Obama Returns To Bash Trump

It has been a while since we have featured an Obama speech.

He sounds like a throwback to another era. We used to have free speech on the internet. There wasn’t much street violence. The Democrats are 100x crazier today than they were when Obama was president. Where will the Republicans be when these people are back in power?

Note: Here is the full transcript of the speech.

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  1. I’ll say it again:

    Zion-stooge Trump has done nothing but

    throw a wet blanket over the Right,

    and energize the hardLeft.

    we’d have been better off with Mrs. Clinton, or

    an Obama 3rd term.

    • I disagree.

      These lefties will squabble and squabble. It looks coordinated from your point of view but these people have their own individual ambitions. Wheeling out Obama like this is super aggro. Keeping him hidden away and pushing Biden to the front would have depressed Conservative turnout.

    • @Haxo: Perfectly stated, as usual. Trump has stirred up a hornets’ nest and we are the ones who are getting stung!

      • That’s not the same thing as a wet blanket.

        But he certainly has stirred up a hornets nest.

        I think it’s more like a Mud Dauber nest though.

          • Can’t you see that the IODOCY of the Left, rolling out all these ‘Blah-blah’ talking heads (who haven’t a single independent thought that isn’t given them by a TelePrompTer!?) is ‘red-pilling’ the Right, in a manner that has NEVER before been available to us?

            Don’t you give a Sh*t for the battle the President clearly is under? Are you really Americans, or merely atomistic blowhards, who just don’t like everything, because you happen to live in a country where you (still) have something approaching ‘freedom of speech,’ and yet, are squandering that freedom, merely bitching about how “I would have done it differently than Trump, if I were president’ or some such blather!?

            Well, Haxo, Spawn, you AIN’T THE PRESIDENT. And you never will be. But DJT, is. And it would be better to join the MAGA-pedes who are awakening to the DUPLICITY OF THE JEWS/GLOBO-HOMO?! And awakening precisely BECAUSE of the antics of the J-Left?!

            Who the hell cares what some Faggot Nigger asshole like Obama thinks, or says? He’s nothing more than fodder for the mob. May it arise and engulf its enemies.

            Because war (RAHOWA) is coming, even as the posters on OD sit and bicker over the same shitty hand they think they have been dealt, when all they need to do is galvanize ‘I Plebnista,’ instead of talking about Southern defeat, 150 years ago.

            Damn, this site hasn’t changed in six months, one whit, when push comes to shove…..

  2. Obama’s wife is going to run for a President in around 8-12 years if the center holds long enough. He can have a Democrat win in 2024 or in 2020 for that matter.

    • I mean he can’t have a Democrat run and win in that time. The Clintons subtly undermined Gore and Kerry to clear Hillary’s path in 2008 only to have this black ambush her. Obama’s resurfacing is not a positive for the left.

  3. If Clinton had won, or if the Republican nominee had been Jeb! or Kasich and he had won, it would be business as usual – 99% of the population would have never heard of Antifa, building a wall on the border would be seen as a mainstream bipartisan position like it was back in 2008, and the only people who would pay any attention to WNs would be the ADL, SPLC and the (tiny and insignificant) Antifa. The election of Trump has put WNs in the crosshairs and made them the #1 scapegoat in the US, along with Russia. It is open season on anyone suspected of being a Nazi, whereas nobody cared about Nazis 4 years ago.

  4. You provided a video of the speech…..but I really just can’t be bothered sitting through it. Just give us the highlights to save us the trouble?? I’m guessing its just complete crap from start to finish.
    I was in a doctors waiting room the other day and ‘Ellen’ was on the TV. Michelle Obama was a guest on the show……and treated as if she’d just reinvented the wheel. Why can’t the whole family just go away?

      • When has a nigger been able to explain ANYTHING, to a white man?
        Sh*t, he’s nothing but a f*cking faggot puppet. He disgusts me more and more, every time I hear that pompous, sanctimonious fraud.

        Get rid of him.
        Deo Volente.

        • You have so many anger issues for a Christian! I have the number for a good jew psychiatrist here in New York if you’re interested.

