GOP: The Left Is Crazytown

This political ad should appeal to me.

As someone who despises ANTIFA, I should be motivated to vote for the GOP in the midterm elections. I’m not motivated though because this is another cynical election year stunt.

Why hasn’t the GOP done anything about ANTIFA street violence for the past two years now? Why has it presided over the destruction of our historical monuments and the loss of our free speech on the internet? Why did the GOP Congress condemn us after Charlottesville while exempting ANTIFA from any blame? Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio openly embraced ANTIFA.

If the GOP Congress loses in the midterm elections, I don’t really care. I’m not being cynical when I notice that the GOP runs on one platform and governs on an entirely different one. I haven’t seen any evidence that the GOP Congress will actually use political power to do anything but reward donors with tax cuts, deregulation, sanctions against Russia, fund Israel, bloat the military, etc.

Yes, it’s true that the Left has lost its mind, but if you aren’t serious about doing anything about the problem … why should anyone vote for you?

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  1. I must disagree. At least once a day I tell myself we have a president who: #1 is not Hillary Clinton #2 is not George Bush. I don’t want Democrats to win anything. I will not only vote (as I have for decades) I shall do scut work for my local Republican candidates.

    This is just one stretch of a long march.

    • The GOP differs from the democratic party in no meaningful way. Does it really matter if Trump isn’t Hillary whenever the achievements of his presidency are
      A.) Attacking Assad
      B.) Moving an American embassy to Jerusalem?
      In my mind, it does not. Trump is far more dangerous than Hillary. He’s a pacifying force that is enacting all the same policies-albeit in a soft spoken manner.

    • I agree, Singleton.

      President Trump is doing the lord’s work, and to do so, he needs Republicans – even nearly total spineless sellout ones.

      The Democrats are Satan, pure and simple.

  2. In the above comment I should have said “Jeb” instead of “George.” Either way, they are both country club Republicans.

  3. Why vote for the Republicans?

    Just to send a middle finger to the Open Border (((Democrats,))) at this point.

    The Repukes won’t do a thing to save us. But at least one can send a futile gesture of defiance at the enemy, rather than just passively acquiescing.

    That’s how I see it, anyway.

    • @WW3

      “A vote for the GOP is a vote for AIPAC”

      If the Democrats had total control of the Federal Government, they’d have to cater to the Jews, or else, too. Regardless of which party is in power, the legislation that benefits the Jews will never be interfered with, or rescinded. Only added to and expanded.

      Social engineering schemes bring about the disintegration of Civilisation, the Jews’ main goal. Other legislation protects them from criticism, proscription and prosecution. Or causes their pockets to be lined with the Goyem’s money.

      The Jews control the country.

  4. My impression is that the GOP “doesn’t get it” – they are in the same mode as always. Whereas the Democrats are furiously working behind the scenes to resolve the issues that lost them the election in 2016. This means working harder to commit voter fraud, working the geographical areas that they lost in the last election, working to remove Trump as a possibility for running again in 2020, etc.

    For the Democrats this is all-out war where as for the Republicans it’s just another set of mid-terms and then an election.

    If we lose the mid-terms then it’s all over. If a Democrat wins the WH in 2020, you’d better be thinking about where you’re going to move to outside the United States because things are going to get really really ugly for those of us on the right.

    10 years ago you’d have scoffed if somebody told you that 10 years into the future: 1) you’d be attacked verbally and physically for wearing clothing that showed you supported the current POTUS, 2) you’d lose your job for participating in pro-right protests / rallies, 3) you’d not be able to freely assemble to protest without being attacked and having the police support your opponents, 4) you’d be de-platformed from social media for expressing your opinions in support of the current POTUS and his agenda, etc.

    So now looking into the future, 10 years from now … would you scoff if I told you that you’ll be rounded up and sent to special camps to be re-educated (that’s the best that could happen to you) if you don’t support the one ruling political party’s narrative / agenda?

    • That’s an awesome verse. I never noticed that before.

