Antifa Disrupt Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Who was it that disrupted the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning? It was our old friend ANTIFA leader Lacy MacAuley and presumably some of her associates:

Since Charlottesville, Lacy has taken up The Handmaid’s Tale LARPing.

We don’t know yet if Lacy Mac was one of the people who got arrested. In other news, she is trying out free range parenting and it turns out her mom was a professional clown.

Who pays for this?

Who is bankrolling all of her stunts?

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  1. I am against Kavanaugh. I think he’s a trojan horse, and an irish catholic nut.

    He goes to an extreme on the 2nd Amendment and to the opposite end on the 4th. I truly believe he will overturn centuries of case law precedent on the 4th, after scrutinizing his record. He’s the elite cabal’s way of getting us to consent to our own ultimate dispossession.

    He is for the rich and powerful and against the working man, which is 100% anti-white.

    He is evil and we should support his adversaries. Almost anyone is better than him.

    Anyone who thinks the crackdown on antifa is purely spontaneous is simply not cut out for this work, sorry to say.

    • “He is for the rich and powerful and against the working man, which is 100% anti-white.”

      Ah, the working man line. Why are so many of these disruptive freaks women, Genie? I think you’re a phony troll. I think you come here under different avatars. A style of writing and choice of words can be quite revealing. The subconscious is very difficult to control. It peeks out every once in a while.

      • I think you’re trying to grasp with this comment. I see pics of OD contributors’ kids on a regular basis, and vice versa. My identity is completely verified.

        A segment of upper/upper middle class white women definitely ’cause trouble’ for the white ‘working man and woman,’ but so does a segment of upper/upper middle class white men.

        You’re just grasping and distorting.

        • To add, upper/upper middle class white men are usually footing the bill for these troublemaking white women with too much free time, and are most often in complete collusion with their female partners’ machinations.

          It’s neurotic queenbeeism to pretend otherwise.

          • “You’re just grasping and distorting.”

            “It’s neurotic queenbeeism to pretend otherwise.”

            Oh, a psychoanalyst are we? Nothing worse than a know-it-all.

  2. “I take objection to your use of “clown” as if it is a derogatory term.”

    Clowns are creepy. When I think clowns, I think John Wayne Gacy. He is the face of clownism in my book.

    I’m laying everything out on the table. I hate mimes, too!

      • @spahnranch1969

        I ask you madame, is there anything more detestable than a……a rodeo clown?

        Other than protecting the cowboys from the bulls, they get in the way of the action, like referees in a football game.

        • I suspect either Mr. Owen or someone in his immediate family is a graduate of Rodeo Clown University, madame. You never know whom you’re going to offend when you post something here!

    • Snowy – I am a clown-hater, too. I think they are creepy and weird as well. I hate mimes, too. They are annoying. They inspire a deep-rooted desire to punch them out until they STOP.

  3. In past posts I have compared the likes of Lacy MacAuley and her comrades to mentally retarded children. I owe mentally retarded children an apology for that inexcusable insult. These hags don’t have the intelligence to be mentally retarded. As for MacAuley’s ‘free range parenting-‘ the less contact of any kind the child has with MacAuley the less brain damaged it will end up.

  4. Agreed on all points ,Gunny.

    Woman’s place is in the home, under the (hopefully benign) supervision of a man, caring for children and her family. Participation in politics is an abomination and a hissing, as they once would have said. Women go feral when taken out of their natural role and become the demented footsoldiers of darkness. The fact that this makes them miserable doesn’t snap them out of it, it just drives them deeper into the lunacy and destructiveness.

    The negro and the “liberated” woman are our doom.

    • And yet Southern women have never voted against our interests and in fact statistics show that allowing white Southern women the vote was the only thing that staved off complete communism and misgenenation for so long in this country.

      White Southern men were at the forefront of getting the women’s vote because white Yankee men all on their own, gave niggers the right to vote. Along with all the other positions of power when they couldn’t even read.

