John McCain’s Funeral

What’s the TLDR on John McCain’s funeral?

I couldn’t bring myself to watch a single minute of the coverage.

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  1. Washington ‘s asshole elite were all gathered under one roof for a few hours, pretending to pay tribute to a fellow asshole whom they couldn’t stand. Pity that they all came out alive.

    • amen to that

      the (((MSM))) and ‘Murka’s (((Central Bank)))-debt-bombed-into-submission political class adored McStain because he was the perfect

      shabbatz goy:

      a stooge for the warmongering Zionist neo-con wing of organized Jewry AND an owned property of Soros and the open-borders Tikkun OLas.

      there’s a photo taken at Davos maybe 2-3 years ago. McStain is standing at left with his head lowered. Directly in front of McStain stands Soros, wagging his finger, giving McStain his marching orders.

  2. I could not watch it, either – on one account that it is very painful to watch a family go through the loss of a loved one,

    As well, however, I could not listen to the pompous and absurd eulogies given to a man who they say represents America, when, in fact, he represented the polar opposite of what America was ever intended to be.

    Instead, what Senator McCain represented was a systemick policy of conducting war upon the world, all in the name of The Master Idea of Boundarylessness, as advocated by The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government.

    This is The Anti-Chryst, parading it’s evil wares under the guise of good, and no minion was greater than the now deceaset Senator McCain.

    I pray my fellow Americans, in every hamlet, will stop supporting this misanthropick blasphemy and stop suscribing to the non-American idea of America.

    • I think his death and all the mourning is amusing and pleasurable to watch. I don’t feel bad for the families at all. This might sound cold hearted but I don’t think it is. If a man lives a honorable life I will feel a great deal of sadness for their passing and I would never harm an innocent creature. But John McCain is pure trash and so are the people who supported him. Think of all the people who died partly due to his lies and support for illegal wars. Crying for John McCain is like crying for Ted Bundy. Utter trash that should have been hanged a long time ago.

  3. His father got him out of his jam after killing 130+ sailors on the Forrestal, his wife’s (2nd, 3rd?) money enabled a political career, but who got him through the Keating scandal ~30 years ago?

    A nasty bastard always pushing for wars and more wars, meeting with jihadists, advocating for illegals. I’m glad that this scumbag is gone.

    Btw a real war hero wouldn’t have covered up POWs left behind (see Schanberg (sp?)).

    • I’d like to know the true story of the accident on the Forrestal. Snopes says it’s fake news and McCain didn’t cause it, but maybe that’s because the Navy whitewashed it?

      • Snopes lies.

        McStain hot-dogged a take-off, blasting unburned fuel out of the engine and setting the flight deck on fire. Killed 147 ‘Murkan sailors. As a naval dynast he skated, but it went on his record and that’s why – unlike Dad and granddad – he wasn’t ever going to make Admiral. So, Post ‘Nam, McStain turned to politics…and the rest we know.

  4. I saw a little bit of coverage on the news. What struck me is that Barack Obama was invited, but Donald Trump wasn’t. That should speak volumes in itself. But, instead of talking about John, the people that I saw, Meghan McCain, George Bush and Barack Obama, decided to talk, offhandedly, about Donald Trump. The same crap that we’ve been hearing day in and day out about hate and tolerance, blah, blah, blah.

    John’s scowling, venom spitting, daughter tried to feign sorrow and pretended to fight back tears, but it might as well have been Ashley Judd, or any other “Nasty Woman” up there spewing nonsense. Hell, Mollie Tibbet’s family felt less animosity toward the illegal alien that killed their daughter, than Meghan has for Trump. If you didn’t already know how John McCain died, you’d think that Trump tortured and murdered him in the most heinous fashion imaginable.

    The truth of the two headed hydra should be evident to everyone at this point, but I’m afraid that nothing is going to shake the people out of their collective comas until it is too late.

    I voted for Trump, but I didn’t like him then, and I don’t like him now. I just didn’t see any alternatives being offered, and I liked some of what he was saying, even if I wished that he had phrased some things differently. Trump is an arrogant, self congratulating, whore mongering, Jew loving, real estate tycoon. He doesn’t strike me as being nearly as intelligent as he is conniving, opportunistic and unscrupulous. Even so, I would still chose him over any of the establishment Neo-Cons. It’s such a pathetic pool of potential candidates for office.

    • Those are pretty much my sentiments too. Anyone who is hated by the likes of these funeral attendees can’t be all bad.

      There was a great tweet the other day: “When you’re not invited to a funeral and all the eulogies are about you. Winning.”

    • WOW I checked to that JSM IV was married to a nigger. True. No other website gives this kind of information. A candidate for a phineas (Numbers 25) execution.

  5. The inveterate liars in the media and pop culture are slamming Trump for not attending a funeral he was told he wasn’t welcome or wanted at. By McCain himself.

  6. I just saw that Ivanka and Jared were there. While Meghan may have been upset about something that Trump had said about her father, it doesn’t seem that Trump’s Christ Denying Daughter or his Jew in Law were offended by all of the shots that were taken at him.