      “Then the King will say to those on His right, Come, the blessed of My Father…. Then He will also say to those on His left, Go away from Me, cursed ones, into the everlasting fire having been prepared for the Devil and his angels.”

  5. Antifa and BLM are leftist, black-supremacist radicals who mostly attack unarmed white liberal normies who sympathize with them in principle and, come the Day of the Machete, expect to be spared because they’re totally down with the cause. What are Republicans, who barely even exist in big cities, supposed to do about them?

  6. Let’s remember that Jeff Sessions-about as conservative a republican’t as there is-filed hate crime charges against James Fields. He did this BEFORE Fields was even tried in Virginia state court. The GOP has roundly and repeatedly condemned anyone that speaks up for White people. I can see no good reason to vote for them. Of course no one here in their right mind will vote democrap either. I think the fact that republican’ts right now have Congress and the White House is keeping the culture war from going live ammo shooting war. If the democraps gain power, IMO that’s where we are headed. I am good with that.

  7. I will be voting Republican in the mid-terms even though the Republiscum are as useless to Pro-Whites as tits on a boar hog. I respectfully suggest any other Pro-White do the same. This is less about support for Trump (who may not hate Whites but will not advocate for them) than using the mid-terms and 2020 to purge the Congress of as many RINOs and Democrats as we can.

    The problem with WN is that they are so immersed into One Great Leader syndrome like Hitler that they can’t see that the Constitution with its Balance of Powers was intended to precisely stop a Great Dictator. Trump is just the stepping stone that we need to appoint right-leaning supreme court justices.

    Now we need to work on Congress, for if we not only keep a Republican majority in Congress that is largely purged of overt RINOs, it will help the Pro-White Cause becaue of how it will effect the Democrats. I predict that if we can do this, the Democrats will push the more effective “centrist” (((Fellow White))) Democrats with great organizational skills, like Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum out of the party and replace them with so-called “people of color.” The Democrats will effectively become No Party for White People.

    While White Democrats have had no problem using race to mobilize the Black, Latin(x), and Asian masses to vote against the Republicans for White Democrats. This worked for them as long as Minorities remained minorities. Once these Minorities attain Majority demographics, however, they chuck White Democrats, who they have always seen as useful idiots, like yesterday’s trash. If the Republicans not only hold the Congress but add additional seats, expect a major Purge of White Democrats.

    We need White Democrats to radicalize the Republican Party. They are every bit as power-hungry as their Republican counterparts, but less afraid to wield that power. If they are pushed out of the Democrat Party by their ungrateful rainbow pets, they will be butt-hurt and vindictive toward them.. Bernie Sanders’ support of People of Color who want to open our borders and our treasury to the entire third world horde is another opportunity for Pro-Whites to bring in White Socialists to the Republicans, further transforming it to a White Workers Party.

    I do think we will see a tepid third party formed by centrist Democrats and Liberal Republican Neocons and Libertarians as the Democrats veer left and the Republicans veer right. But I sincerely doubt they will have much of a showing, because they have held power for years and all sides of the issue are sick and tired of the results.

    In any case, I strongly urge any and all Pro-Whites to vote Republican. Get out and vote no matter if you live in a solid red or solid blue district. It may not make much of a difference in your area electorally, but one of the point of “The Resistance” is that Donald Trump only won the electoral vote, but not the popular vote. Probably because his supporters in solid red or solid blue districts stayed home. Your votes are counted, no matter who wins. Remember that.

    Last but not least, we have a long, hard fight ahead. We did not end up where we are overnight. We will not achieve our goals overnight or through one Great Leader. Our system is not set up that way. We don’t need just Donald Trump; we need a ton of Trump supporters (honestly who support his agenda even more than Trump who just wants to be Prez for eight years) in Congress and state offices.

    This election is a referendum on Trump, but if Trump carries the House and Senate Republicans to solid victories and even gains, this will turn into a referendum on Pelosi and Schumer, the most effective party members the Democrats have. Our goal is not to support Trump per se, but to oust Pelosi and Schumer an their RINO allies. if you remember that, it will be easier to hold your nose while you pull the lever for your local Republican.

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