BREAKING: Jair Bolsonaro Stabbed While Campaigning In Brazil

UPDATE: Bolsonaro’s assassin liked an ANTIFA page on Facebook:

UPDATE: Bolsonaro is now in stable condition. He is expected to be in the hospital for 7 to 10 days.

UPDATE: Red Elephants on the assassination attempt:

I’m working on confirming this.

UPDATE: NOT a superficial wound. Keep Bolsonaro in your prayers.

Jair Bolsonaro just survived an assassination attempt in Brazil:

Fortunately, the wound was only superficial:

“BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazilian far-right and poll-leading presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen while campaigning on Thursday for next month’s election, his son Flavio said in a Twitter message sent from his verified account.

Bolsonaro is recovering in a hospital from a wound what was “only superficial,” his son said. Globo TV showed images of Bolsonaro in the midst of a crowd in Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais state when he was stabbed.

(Reporting by Anthony Boadle; Editing by Leslie Adler) …”

As with his rivals being charged with corruption, this will only make Jair Bolsonaro stronger and boost his support in the polls. We will be watching to see if ANTIFA claims responsibility.

Note: You can’t stop this train, commie scum! Attempting to martyr Bolsonaro has only crystallized his campaign message and given him a devastating social media ad!

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  1. All Marxists/Communists inside of democratic nations need to be hunted down and dispatched with extreme prejudice. I pray(and I’m not even religious) that when Mr. Bolsonaro recovers and goes on to win the election, he becomes the inspiration and impetus for others to remove these cancers and parasites from civilized societies across the globe.

  2. The Portuguese GAB poster says though the stabbing was deep not superficial, and that Bolsonaro is undergoing surgery and needs our prayers. He claims his source is a doctor where Bolsonaro is being treated. So I’m a bit worried about Bolsonaro.

      • The major newspaper in Rio de Janeiro, O Globo, is reporting on its website that the stabbing attack injured Bolsonaro’s intestines (not his liver as previously reported), that he underwent surgery with a blood transfusion, and that his condition is now stable. He will remain hospitalized for now. His attacker by name of de Oliveira had repeatedly attacked Bolsonaro on social media before the incident. Curiously, the story also notes that Bolsonaro was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of the attack.

  3. This shows the absolute necessity to have verbal and written answers to racism, color of skin, diversity, tolerance, fascism, Naziism etc. Marching and physical confrontations only will lead to loses. Written responses can be distributed via the world wide web and these violent whores cannot stop it..

  4. Bolsonaro gets in & we may see an invasion of Venezuela to depose Maduro and the commies there. I actually saw this possibility discussed in a mainstream Brazilian newspaper editorial last year (i.e. Brazilian/neighboring states’ military intervention in Venezuela for humanitarian reasons), albeit without reference to Bolsonaro.

    • There is a wing of the (((globalist neoliberal establishment))) which would support invading Venezuela

      I am skeptical of the wisdom of that.

      • It’s a South American problem that needs to be handled by South America. Brazil is already having such problems with Venezuelans fleeing into Roraima that they have activated the military to deal with the border situation.

  5. For anyone curious as to what this country, fought for and won, founded, and made great by White men and women, for the sole purpose of said Whites, will soon resemble we need only look to Brazil. Instead of importing more of these black and brown pieces of walking feces, we should be exporting it. Sub Sahara Africa is where it came from, that’s where it belongs. White lands for Whites only!

  6. My prayers are with Mr Bolsonaro. The libtard perps have likely increased his vote significantly I’m guessing, by doing this.
    But I still think the non-white vote will be too great, given that Brazils demographic resembles something in between Cuba and Somalia.
    Of course I’ll stand corrected if he turns out being a huge success-but we’ll see.

  7. Bolsonaro’s last tweet before his attempted assassination:

    “Queremos manter os incentivos à cultura, mas para bons artistas que agregam valor, que estão iniciando suas carreiras e não possuem estrutura. O que deve acabar é dinheiro publico financiando absurdos como oficinas de masturbação ou “peças” com pessoas cutucando seus orifícios!”

    We want to maintain incentives for culture, but for good artists who add value, who are starting their careers and have no structure. What must end is public money financing absurdities like masturbation workshops or “plays” with people poking their buttholes!

  8. Jair Bolsonaro is a strongly pro-Israel evangelical Christian Zionist

    His job is to bring (((American style conservatism))) to Brazil, in a reversal of existing third worldist counter Semitic trends.