    I was also thinking about the music critic that gave a bad review in a newspaper after a performance by Harry Truman’s daughter. Harry, being almost a man, threatened to sock the reviewer in the eye over it. Contrast that with Peter Fonda suggesting that Barron Trump should be locked in a cage full of pedophiles. If that was my son, and some demented cretin made a comment like that, I would make it a point to confront him and the outcome would not be suitable for a television viewing audience. After all of the tweeting and petty bickering over trifling insults, why did Trump allow this truly vile and despicable rhetoric to go virtually unaddressed? If ol’ Pete Fonda suddenly turned up missing, even that would be acceptable. But, to just let it go? Egomania does strange things to a man’s conscience and sense of duty.

    • If every insult spewing from Hollywood bowels was confronted as though we still lived on the 18th Century frontier Trump would have no time for anything else.

  7. In 2004, McCain called Ted Sampley, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and former Green Beret who was best known as an unyielding activist for American prisoners of war and missing servicemen:

    “one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.”

    Rest in peace, Ted Sampley.

  8. I’d like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a true American patriot that fought for its country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. May the brave and valiant tumor that took the life of John “I soiled my underpants for the last time” McStain McShame R.I.P. On a side note, I wish to share the observation that his daughter Meghan, in addition to being a brute pig of a “woman” is cut from the same cloth as her opportunistic father.

  9. Let’s take a look at Trump and his relations with people of character.

    The royal family refused to meet with him and his wife with the exception of the Queen, and she kept the meeting to a minimum.
    Barbara Bush refused to have him at her funeral.
    Aretha Franklin refused to perform at his inauguration.
    McCain refused to have him or that skank Palin at his funeral.

    Seems to be a pattern of contempt for the orange wonder.

    • Let’s take a look at the “people” who hate Trump:

      The (((royals))) are negro loving TRASH. They are allowing the genuine English to be raped, attacked, murdered, and replaced by every mud colored dreg from EVERY sh!thole on Earth. One of Diana’s bastards actually married an American, divorcee Jewlywood whore of a mongrel.

      Barbara Bush was married to George Bush, and spawned W and Jed.

      Aretha Franklin was a demented old howling negress. It was so FAT the pallbearers couldn’t even carry her, and used a trolley.

      McCain was an absolute traitor to the Nation he infested. His grotesque blood lust got THOUSANDS of innocent people killed. He treated a faithful wide like garbage. He threw her away when she was injured. Did those wedding vows mean ANYTHING to Juan McTraitor? The answer is NO. Trump is definitely Uber Alpha. He’s played around, like almost all powerful men have done – but his many wives have not been thrown away like trash. Paln may be many things – but skank is NOT one of those things. She and her husband are in a committed and successful marriage, and have produced wonderful, if imperfectly Human children. That fact that you would call Palin a skanks means YOU are a total skank.

      McCain was absolute VERMIN. His rotten daughter us genetic TRASH as well. McTraitor is rotting in hell right now. He should have been executed for high treason decades ago. God BLESS that valiant brain tumour!

  10. “Uniting against hatred and bigotry.” I’m not sure how that is supposed to work. Sounds completely irrational to oppose ordinary human emotions and instincts. He wasn’t called Insane McCain for nothing. It was bigger than the war mongering. The crazy went clear to the bone in him.

    • Sounds crazy but could be very true,. Everything about McCain, Obama etc. is a lie. If McCain committed suicide,why. If McCain had any character he would have resigned a year ago. Thank You Brain virus.

  11. @CR

    On Peter Fonda,It’s to soon to tell what Trump will do. He doesn’t have total power. After all Trump is vindictive and he gets even.

  12. @Randy

    Yes, I agree that it’s a waste of time for Trump to address each and every “little” insult and accusation that is directed toward him. But, when someone suggests that your son should be raped by homosexuals, that is going far beyond the pale. Most of the things that have been said about Trump, he should have allowed to roll off his back, he didn’t. The one time that he should not have turned the other cheek, he did. I think that it’s very telling that you can threaten and insult his family all day long without a response, but the moment you imply that he has hair implants, he comes unhinged.


    I’m under the impression that he wasn’t that troubled by it. Maybe, if Fonda had said that Donald himself should be locked in a cage full of faggots, then Trump probably would have denounced him from the highest mountain top. There is something completely unnatural about a father who doesn’t become uncontrollably enraged when someone threatens their children. To protect and provide for his family is a man’s primary responsibilty.

  13. @Randy and Serf,

    What do you think would have happened if some Hollyweird Has Been implied that Barack Obama’s daughters should be pimped out of flea bag motel? Barry and the Mooch would have been rushed onto network television whining, crying, preaching and condemning, and a lynch mob would have gathered outside the actor’s home within an hour. There would have been stern faced commentary from the media, candlelight vigils, hands held across America against pedophilia, a myriad of calls for civility, and determined marches to stop the hate. And, we would still be hearing about it today.

  14. The most disturbing thing is seeing so called progressives who opposed the Iraq War having amnesia and celebrating warmongers like McStain, the cruel hoax that is Obama, Shrub, etc.

    The good news is that this spectacle is likely to red pill a lot of normies.

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