      White Yankee men have been the doom of our society not women who have had a minuscule time on the world stage to mess things up – and their inability to reflect and focus on that and fix it and hold them and others accountable for their actions will lead us to destruction. Jews have exploited the white Yankee thirst for power and control and have fit in well in their societies. However white men did not have to give Jews this power.

      After the Civil War this country was doomed to fail and then two world wars after it finished us off. Neither of which women had any part of controlling nor do they today. County by county, city by city, state by state – white men and white women vote within less than 5% difference of each other, usually closed to 1-2%. States in the NE and West Coast those are super liberal votes and in the South and a few other states it’s ultra conservative.

      • Virginia, Florida and North Carolina are “ultra conservative”? What about Atlanta, Houston, Memphis and New Orleans? And it’s your White Southern boys who are providing the cannon fodder for ZOG’s all-mercenary global occupation force.


        • The ability of some to replace reality with spectacular fantasy is nothing short of divine intervention. I stand in awe with deep admiration.

  5. I understand at one point Kavanaugh’s young daughters had to be escorted out of the confirmation hearing because of that uppity high yellow Kamala Harris, along with those paid left-wing troublemakers. If White children aren’t even safe inside the Senate chamber then the present government has lost all semblance of legitimacy. Death to democracy, death to ZOG.

  6. @Gunny & Ironsides,

    I once read a quote ( I wish I could remember who it was attributed to ) where someone said, “If you are magnanimous toward women and minorities, you will be rewarded with insolence.”

    I have an article from 1893 titled “Women in Journalism.” The contents of the article were first delivered in a speech a few weeks earlier. The Lady who gave the speech said that politics robs a woman of her femininity; that she must sacrifice her genteel nature and in turn become vulgar and crass to be competitive in that arena. She felt that a woman could be more persuasive by utilizing her natural grace and charm.

    It is not that Women have not shown themselves capable of stepping forward and filling in when men were absent from the workforce due to war or some other cause, rather, it is that society, as a whole, functions better when it more closely follows the course from which it evolved, indeed, from which all societies developed. Although, there are, have been, and will continue to be, deviations from the tried and true formula of male provider and female nurturer, these are aberrations and should not considered as merely alternatives. For example: for a variety of reasons, a child may end up being raised by a single parent, their grandparents, aunt or uncle, or even orphaned. These are obviously not ideal circumstances, but occasionally fate places a child in an unconventional arrangement.

    I saw a woman arguing that Rosie The Riveter was not a good role model for the Feminist Movement, because the Ladies of that era desired to return to homemaking when the Men came home from war. It wasn’t until Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan came along that Ladies began to abandon their homes and their families for their careers. Where they once took pride in keeping house, preparing meals, and raising decent children, they became ashamed of being a “housewife,” started serving t.v. dinners and bringing home fast food, and leaving the care of their children to strangers.

    In addition to this, the widespread emergence of women in the workplace drove down wages for working men who were trying to support their families, and has made a two income household a necessity. Now, instead of a Lady being able to take a part time job to get a little “egg money,” she is now forced into the labor pool full time just to make ends meet.

    We are now witnessing the fallout from this abdication of their primary responsibilities.

    • Cowtown Rebel, women weren’t ‘nurturing’ anyone prior to industrialization. They were WORKING their butts off just like their men on the farm, all day, every day. Only with industrialization came this bizarre essentialized notion of ‘women’s place is in the home.’ Once the farm and family ceased to be the basic unit of production, both men and women of the middle class had to work outside, but that was just a relocation of the mode of production.

      This is just sophomoric, frankly, this notion that women never ‘worked.’

      Rich women didn’t have to work. But the vast majority of women DID.

  7. Genie,

    I’m not sure what set you off, but cleaning house, doing dishes, folding laundry and taking care of children are all defined as work. Women’s work, There’s nothing wrong with it, nothing demeaning about it, it is honorable and vital that they be at home performing these tasks. They are not, and that is why the divorce rate is through the roof, the children are off the chain, and everyone is bloated from junk food.

