Twitter Purges Alex Jones And Infowars

Why shouldn’t Jack Dorsey ban Alex Jones?

Yesterday, Ajit Pai said that Big Tech shouldn’t be regulated as a public utility. Republican congressman flat out told Jack Dorsey that Twitter shouldn’t be regulated. Marco Rubio denied that internet censorship was an issue. Finally, there was that absolutely embarrassing cringe fest with Rep. Billy Long and Laura Loomer which made a mockery of the issue.

The message was received in Silicon Valley: keep censoring conservatives and nationalists because there won’t be any consequences coming from the GOP Congress:

Why should anyone vote for the GOP Congress in the midterm elections?

This is what you are getting. You are just giving Marco Rubio a soapbox to wax on about Russia.

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  1. Maybe Jack is doing it for Little Marco. Jack Dorsey looks a little weak in the testosterone department as well.

    Well the blockchain has some things in the works that will be the answer to this communistic censorship.

    Didn’t Trump, like Obama, meet with all these tech gurus even before he was in office? There’s something fishy going on with these tyrants.

  2. Planned before 2016 Clinton Alt Right speech. The Cass Sunstein Doctrine.

    Anyone thinks this ends peacefully?

  3. Like it or not we have to support Republican candidates because otherwise the libturds win…..a red wave in November will fix everything……then the Republicans will listen to us and build the wall…..Hillary would take our guns away….the second amendment… want Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters deciding which doctors you can see? Socialized medicine….abortion on demand….. Democrats ruined Detroit….

    OK fuck it, it’s Nazi time.

    • Absolutely right, Spahn – we, The Right, have to stop nitpicking each other.

      Have to vote Republican – period.

    by Eric Thomson

    We hear “democracy” most often used by journalists and politicians who use this word to describe the U.S.A.’s form of government. It should be embarrassing for these unworthies to learn that the United States was never a democracy, but a republic. How can one claim to represent the electorate when one does not even know what form of government he represents? In truth, ‘our representatives’ use words carelessly, without bothering to learn their meaning. The republican form of government which the founders and rulers of the U.S.A. adopted was based upon Roman and Greek models. This form of government is far from being ‘democratic’, unless one accepts the Greek definition of a ‘democracy’ in which 10% of the populace had the vote; the remaining 90% being women and slaves. The U.S. Constitution with its Electoral College and Supreme Court is constitutionally empowered to overrule the wishes of the majority, just as federal judges on lower levels are empowered to nullify election results, on par with a king’s ability to nullify the decisions of his subordinates. Congress regularly makes decisions in defiance of the wishes of the electorate on behalf of the moneyed people who finance their election campaigns. To get their votes, these rascals promise the voters what they want to hear, but they wind up giving the plutocratic minority just what it wants. Example: jew Labor Secretary Reich smirked that the North American Free Trade Agreement would “adversely affect some 80% of the American people, but 20% should do all right.” I heard him say it on the radio. Now, in a democracy, there would be a referendum in which the 80% would let the 20% know where they could put their NAFTA. Predictably, both parties and both houses of Congress were almost unanimous in their support of an agreement which has, indeed, harmed the well being of 80% of the U.S. people and things will get worse. Even the big labor union bosses supported this injury to the U.S. worker. This is just one recent example that ‘our’ representatives do not represent the majority. They never have, because the U.S.A. is a republic, not a democracy.

    There is a great difference between the de jure or legal government described by The Constitution and the de facto government which has often been described as “the best government money can buy.” The Constitution made no provision for political parties, nor for un-elected ‘advisors’ who oversee the executive branch, nor for un-elected lobbyists who bribe and browbeat the legislative branch. It takes lots of money to employ an ‘advisor’ like the jew, Henry Kissinger, to ride herd over the U.S. President. It also takes lots of money to field swarms of lobbyists in Congress. In effect, we live in a plutocracy, ruled by the moneyed minority, so it is obscene to characterize the U.S. form of government as ‘democratic.’ George Orwell warned that “tyranny begins with the abuse of language.” If that is so, we have been ruled by a tyrannical minority for a very long time. ‘Democracy’, indeed!


    20 January 1999

  5. There are two defining events in history, which have imprinted on the modern individual psyche such miserable guilt, fear and self hatred like nothing else. Those are the Holohoax and the 9/11 hoax. In order for white folks to recover from our present sad state, people need to really learn the truth about what happened. When the truth about these modern myths become widely known Der ewige jude is pretty much done for. I always consider it a good indication on a persons sincerity if they will go there. Alex Jones wont. Never ever does he touch upon the very things that would, if the truth be known, bring forth a white revolution, and finally get rid of the banksters mafia. Dont get me wrong, censurship is definitely wrong, but when a sly old gatekeeper like Jones get hit like this I cant help but wonder why, and who in the end, will profit?

  6. 2 thoughts …

    #1. Fortunately, The Left has never heard of the word ‘oxymoronick’, for if they had, they would have to act in a manner which might make them seem formidable enough to keep the new generation of youngsters from wandering away from them.

    #2. This whole social media debacle seems, on the surface, to be about the Congress refusing to do their job.

    Yet, such an appraisal would be incorrect.

    No, what is occurring here is that The Jew England Yankee RINO GOP is attempting to use the Judeo-Bolshevik Media to extirpate their Nationalist and Populist Midwestern Yankee and Southern competitors in the party.

    It’s a pathetically devious strategy that will fail.

    First we must vote for The GOP in The Midterms ,and, then, after beating back The Judeo-Bolshevik Dems from the field, deal with The RINOs – and deal we will, one way or the other.

    This is like The NCAA Basketball tournament – a sequence of sudden elimination rounds.

    We cannot beat all our foes, all at once, but, must take them on in sequence.

    That, my Friends, is why we must vote for The GOP, in The Midterms.

  7. They really shouldn’t regulate social media. Do you want them to regulate gab and wordpress and email also? Because that’s what would happen. If twitter and the others keep doubling down then their crash will be glorious to behold and the competitors that rise in their place will be better. Gab, the free market alternative, is growing rapidly and twitter is losing legitimacy daily. Why would you want to interfere with that?

    Because government regulation worked out so well in public schools and the housing market and everything else where they forced integration and banned religion.

  8. From Twitter;



    My response;

    Alexander Graham Bell wasn’t Jewish. Or one of their stooges.

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