ALERTA! DC Resist Grand Juries

Lacy Mac, who is six months preggo, will be holding a rally tomorrow at 8:30 AM to resist a federal grand jury summons. ALL ANTIFA are encouraged to attend DC Resist Grand Juries!

Jack Corbin and I will be covering the lulz for #AllOutSeptember.

Note: If you are reading this Lacy, it is time to retire from LARPing and criminality and focus on raising your free range love child. You can always play the clown at birthday parties.

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  1. As a pro-regime paramilitary organization, Antifa thinks they deserve special exemptions from the law like the FBI and CIA.

  2. Why do they not have the courage of their conviction and identify as what they actually are…Communists instead of hiding behind anti-racist and anti-fascist labels.After all, hammer and sickle flags are a common feature of their gatherings.

    • @spahnranch1969

      Rest assured, Spahn, the father is White. Furthermore, there aren’t any Niggers within ten miles of her fashionable, upscale neighbourhood. Her child, with the exception of a few “tame” tokens, will never see any Niggers, except on T.V.

      This woman ain’t working class by any stretch of the imagination. Political activism is for people who don’t have money worries and non-Salaried jobs. Not peasants who are too busy trying to earn a living.

  3. It seems Pantifa gets away with a lot of shit that most people cannot get away with, especially those who openly espouse politically incorrect, “extremist” views. Naturally the US Attorney General’s office will do absolutely nothing about this problem, thus emboldening the enemy.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “It seems Pantifa gets away with a lot of shit”

      They’re a bunch of Jew Dazed, overgrown juvenile delinquents. It’s time White adults reasserted their authority and made them grow up.

  4. I walked around a bunch of Leftwing Ding Bats in Austin whilst singing Alice Cooper’s “Dead Babies.” As in, “Dead Babies can’t take things off the shelves, Dead Babies can take care of themselves. Well, we didn’t want you anyway. Goodbye little Baby.” I walked around saying aloud, “Who am I to argue if a bunch of irresponsible, promiscuous, infantcidal, atheists decide that they are unfit to be mothers?” I was also promoting abortions performed by Apu at the Kwik E Mart and a free slushy with every procedure. And, I was saying that if someone wants me to pay for their abortion, then I will give them a coat hanger.

    You should have seen the expressions on their faces. When you let them know that you don’t care what they do, it seems to effect them more than if you try to dissuade them. It kind of leaves them at a loss for what to say or do next.

    I wish that I could serenade Lacy. Even though she appears to be willing to give birth, I’m certain that she believes in “Women’s Rights.” And, with her being pregnant, I think I could cause her some emotional discomfort. That’s the thing about women, they have certain emotional triggers that are very easy to pull. All you have to do to absolutely ruin a female’s day is to suggest that her shoes don’t match her dress.

    No offense to the Ladies.

  5. Maybe with enough exposure and pressure from the courts and media we can force the Communists to retreat to a Jim Jones style commune somewhere in South America. They’ll have all the freedom in the world to create their utopian society free of “racists” and the evil White man’s government.

    Of course, many will eventually try to escape the tyrannical and oppressive world they’ve created. The leaders won’t be able to allow any dissent and will force everyone, at gunpoint, to kill their children and commit mass suicide.

    It’s a horrible outcome for the innocent children of Communists and those who woke up too late to realize Leftist rhetoric was simply an illusion to gain control over their lives. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take for them. I will defend and fight for their right to kill themselves. Just so long as they’re doing it far, far away from me, my family and countrymen.

    I just have to say, no sane man would intentionally try and knock up Lacy. Even low expectations and desperation have their limits. It’s fairly obvious just from looking at her eyes that mental illness runs in her family.

  6. If the shoe were on the other foot, Lacy Mac would espouse the exact opposite and demand that whatever Right Wing people she’s attacking answer the Federal Grand Jury summons, or else.

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