigrants had enough power to make Irish Catholic Al Smith Democratic Candidate for President in 1928. After Calvin Coolidge left the Presidency the last true New England Yankee to serve in a place of power was Henry Cabot Lodge II. Lodge was US Senator from Massachusetts 1937-44 and 1947-1953. Henry Cabot Lodge II was also an officer in WWII and resigned from the Senate in 1944 to serve. He was replaced in the Senate the last time by JFK, served as Ike’s UN Ambassador, Nixons Vice Presidential Running Mate, Ambassador to South Vietnam under JFK and LBJ, LBJ’s West German Ambassador and later as the Ambassador to the Holy See before his retirement in 1977.

        JFK was an Irish Catholic and not a lineal descendant of old New England therefore not on the list.

        What do we see here? Well being from New England is the political kiss of death today, you have no political capital whatsoever. Even the Bush Family who are as old New England as it gets especially Mrs. Barbara Pierce Bush, had to move to the South, namely Texas, to earn a political seat at the table from BIG OIL. John Kerry, who is of partial Jewish and Old New England descent via his Mother, look at how he did. Horribly unpopular with most Americans.

        This is the only reason I counsel those who use the word YANKEE that it isn’t really accurate these days as most of the people that the word referred to in 1860, their families and legacy are either extinct or they’re knocking on heavens door as we speak. Unlike the South where there are thousands or more lineal descendants of Southern Officers still among us today. Their Union counterparts have largely died out or are in rank obscurity

  3. These poor attempts to imitate spasmodic, Negro convulsions only serve to provide them with an opportunity to mock us. It reminds me of when the teacher would ask a Negro to read aloud in class. We should stick to what makes us superior and we will always leave them awe struck and dumbfounded. There’s no reason for us to engage in any activity that will leave us open to ridicule.

    I read a quote (I can’t remember who it was attibuted to) that said, in effect, “A Negro is elevated when he tries to imitate a White Man, and a White Man lowers himself by trying to mimic a Negro.”

    • The thing is we don’t really understand the concepts of words like EQUALITY the way they were understood in 1860. That is because largely the Jews have changed our language and meaning of words so thoroughly words no longer mean what we think they do. In Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency, the Conservative understanding of Equality simply meant that a man should have the right to work with his hands eat his own bread and save his own money. That is what it meant to most people. There was a minority with money who did believe in a form of full social equality, but they were largely destroyed or dying out by 1874. It was at this point a new idea was formed.

      The concept of the Negro Equality from basically the time Charles Sumner and the Radicals were dead or thrown out of office roughly 1874 was this. Equality meant that every man should have a right to earn a living and every man should have basic political rights such as voting. Now it was thought at this time that giving a Negro these things, given his low intelligence he wouldn’t know what to do with them so they could simply forget about him. He would just be there to flex a little political muscle to ensure Republican Presidents, who would then give him nothing. This was the era of Benign Neglect. Neither HELP nor HURT. Again most Northern Republicans believed during this time, the Negro would never oppose them because of a demonstrated lack of intelligence.

      Southern Democrats on the other hand saw the real issue with the Negro and knew it had to be confronted directly RE: WILMINGTON NC 1898 or trouble was around the bend.

      The Rockefellers seized control of the Republican Party in the 1930’s turning them into yes men for Standard Oil and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Northern Democratic Party was siezed by Communist sympathizers during the Wilson Administration. Southern Democrats remained loyal.

      Following WWII, a new understanding of Equality came about. That is UNIVERSAL EQUALITY. This understanding of Equality is an ever expanding one. Add to it a healthy dose of White Hatred. This was Jewish Communist Equality. This is the form of Equality we know today, it has worsened and strengthened with every year until Trump.

      The philosophical differences between the two Equalities explains alot of things. The Republican version of Equality is philosophically the same as it was in the Post Reconstruction Era. That is everyone should have equal access to jobs and political justice, but there should be no help getting it. Its up to you to fight for it. The thing is as the Rockefellers control the Republican Party, they will keep to this understanding as explained to their stupid base, but they will always vote for the Communist Demoncrats Universal Equality Bills. A feature of every one of these bills since Lyndon Johnson has been a shotgun to the head of every White man via the Judicial system. Move and your head is blown clean off.

