Maxine Waters Gives Wakanda Forever Salute At Aretha Franklin Funeral


Quite honestly, I don’t give a damn that Rep. Maxine Waters was doing the Wakanda Forever salute at Aretha Franklin’s funeral tonight:

Can you at least spare us your hypocritical anti-White bullshit about this being okay while denouncing White identity as “racism” and “hate” though? If Maxine Waters can be proud to be a Wakandan (which doesn’t exist, btw), why can’t Jared Taylor be proud to be a European?

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  1. It looks as if that funeral service was more about those who attended it than it was about the late Queen of Soul. Syphilitic Slick Willie was drooling over Ariana Grande, who danced around like a shameless harlot, Congresscoon Waters was acting like a stupid, preening old baboon, Al Sharpcoon and Jesse Jigaboo showed off their flashy pimp threads, etc. A typically disgraceful display of nigger narcissism.

    • Perfect summation, spahn. Couldn’t have said it better myself. A typically disgraceful display of nigger narcissism.

      And from Hunter, this gem: “Can you at least spare us your hypocritical anti-White bullshit about this being okay while denouncing White identity as “racism” and “hate” though? If Maxine Waters can be proud to be a Wakandan (which doesn’t exist, btw), why can’t Jared Taylor be proud to be a European?”

      Non-White hypocrisy is absolutely boundless. That’s who we must exclude them for all time from ever sharing our living spaces once this bitch burns and we rebuild on our terms.

    • Think about it, if there were no Jews on Planet Earth, the Negroes would be back to picking cotton, shining shoes and busking for nickels and dimes on the sidewalk. NEGRO DISPLAYS OF POWER are just JEWISH POWER IN BLACKFACE

    • Following Reconstruction in both the NORTH and the SOUTH, the Negro was quickly confined to busking for pennies, shuckin and jivin, harvesting cotton tobacco or fruits and vegetables and working as servants or carriage drivers. This was the same from Boston Massachusetts to New Boston Texas. This persisted largely from 1880-1920 or so. Sure there were a few Negroes who ascended to some respectability, Blanche Bruce Booker T Washington WEB DuBois Madam CJ Walker and James Weldon Johnson come to mind, but the vast majority remained where they were. The reason I can name these names is because they were like .01% of the Negro population.

      Jewish Philanthropy and Jewish Organizing, done largely by German Jews with Communist leanings such as Julius Rosenwald and the Spingarn Brothers and intellectuals Franz Boas and Melville Herschovitz Herschovitz was the only E. Euro Jew out of this list. These Jews began doing this about the 1880’s or so and slowly built up their power base. Something like 60% of all Negro schools in the South, remember the South could barely educate Whites at this time it was so poor, were the gift of Julius Rosenwald who PARAPHRASE said that the Jews duty was to elevate the Negro because Whites hate both of them. The NAACP, while in 1909 featuring Yankee Abolitionist children at the top, by 1929 they were all pushed out and it became a solidly Jewish Organization. It had been funded by Jewish money since 1909, but only in the late Twenties did Jews become powerful enough to head organizations directly, whereas before the Twenties, they typically used puppets. THINK THE GREAT GATSBY a white puppet of Jewish Mobsters.

      The Urban League, NAACP, UNCF, every single Negro organization, every single Negro scholarship fund, everything was either funded or established by Jews. A good example of what happens when Jews pull their funding is Detroit, Michigan.

      Detroit Michigan from 1860-1962 largely elected Republican Mayors, even after non-partisan elections this continued. Remember Jews have always for the most part, excluding during Reconstruction been Democrats since Jefferson, there were noted exceptions to this but not many. The last time Jews turned against the Democratic Party was when William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt were President, but this was because of William Jennings Bryan. Anyhow, the Jews needed to break the back of Ford Motor Company, who was probably the reason the Republicans were so powerful, so they leveraged the Negroes, put them in prominent places and began pushing them into public office. In 1973 they finally acheived victory with Coleman Young and things went smooth for the Jews till Young retired but then chaos ensued.when Kwame Kilpatrick took over and destroyed everything. The Jews then came to the realization that no one would invest in Detroit with another Negro Mayor.

      Dan Gilbert, Jewish owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and major Detroit power broker, put his money behind an Irish Catholic Democrat Mike Duggan and Duggan won the election and now has been reelected. Without the Jews money, the Negro political machine was forced to support the Irish Catholic Democrat Duggan. This same thing would happen in every Southern city as well, if the Jewish funding was pulled. Without Jewish funding and Jewish organization the Negro is absolutely helpless

  2. The Queen of Coal, Uretha Stanklin is dead? I thought she died years ago!

    No, really, had she released any new material in the last 30 years? Or ( I should rephrase), anything that anyone wanted to her? I mean, it seems like the music industry only trotted her out for guest performances at Awards Ceremonies, Black Tribal Events (Juneteenth, Michael King Day, 60’s Civil Rights Remembrances, etc… ), and R&B Oldies Specials on P.B.S.

    In addition, Jewess, Carole King, wrote her most well known song, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. If it wasn’t for that one song (a Black Power / Feminist Anthem) she wouldn’t be anymore well known today than Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (and, Screamin’ Jay was the bomb! Check him out on Youtube, he was a true representative of Negrosity in all of its primitive and lascivious forms).

    Besides, Uretha was so bloated, she looked like the celebrity spokesperson for the Chicken and Watermelon franchise.

    As for Maxine Waters, I wish someone would run up and snatch that wig off her head, exposing the panty hose that’s plastering down the nappy scrub beneath.

  3. Is this funeral really any more of an absurd spectacle than John McCain’s funeral?

    The only fundamental difference is that McCain probably has an airtight will. Aretha’s intestate niggra mess status will keep lawyers, probate judges, clerks of court, forgery detection experts and DNA labs in business for years.

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