    Working on a farm in the country, of course everyone pitched in. In the cities, men went to work and women stayed home. It was often seen as a strike against your masculinity if your wife was employed. Men would often work two jobs to avoid the stigma.

    If you are breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, changing diapers, singing lullabys, or merely embracing and supporting your husband, you are nurturing. My mother got a job to bring in a little extra money when I was eleven, and my grandmother used to work part time as a receptionist in a doctor’s office, but neither of them were the primary wage earners and neither worked while their children were young. I don’t think that my great-grandmothers worked outside of the home at all.

    • What ‘set you off?’ I don’t get your phrasing here.

      With industrialization came…machines! A house might get cleaned once a week, but when children are raised to be responsible for their own boundaries ‘housecleaning’ usually simply means washing a kitchen floor, vacuuming a couple rugs, etc. It’s not even an all day project for the average middle class house size.

      Ditto for ‘folding laundry.’ Washing machines and dryers took the place of women toiling at these tasks by hand. As for children, by age 3 most are social beings who go to nursery school maybe half or these days all day, and then spend the rest of their time playing with peers or on their own. Generation X, by and large, was not ‘helicopter mom’d’ and we thankfully didn’t develop epidemic levels of drug addiction that stem from the lack of self reliance and containment the millennials did.

      A family with three kids might require an industrious parent to clean house and ‘fold laundry’ for maybe half a day. Besides grocery shopping once a week and cooking dinner the ‘domestic engineer’ is largely underemployed.

      It’s dangerous to raise children in a manner where they don’t carry their own weight, instead placing unnatural unrealistic pressures on them to ‘achieve’ and succumb to endless monitoring. It’s literally created a generation of mental cases who think they’re the wrong sex, who lack any independence or self reliance, and who demand a helicopter government take responsibility for what their parents should have held them accountable to.

    • I see this bizarre obsession with the 50s and 60s often because it was a time of prosperity. But only because we had had 2 world wars and made false wealth from them. Those two decades were the anomaly. Read up on women in factories in the 1800s not to mention children.

      Then of course before industrialization everyone worked on farms or had shops or worked in pubs or inns….the upper class and nobility had the luxury of not working but that was it.

      In a time where over 50% of women died in childbirth men were very adept at taking care of children and always have been. It’s necessary for survival of the race. But this obsession with changing history into a story that women were completely oppressed (feminists stories) or they were happy to stay home and tend to babies all day (MRA stories) is false. Women had wet nurse and in fact breast fed for a much shorter period pre modern day because they couldn’t be off from working that long.

  8. @Deep South & Genie,

    I’m aware of Child labor and Women working in factories. These were mainly circumstances found in the North among single women and orphaned children. In the South, women largely stayed at home. I understand that children worked around the house and that women had to toil away the better part of the day until washing machines and other appliances made life easier for them. But, there was still a great deal of work to be done around a house. Soap operas came along and made women believe that their husbands were having some exciting and mysterious time away from home rather than dealing with the day to day drudgery of being employed and seldom getting any recognition other than the meager pay check that was owed to them. The programs were known as soap operas because they referred to the cleaning products that were advertised during them. These same programs had their origins in the early 1930’s, when women were listening to them at home. As I said before, Rosie the Riveter wanted to return home, meaning that was where she was before the war and that was where she expected to be. Not in 1950 or 1960, but in the 1940’s. She expected to be home because that is where she had expected to find her mother when she was a child.

    I am certainly no proponent, nor am I product, of helicopter parenting. But, a toddler of three does seem to be a tad young to be left to their own devices.

    Women died in childbirth more frequently because of a number of circumstances, Midwives were not always equipped to deal with breach births and other complications. People in general did not live as long. Unions, as shady as their backgrounds are, did a great deal in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to alleviate many of the horrible conditions in the factories, though that obviously took a lot of time. Why would you advocate returning to that time? What in the hell is wrong with the 1950’s family arrangement? I kind of thought that was what many of us wanted to return to. I didn’t realize that some of you wanted to go back to a time before we had electricity, automobiles or running water.

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