  5. Obama has got to get out and campaign. The Dems have to take the House and Trump has to be impeached. But why? Why is Obama going to campaign against Trump. Trump was the guy who said Obama wasn’t an American citizen. Maybe he was right.

  6. Will 2020 be a close call on the democrats side between Michael Obama and Zuckerkike? Will Trump go for seconds or will he be full by then, and if so, will his owners let him quit?

  7. “Confederate Battle Flag Supporters Welcome Obama To Oklahoma.”
    July 15, 2015
    In “Activism”

    The Confederate summer of 2015 needs to be repeated. Again and again, all across Dixie. It was spontaneous and representative of a great many people’s feelings. Many of whom were “normies” that weren’t ordinarily politically active.

  8. I think it’s great Obama is stepping forward. His two terms were a complete opposite of what he campaigned on. He is a wad criminal and a shitbag. Lots.to attack on. Supposedly ‘Michael’ is a tranny. Joan Wilder said so before she died. I saw a picture of him from his college days: sitting on . A couch with an Asian man. Heteros don’t sit the way they were sitting g. He has lotsa skeletons; lotsa leverage ((they)) had on him.

    I also saw a picture of him holding a young East asian girl. Very pedo vibe.
    The (((left))) going bananas is great. Shows everyone what bosheviks they really are. The ride will turn.

  9. Steve Bannon is releasing his documentary on Charlottesville, Trump @ War, tomorrow.

    Anyone know how we can get access to it?

    While his thesis goes something like, ‘both sides were equally dangerous’ which will offend those who know better, it still represents a taking back of territory. Not to mention a powerful defense of Trump. Woodward’s book comes out on Tuesday.

    I think we should be actively romoting Bannon’s film. Partial victory is better than total defeat.

  10. It’s a War between Obama’s urban world and Trump’s rural world to dominate the country.

    How long it will remain solely a war of words, with a few flashpoints, is anybody’s guess…

    • My best guess is your midterms. When Obama World realize that they have no way to power by voting anymore, then left goes full 1917.

      Those people are not like aging bored CEO,s. Do not even hope that they just give up and go away.

      • A voice of reason. This IS 1917, all over again, but this time, with a Christian/White populace, and a different nation, who are even ‘more stupider’ than the Russian Peasants… and without the pnevma of Orthodoxy. And it goes without saying (but I will, nevertheless) it is the same Antichrist, as always.

        Death to the Jews.
        Long live Christus Rex.

      • I hope you are right, Juri.

        As to The Left going away from The South, Sir, I know they won’t – not until something else occurs…

    • Colonel Junius: Don’t you find it strange that working class rural Southerners are so enamored of a billionaire real estate mogul who lives in a gold penthouse on West 57th Street?

      • The Roman emperors always had more loyalty from the proles than other classes. It’s nothing strange.

      • Republicans never do anything except start wars for the working classes to fight in, fund them indefinitely, and cut taxes for rich assholes, I have no idea why working class white people are so loyal to these empty suit clipped mustache sonavabitches.

      • Yes, Spahn, I think it one of the greatest ironies in history that a foul-mouthed Jewified New York City-ite, such as President Trump is, would be selected by The White Southern Race as our hero.

        That said, he volunteered for that, and, given that White Southerners will no longer fight directly for themselves, he was the only option.

        As always, Spahn, I appreciate your sharp eye.

        Be well!

    • Or red state nationalism verse blue state globalism. CNN commentator Van Jones described Trump’s white middle and working class supporters as a “Whitelash” against Obama era liberalism.

      • I agree with Van Jones, Ethno.

        The presidential election was racial to the core – even though most Americans refuse to acknowledge that.

        On the ballot were White ideas vs. Jewish, and we voted for someone who promiset to be for White.

  11. In the parts of the speech I did have the endurance to listen to (and it goes on and on), he wheels out muh slavery and muh lynchings…..which ended before my grandparents were born. He fails to mention that slavery was largely driven by Jews, and that whites ended it. He also waffles on about ‘inequality’……but yet he became a fucking president!
    He’s your typical nog……they thrive on muh slavery, segregation, inequality, waycism…….

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