      Obviously looking back over the past 153 years since Appomattox what you see is this. Unintended consequences matter. Almost no one in 1865 would recognize the form of Equality you see today as it is Jewish Talmudic Communist form. The point is Liberty always trends toward Chaos. Humanity can only live in Despotism of one form or another. Liberty has been evolving since 1776 unleashed it into the mess we see today. All it took was the Jews and the right chance and a willing class of 70 IQ Negroids and viola

  4. @Gray Ghost,

    Since you’ve got it all figured out, we’re all waiting for you! Where is our “Very Enlarged Confederate States of America for White Christians Only” to be located?
    As I’ve previously pointed out, the old States of the Confederacy are so overrun with Negroes and Hispanics, that it would be very difficult to reclaim it in its entirety, much less add to it. What is your plan for the resettlement of millions of people? Being that you are obviously a titan of industry, what is your plan for economic development? What will be our gross domestic product? Will our currency bear your image? Have you gotten around to writing our Constitution, or will we just recycle the one that our Confederate forefathers devised? Will you be The President, or Our Fearless Leader, or… ???

    I’m so glad that you’ve remedied what appears to be a very complex problem with such a simple solution. We’re all waiting for you to execute your brilliant plan. Just do it!

    • If you lived back in old France and the 3 Musketeers were real, ( instead of characters in a novel, ) I imagine there would’ve been LOADS of fellows like you who, when they heard the push for ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, would’ve criticized them for such a stupid idea and slogan. The critiques I imagine would’ve had about the same shape in their seat cushions from decades of arm chair shot calling.

      Only fellows with deep seat cushions and little street wisdom would criticize someone for coming up with a brilliant motto to launch a way over due movement … and for not spelling out every scintilla of every aspect of the soon to be formed country, IN A COMMENT BOX 🙂

      Sorry to have offended you … sod buster … but I’m not concerned with such group think talking points as ‘gross domestic product,’ and economic development.’ As for the resettlement of millions of subhuman species … honey attracts bees. Uniting America into 3 or 4 new “Republics,” one for each species or ‘group,’ and marketing it to them properly WILL CAUSE THEM TO “DEMAND” WE RESETTLE THEM THERE.

      Go back to ESPN chips beer and losing. Leave the thinking to the thinkers. If ever YOU have something to contribute to “the cause,” please squeeze every minute detail into one of these comment boxes and someone will get back to you. Thanks.

  5. Whilst white South Africans are being butchered in record numbers because of the color of their skin, all May can do is offer up some shocking dance moves. This old fool also gives S.A. billions every year in aid. Under apartheid 30 years ago……SANCTIONS! Why not now? Fuck what am I missing here?
    Yes, Hunter, I’m 90% British too, and watching from down here in Australia, it really embarrasses and enrages me at what they’ve become! The Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Viking, Roman and Norman tribes that were once the British are now a bunch of marshmallow pussies.
    Why can’t the frumpy one address the elephant in the room and say to the the S.A. government-‘excuse me sir, why are blacks killing whites just because they’re white? And if it doesn’t stop, no more aid’. Not hard, really.

    • Because they want the Whites dead and the niggers triumphant.

      Why should they protest “working as intended?”

    • Under apartheid, South Africa was a friend of Israel; today it is very friendly to Palestine. The. British government is controlled by Israel-hating leftist dhimmis who always advance the Islamic agenda by attacking Israel’s conservative friends and supporting its Islamo-Marxist enemies, including South Africa.

      • actually, you cut-rate hasbara,

        the entire Brit gubmint is in the tank for Israhell

        because it belongs to

        (((Rothschild))). It consorts with niggers

        the better to destroy Whites

        on behalf of its Jew owners.

  6. @Gray Ghost,

    No Chips, Beer, or ESPN here (well, maybe the occasional bag of potato chips, but certainly not a regular part of my diet). It is YOU who keeps insisting that WE form this government of YOURS. I think that almost everyone on this forum wants an ethnic homeland exclusively for ourselves, but just repeating a slogan and believing that it will magically happen without attending to the particulars is akin to a Parrot repeating “Polly Want A Cracker” over and over again, ad nauseum.

    As for “street wisdom,” I earned my Master’s Degree in The School of Hard Knocks, I’m certainly no arm-chair General. I’m just growing weary of your constant criticism of people who want to discuss the problems that are confronting us and who are looking for a viable means to affect the outcome that we all desire. Thus far, all that I’ve heard from you, thread after thread, is a slogan. “Where’s The Beef?,” may or may not have increased sales for Wendy’s, but a Madison Avenue wanna be is not going to create an “Enlarged Confederate States of America for White Christians Only,” by mere repetition. As I stated, we’re all waiting for you to show us the way to the utopia that you’ve envisioned, not simply remind us that we are in need of it.

    Oh, and the Balkanization will probably occur naturally without any need for marketing. The coming civil unrest will likely see to that. If we are going to take advantage of the circumstances, we had better be organized. I am not, for a minute, pretending that I, alone, possess the ability to create a new government from scratch, but I do know that we will need more than just a motto to sustain it, no matter how clever or catchy it is.

