Bolsonaro Rally Draws Thousands In Brasília

This is much more interesting than the 2018 midterm elections.

At this point, I don’t really care if the Republicans lose control of Congress. I don’t expect a government shutdown that will fund the border wall. I don’t expect anything to be done about internet censorship. I don’t expect anything to be done to protect our monuments or to stop Antifa violence. I’m going to keep an open mind, but two months out I don’t see anything changing.

In Brazil, however, we are witnessing the rise of a modern day Mussolini:

“Bolsonaro, a former army captain, is running on an anti-graft, law-and-order campaign. He labels his opponents from the Workers Party (PT) and the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) as criminals who took part in corruption.

“We’re going to sweep the leaders of these parties into the dustbin of history,” Bolsonaro told several thousand backers at a rally in a working class suburb of Brasilia. “Brazil cannot stand another government by the PT or PSDB.”

Bolsonaro then kicked into the crowd an inflatable doll portraying jailed former president and PT founder Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Lula, who easily leads opinion polls, is banned from running because of a graft conviction. …

Bolsonaro is trying to win over roughly one-third of voters who tell pollsters they will nullify their ballots or not vote for anyone, highly disillusioned with politics-as-usual after years of investigations that exposed stunning levels of graft.

Major Emilio Kerber, a shaven-head active duty Air Force officer who is running for Congress, said that Bolsonaro “represents the anger of Brazilians with political corruption.”

“He is the only candidate who can break clean with the traditional give-and-take politics that we are tired of,” Kerber said at Wednesday’s rally.

Bolsonaro is facing charges of his own of inciting hate and rape. He says he has done nothing wrong and the charges are politically motivated. …”

Look at this.

Bolsonaro is high energy. The GOP Congress is low energy:

I can’t even really understand what is going on because of the language barrier. I don’t see this level of excitement though for Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz’s boring campaigns. Bolsonaro talks about faggots and death squads hunting down criminals. True Cons talk about tax cuts.

Note: True Cons also publish anonymous op-eds in The New York Times in which they claim to be part of “the Resistance” while invoking their horseshit principles.

Contrast that with this f***ing goober:

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  1. If the Deep State is smart, they’ll keep things just about the way things are from now till 2024. Orangeman in office+narrow GOP control of congress+keep filling the supreme court with weak cucks. The Left will just keep outsourcing the job of “Goyim Husbandry” to private sector megacorps and their hired Antifa mercanaries* and State authority will become more and more irrelevant as our country looks more and more like a cyberpunk nightmare… right up until another Blue Jackass gets back in office when Trump’s, at which point state authority will start to matter again AS IF BY SOME KIND OF STRANGE MAGIC!!!

    *Democrats are the real libertarians?

  2. Jijcf probably had it right. This guy is Brazil’s pressure release valve in much the same way that Reagan in 1980 was ours.

    It will, admittedly, be interesting if he wins. I think it’ll be even more interesting if he doesn’t. Maybe it’ll make white Brazilians start thinking ethnostate and secession. What maybe we would be doing if Trump had lost.

  3. Yeah it’s hard to stay positive about what’s going on in our country. Seems like Trump has pretty much been shackled – his own doing with the cabinet choices he’s made.

    The only political joy I find these days is when extremists candidates win in Democratic primaries like Ocasio-Cortez and the other recent gal – the shock of the Democrat elites is priceless.

    The great things about guys like Orban, Salvini, Bolsonaro, etc. is that they are giving us more choices regarding where to relocate our families when the Bolsheviks eliminate Trump from the 2020 election and do the final takeover of our country.

  4. We’re expected to suppress the anger over our dispossession, Genocide and degenerate “life styles” rubbed in our faces. We’re treated like criminals for objecting. This guy is a glimpse of what could be and should be.

  5. Regardless of who is temporarily in power, Brazil will remain a carnival of multi-diverse stupidity and failure.
    Bad genes.

  6. Right now my nightstand is just too cluttered with pictures of Mr. Mullins, Mr. Pound, Dr. Monteith, Dr. Pierce, Mr. Weaver, Queen Maria Theresa, Adolph, Vladimir, Bashar, and Moammar to make room for Jair. I guess I have to go furniture shopping tomorrow.

  7. “Note: True Cons also publish anonymous op-eds in The New York Times in which they claim to be part of “the Resistance” while invoking their horseshit principles.”

    I’m waiting this one out. Ditto with Q. Could be psyops. I think there’s a possibility we may all be getting played.

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