Antifa Leader Dwayne Dixon Arrested In Connection To Silent Sam Protests

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Antifa leader Dwayne Dixon who chased James Fields, Jr. in Charlottesville has been arrested in connection with the Silent Sam protests:

“HILLSBOROUGH – An editor for a national right-wing news site says UNC-Chapel Hill lecturer Dwayne Dixon should be fired after allegedly assaulting him at the Aug. 20 Silent Sam protest.

“He should not be teaching, and he should not be earning taxpayer dollars,” said Patrick Howley, editor-in-chief for the Big League Politics news site, citing Dixon’s involvement in recent demonstrations.

Howley, a former reporter for the Breitbart News Network, spoke with reporters last week after court hearings in Orange County for Silent Sam protesters. Howley said then he would be pressing charges against Dixon.

On Tuesday night, UNC Police released an arrest report accusing Dixon of simple assault. Simple assault means no weapons were used and an incident did not cause serious injury.

The arrest report says Dixon, 46, of Durham, was served with a criminal summons Thursday afternoon, hours before another clash between supporters and opponents of the Confederate statue that stood on McCorkle Place before protesters pulled it down Aug. 20. Seventeen people have been charged in connection with three protests at the monument site.

The arrest report orders Dixon to appear in court Sept. 27. …”

Dixon assaulted Patrick Howley of Big League Politics on August 20th.

Note: If you haven’t already seen it, Big League Politics recently published an excellent article a few days ago on violent Antifa in North Carolina.

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  1. “Howley, a former reporter”

    These characters are always former reporters. Usually fired for violating their own Judeo-Communist sensibilities.

    Often layed off from rags and zines that went defunct because almost nobody reads them.

    In fact, most of these Leftists seem to be formerly employed, but not currently so.

  2. The Peoples Republic of Charlottesville served Heather Heyer up on a platter. They wanted to try to get someone killed or multiple people killed that day. Because the media needs death to spin. Whatever killed Heyer, i have seen both reports, the fact is that Dwayne Dixon was never arrested for chasing down a man with an AR 15 and by definition that is menacing at least.

    • There’s some chance of discovery now. Hopefully Fields said he had a gun pulled on him. Deliciously complex case for the Cult at that point if he did.

  3. All taxpayer supported jewniversities should have their funding cut off and their charters revoked. But Trump would literally have to assume dictatorial powers in order to make such things happen, and there’s no sign he’s ever going to do that. He’s content to just stir the shit and let us deal with the consequences.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “All taxpayer supported jewniversities should have their funding cut off and their charters revoked. But Trump would literally have to assume dictatorial powers in order to make such things happen-”

      Or the states could exercise their considerable and large powers, and do it themselves. After all, that’s what states rights are. The ones retained by the states, and not granted to the general government.

      • @spahnranch1969

        In other words, Universities are a state, not a Federal matter. The Governors and state legislatures better get it through their heads that he general government is subordinate to them, not the other way round.

        Unfortunately, nearly two hundred years of Judeo-Yankee misrule has convinced them otherwise.

  4. @James Owen,

    I agree with you, in theory and in principle, you are absolutely correct. Sadly, when George Wallace tried to invoke States Rights, his own State Guard was mobilized against him.

    Everytime I think about the 101st Airborne ( a supposedly elite unit, trained to operate behind enemy lines; cutting communications and either impeding or facilitating mobility) drawing bayonets on White mothers who were justifiably concerned for the futures of their children who were attending high school in Little Rock, and then babysitting the Little Rock Nine, escorting them to and from class, I wonder what sort of chemicals or brainwashing had been used on them.

    It literally reminds of the Janissaries, the Eastern Europeans who were offered up to the Turks as a “blood quota.” The Slavic (Slave) men were trained by the Ottomans to rule over their former homelands on behalf of the Turks. Vladimir Dracula was among the Janissaries, but he retained his loyalty to his people. He impaled thousands of the invaders, who were led by his brother, and forced them to retreat. Having been judged to have gone beyond the pale, he was betrayed by the other Eastern Europeans. There must be a lesson for us in there somewhere

    • One of the reasons I never joined the Army. Can you imagine the possibility of being ordered to fire on Boers, for example, for the sake of Malema’s scum? Ugh.

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