    Prior left wing governments of Brazil opposed Israel strongly.

    Bolsonaro intends to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem

    “My heart is green, yellow, blue and white,” Bolsonaro said to an audience of 400 at the Hebraica club in Rio in 2017 in a reference to the Israeli and Brazilian flags. He won big applause as he hailed the Jewish state for its power and social welfare system, saying it should inspire Latin America’s largest nation.

    His three sons, also politicians, have been repeatedly photographed wearing T-shirts with messages in Hebrew.

    His policies are also more akin to a strongly law and order based American cuckservatism, rather than true nationalism.

    In short, he actually is the Brazilian Trump, with all the Zionism that implies.

    Bolsonaro posting is fake and gay

    Google the quotes above to see evidence confirming these statements.

    • ^this.

      The purpose of Bolsonaro is to totally re-enslave Brazil to the Yankee-Zionist empire, even more than Temer has. Brazil never fully broke free, but it was getting closer before 2016. In Latin America, as in any part of the Third World, it is the Left that is nationalist and the Right that is globalist. WNs should not support any non-White “right-wing” group, they are all CIA puppets and have been for decades.

      If you call a Bolsonaro supporter a fascist, they will respond very predictably: “I am not a fascist because fascists are LEFTISTS! And I love Jews and Israel, and want a color blind society and dont care about race like the race baiting lefties do!” They’re completely identical to the GOP ideologically, they just get more enthusiastic because they are Latins not boring Anglos.

      Actually they are STUPIDER than American cuckservatives because at least American cuckservatives kinda, sorta recognize that the Berlin Wall fell a long time ago and there aren’t Communists hiding in their kitchen sink.

      We should be promoting a group in Brazil called Nova Resistencia. Those are /ourguys/.

  9. Opposing Israel is a very minor side issue for folks in Brazil or for me in Chicago.

    We’re looking for some strong White men who can restore law and order and restore White civilization where we live

    Israel….. that’s way way away. So what? Everyone in the West supports Israel, the only ones opposing Israel are anti Whites who say Israel is another European colonialist regime.

    What was/is wrong with White European colonialism in Brazil, North Africa, Africa, Detroit?

    • Actually most people in the West, outside the US despise Israel. It is about the most unpopular country on earth, right up there with North Korea. The only people who support Israel are christcuck baby boomers and reactionary colonialist trash like you.

    • Jack Ryan this is why you lost with Trump and it’s why you will keep losing.

      Jews are wisely thinking in terms of sovereignty, and ensuring that they have it, while you don’t.

      You on the other hand, are thinking like an animal, in terms of short term material comfort, which makes you easily manipulated. “Jews give law and order? I vote for Jews.”

      That strategy has failed for the right and will continue to fail.

      “What was/is wrong with White European colonialism in Brazil, North Africa, Africa, Detroit?”

      Because it produces societies like today’s Brazil or today’s Chicago which should not exist.

      Because it grows the African population from almost nothing, to 5 billion by 2100.

    • “He seems to be good on every issue but Israel and significantly better than Trump.”

      I disagree

      Trump was not good because he was conservative, but because he was implicitly White Nationalist, in the sense that he cranked the dog whistling up to a new level and promised to deport millions of people and remove citizenship from others.

      This element is missing from Bolsonaro and it’s not really possible for him to run on similar promises, because Brazil is fundamentally a brown nation.

      Edgy, faux populist, pro-elite, evangelical Christian Zionist neo-liberal cuckservatism is not necessarily something we should support, it’s not necessarily a good thing, it may be a way to buy off the Brazilian elite and keep Brazil in the American camp, preventing it from fulfilling it’s destiny as a third world socialist shithole that opposes America and Israel.

  10. Having a government that is officially anti-Zionist means being on America’s shit-list, the way Iran, Syria, Lebanon and North Korea are. Not many countries want to be on that list.

    • “spahnranch1969”

      Right, that’s why it’s bad when a country moves from being officially anti-Zionist, like Brazil was, to being officially pro-Jew, like the rest of the ZOG nations.

      Bolsonaro is going to be making that transition official.

      Like a less violent version of how other anti-Zionist countries were made to become pro-Zionist.

      It used to be that Brazil was charting a somewhat anti-American course, but now it will be brought into line with the rest of the nations that are subservient to ZOG

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