  7. @Gray Ghost,

    I’m also curious to know what manner of enticement you will use to encourage the other ethnic groups to voluntarily separate themselves from us: essentially cutting themselves off from their benefactors? I mean, they come to live among us so that they can leech off of us. Many of them have left their own homelands, and people, behind to come here and receive the many perks that are offered to them by millions of White People who supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    What slogans have you coined for the other ethnicities? “A very enlarged Mexico for Catholic Mexicans Only?” “Todo por Uno y Uno por Todo?” “A very enlarged Ghetto for Kwanzaa observing Africans in America Only?” “We all beez in it together?”

    The resettlement will not only involve der Untermenschen, it will also necessitate the shifting of large segments of the White populace. I reiterate, where will the new Confederacy be located? Demographics favor the heartland, but I doubt that we can convince “those people” to go along with the idea of living in a Nation named for the Confederacy.

    • @Cowtown

      Gray Ghost is on our side and by all means, wants what we want.
      I think the best approach is incentives for whites to breed, and deterrents against non-whites who want to invade,with measures such as putting an end to welfare, housing, legal advice and affirmative action. Under the present system, a nog who arrived five minutes ago is treated better than homeless whites. These incentives to invade needs to be dealt with once and for all. The trouble is-we are seen as better than what their own nations are. We need to have policies in place that makes the West no better to live in (for them) than what they’d have in their homeland. Until that happens, we’ll never be rid of them, and in the meantime, we become the third world dustbowl they thought they left behind.
      Take the sugar off the table. Incentives are our demise.

  8. This is about as ridiculous as having visiting dignitaries from Africa sitting down and doing aerospace engineering. Let’s all quit trying to imitate what another culture does well. Let the Africans dance and let us figure out how to better mankind.

    • Is it any more stupid then imagining that brilliant African-American females put the United States on the moon instead of ex-Nazi scientists brought over in Operation Paper Clip?

  9. @john @cowtown…@grey ghost seems like jesse Jackson who used to post here and i asked simple questions along your lines and never got a good answer. JIDT.

  10. @ all the talkers but non thinkers … my job is done here. The continuously repeated motto FINALLY got you thinking and talking … even if just criticizing. A motto is a brand. A logo. A movement in this case. It MUST be continually repeated, and you’re proof that works. What’s every miniscule detail of :



    “I” know about 80 % of it but A. I would never give that away to every enemy monitoring this site and B. Anyone with an IQ above plant life knows such things WOULDN’T FIT IN A COMMENT BOX !!! Good grief.

    No, arm chairs … the details are for all of us to debate and figure out. None of us are God, but we ALL do pretty much want the same thing(s). And how would we motivate all the sub species to move ? 🙂 They’ll sleep over night in the cold to get a pair of Air Jordans. All we have to do is spice it up a little more with some wings n melons.

    First things first. Decide on A GENERAL THING WE ALL WANT. Start the snowball a rollin. Form think tanks and iron out details, the most important first. Need a little motivation ? Imagine we DON’T do it and a worse than Obama gets in in 2025.

    It isn’t just OTW’s, ( Other Than Whites, ) we have to worry about. We NEED a new country from which to live free be happy and put a stop a scary assortment of things being weaponized against us right in our own neighborhoods !!! Chem trails, gmo, 5 g, the list goes on …


  11. I’ll tell you w hat happened : The Western White Gentile races have had it too easy for too long, and, that so, no longer want the responsibility of self-rule.

    It’s too much effort in a time in history when all are taught the easy way out – press a button, take a pill, microwave a dinner, or consult Siri for directions – it all leads to decadence, no matter what you class or race is.

    This is the Corruption of Modernity – a time wherein the fruits of a godly labour of process orientation are gone.

  12. First the ideology, then the movement, then the struggle, then the redemption. What I am about to say may offend some here but that is not my purpose and is not directed against anybody here. But ask yourself this question: when you go to a “White Nationalist” rally do you ever ask yourself the question that if you had a business would these be the type of people you would hire? Would you trust them babysitting your children? VET VET VET. The reason there is a movie called Black KKKlansman is because there is no vetting or background checks. If a person is a failure in his life and choices then he will be dead weight in any serious movement. In my younger days I remember one group in particular that met prospective members and made them take lie detector tests prior to be accepted.

  13. Did you just censor me ? Anyways, here’s some ‘more’ narration : NOTICE THIS INTELLIGENT WHITE NATIONALIST SUGGESTS SECESSION :

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