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    • When not in the District of Corruption Silly Billy Long is usually found in Las Vegas eating at the expense of corporate lobbyists.

      Hasn’t done a single town meeting since it won the Republican primary to replace Roy “Skunk” Blunt running for Senate in 2010.

      Everyone knows that this fat feckless buffoon is an idiot and crook who won on name recognition because it used to do auctions over the Springfield radio station KWTO, and Silly Billy always gets primary opposition. But the 7th Congressional District is brain-dead red-dog Republicuck and Silly Billy has a safe seat, 70-30% Republicunt.

      White men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.


      I’m running for U.S. Senate as a write-in.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  1. “It was some fat Republican idiot drowning out Laura Loomer who was making a scene.”

    Who won her phone auction?

  2. Had enough yet? What does it do to convince all you white Americans in red state America? It is no longer your government. Leave! Trump was an aberration which the system will make sure never happens again just like they did with Duke in Louisiana.

  3. Posted on a local blog (parenthesis denotes what was not posted)

    “Our” fat foolish Representative buffoon who dares not do a town meeting drowned out this young woman who was decrying tech-giant censorship of conservatives. Twitter censors and shadow-bans center-right to right wing commentary as does Google-Youtube and Apple.

    So this fat buffoon in effect censored a passionate member of the Republican base. No wonder she looked betrayed — and disgusted as she was escorted out. ( The fat whigger buffoon censored the quick big-snouted kikess )

    Pity Silly Billy won’t lose come November, even if he deserves to do so.

    I don’t see why so many stupid people in the district reflexively vote Republican when Democrats around here are conservative, or at least willing to represent our interests as well, which is what the SouthWest Missouri Democrats are saying in effect, “Give us a chance.”

    I won’t be voting for this buffoon come November.

    [White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.]

    (I’ll be writing in the name of my son-in-law Shawn Deines for 7th Dictrict Congress-Critter as I’m running for U.S. Senate as a write-in)

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. This is honestly the STUPIDEST Video I think I have seen all day. This man who looks like a big bullfrog, just begins going all Leroy Van Dyke up there for no reason whatsoever. All he had to do was address Loomer and say, Ma’am I will let you speak your peace for 30 seconds now shut up. That was it.


  5. For all but a few questions and comments directed toward Dorsey, he was given the velvet glove treatment by GOP stooges and sellouts. It was meant to look like tough questioning and serious inquisition, but most of us know by now that these guys are never going to push back once they have what they perceive are the reins of power. Republicans and run-of-the-mill Conservatives are natural pussies who piss themselves and bend over to touch their toes at the first sign of a real fight. They’ll fight for tax breaks for corporations or some other meaningless gesture of “conserving” American history, heritage and culture. But they’re just not going to fight real hard for anything that will have them labeled a racist. Knowing this, Leftists/Democrats will talk all day long about racism and the plight of poor innocent non-Whites who are suffering because of evil White people—they don’t hide their anti-White racism. Republicans will then spend the next week denying that they are racist or fascist or sexist or homophobic or transphobic or Islamophobic or xenophobic. Republicans are always willing to play the game by the other guy’s rules, always playing defense and slowly losing ground in the process. Did you really expect more from them?

    Meanwhile, in their bid to protect one of their social engineering assets before critical elections, Democrats not only gave Dorsey the velvet glove treatment, but a glorious orgy of reach-arounds as well. Democrats know how to take care of their assets. Did you expect anything less?

    Having said that, I have to admit that Republicans do know how to protect their assets when they need to. The thing is, they just don’t consider you(White Americans) to be one of their assets. Your Pride & Preservation gets in the way of their Pension & Profit.

    Side Note: Laura Loomer has some admirable qualities as well as some very questionable motives at times. Learn to compartmentalize people and actions according to their net worth and potential upside. Those who have a debilitating, averse reaction to Jews can ignore this advice and go on about your decades long rants and drown yourself in a pool of your own obscurity and mediocrity(I’m being very generous calling it mediocre).

    • GOP and Dems are the two sides of the same anti-White card. Generally I don’t like or trust Jews but ranting and raving about them isn’t going to stop White Genocide.

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