Alex Jones Squares Off With Liddle Marco

I really like Alex Jones.

The tl;dr of the day though is that the Republican Congress isn’t serious about doing anything about internet censorship because of “muh free market principles.”

The congressional hearings were so boring I turned it off. If the GOP loses Congress in November, I doubt it will make any difference with the issue. The GOP wants to look like it is doing something without really doing anything. All it really wants to do is give Silicon Valley more tax cuts.

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  1. Jones ignored the huge, angry (((elephant))) in the room, and even cursed-out folks who mentioned it… but now “something” has taken a 200 lb dump in his lap and he wants us to have sympathy for him? Nah. When he publicly apologizes to Dr. Duke for that “debate” a couple of years ago I’ll consider feeling something for his plight. Until then, “it’s your tree Alex; you’re sittin in it”.

    I know that what has happened isn’t just about Alex Jones, so please spare me the lecture about how, despite what we feel about this ass-hat, we ought to rally in support of him. But my counter to that argument is this: people on OUR side were ALREADY being silenced, long before Jones ran afoul of the “Arabs” and “Chinese” that “control Hollywood”… and you could hear lonely crickets chirping from InfoWhores. No f**ks given, Jones. Apologize to Duke and the rest of us “Hitlerian Nazi White supremacist scum-bags” and I’ll give one.

      • And the worst thing about that debate I mentioned, aside from the way he did everything he could to disrespect Dr. Duke, like shouting him down, cutting his mic and poo-pooing everything Duke said, is that, afterwards, Jones deleted the debate! Yep, memory-holed it. Because of the back-lash he was getting over having been owned by Dr. Duke.

    • BMan I gave up on Trump way back in April 2017, when he bombed Syria. I had my serious doubts when he kept replacing all the goys with jews in the White House. And all that blather about 57D chess is just embarrassing.

  2. It looks like Little Marco was wearing his high heeled boots again.

    Alex, he only wants those two priests caught in a compromising position in their car down in Miami touching him.

  3. Somebody should play matchmaker in DC and introduce Marco Rubio to Lindsey Graham. They could get married right over McCain’s grave!

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