Infowars App Banned From Apple Store

Alex Jones has completed his transformation into Goldstein:

“A day after being banned from Twitter, Alex Jones and Infowars have been booted from yet another platform: Apple’s popular App Store. As of Friday evening, searches on the App Store for Infowars return no results.

Apple confirmed the app’s removal to BuzzFeed News, but declined comment, pointing to its App Store Review Guidelines. The company said Infowars would not be permitted to return to the App Store.

The first clause of those guidelines explicitly rejects content that is “defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups, particularly if the app is likely to humiliate, intimidate, or place a targeted individual or group in harm’s way.” …”

I used to dislike Alex Jones.

I was one of the people who dismissed Infowars as a crackpot website. I thought he was just a conspiracy theorist and a con artist. I remember rolling my eyes when Alex Jones was talking about Sandy Hook and Jade Helm. As a friend of mine is fond of pointing out, no one cared about Alex Jones when he was ranting about Sandy Hook and making videos about chemtrails and the Bilderbergs.

But now? Big Tech and the mainstream media are colluding in an ACTUAL conspiracy against Alex Jones and Infowars. I’m not the only one who has had second thoughts about him.

I’m feeling like I trust this guy now more than “journalists”! I’m not even joking either. I really mean that and it comes from the heart.

Note: I’ve added Infowars to the links in our sidebar.

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  1. “I’m feeling like I trust this guy now more than “journalists”! I’m not even joking either. I really mean that and it comes from the heart.”

    Yea, well, Hunter, being able to trust him more than the Journ-ifa isn’t saying very much, is it.

    Hey, remember when Alex Jones was saying that he liked we Alt-Righters and White Nationalist types, that he changed his mind about not liking us and that he was sympathetic to the fact that we were the targets of censorship?

    Me neither.

    • Sir, don’t you think if he named the Jew 10 years ago that he would have been banned 10 years ago, minimum 9?

      Anyone who names the Jew is ignored by the herd and banished to the ends of the earth. History is riddled with the corpses of those who named the Jew. And, to a lesser extent, those who named the communists and the globalists.

      I’ll never forget how he outed Peter Sutherland…. Look at that face, look at that face! Does he look Irish to you? He named the Jew then but in his own personal way.

    • Henry Makow – a Jew – names the Jew practically every single day yet most people have never heard of him. Nathanael Kapner to a lesser extent.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the Jews are only part of the problem. Let’s start naming Big Goy, too! Brad should have a profile on a new one each and every day. Or, better yet, one Big Jew and one Big Goy posted side by side!

      We have a Jew problem because we have a Goy problem.
      We have a Negro problem because we have a Jew problem.
      We have a feminist problem because we have a male problem.
      We have a nationalism problem because we have a traitor problem.
      We have a faith problem because we have a heresy problem.
      Etc., etc., etc.

  2. Call this wierd but isn’t he just the mainstream version of Anglin? They have to have a Non-person who is also not-naming the Jew.

  3. He speaks truth about two thirds of the time. Certainly more reliable than any mainstream source. But he is an operative still.

  4. Even if Alex Jones were a Militant Martian Transgender I would support his right to Free Speech, and, more importantly, his campaign to protect himself.

    He is that rare Modern Southern White Gentile whose will to assert his values would make him a natural fit rider with Nathan Bedford Forrest – either pre-robes or during.

    And, as such, I am one of millions who, since he was banned, has gone from watching one or two videos of his, per annum, and now personally suscribes to his channel, and visits it a couple of time a week.

    • Colonel Junius, do you really belive Jones would’ve had the Southern sense of honor and character necessary to be a proper Rebel officer? I rather think he would’ve been hung for cowardice under fire or desertion.

      • Well, Spahn, quite clearly you have formed a very solid view on this matter.

        No, I respectfully disagree with you, but, consider that Mr. Alex Jones has had tremendous courage, as had Mr. Brad Griffin, in exposing himself to every kind of fire – physical, mental, and spiritual.

        His courage and character are plainly evident to me, and his ruffian personality is quite typical of the kind of tough Redneck officers that populated the ranks of NC Regiments in the 1860s.

        Very similar, in fact, to one Nathan Bedford Forrest.

        That said, Jones does not like Nazis, and that just may be where you have taken such great offence.

        In either case, I wish you the very best, on this wond’rous day of The Good Lord

  5. Y’all kvetchers against everything that isn’t YOU, aren’t helping the cause. If Anglin suffers, we all suffer. Even he is going easy on AJ right now. And, for many of us Boomers, it was an easy transition from Rush to Alex, to reading sites such as this, to the Racial Realization/ORION point of view.

    To dismiss Jones, simply because you don’t have his wealth, his chutzpah (for what other word comes close to such an ‘in your face’ attitude, than that Yid word, sad to say…) or his platform, is not to remain morally ‘above it all.’

    We are in a war, and I would much rather be on Jones’ side, than be a passive shill for Globo-homo, at this point in our story as the US of A…

    • Friar John, have you forgotten that Jones was wedded to a heathen jewess and that his children are mischlinge?

  6. I used to listen to AJ, like 5 plus years ago. I still recall his hatchet-piece “interview” of David Duke from two or three years ago. AJ is not a WN, and is still in MAGA-tardity. Jones will not name the Jew, and does not want a free and independent Dixie. I agree that AJ is less poisonous than the MSM, but that is about all I will say.

  7. This is all about testing water and getting people used with such things. I predict major internet blackout very soon.

  8. Never have liked Jones and never will, but this is completely un-American. Of course, this has not been a “free” country for quite some time now.

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