Roosh V Deplaformed By Amazon

Big Tech monopolies totally won’t abuse their monopoly power to become gatekeepers:

Note: As with Andrew Anglin, you don’t have to like Roosh V to see where this is going.

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  1. I remember when MILO was banned from Twitter.

    It was during the 2016 RNC Convention. We kind of laughed it off. MILO is a degenerate and we hated him anyway. Turns out it was a slippery, slippery slope. It hasn’t stopped.

    Roosh is just an icebreaker for Amazon censorship.

    • What I’m wondering is why people keep pretending this is all something new everytime it happens. We’ve known for a long time that Amazon and all of these social media sites censor. People were getting banned from Youtube long before Alex Jones ever did. The Wikileaks website was pulled from amazon back in 2010, that was a full eight years ago. In 2011 Amazon was censoring books that simply had the word “rape” in the title.

      We know these sites don’t give a crap about freedom of speech. Can we stop acting surprised?

  2. Roosh, Anglin, Jew Wife Jones….I dislike all of them. But that’s no reason to silence the bastards. None of them have ever advocated violence or committed criminal acts.

    I have a lot of “Nazi” and Confederate paraphernalia that I bought from Amazon just a few years ago, stuff that is no longer allowed to be sold there. That company is acting every bit like the ruthless, arrogant monopoly that it has become. And to make matters worse they have a neoliberal globalist agenda to push.

  3. Amazon is doing the right thing for the wrong reason. They hate Roosh because he dishes out the truth about female nature, teaching men how to be the bad boy that women have sex with while extracting resources from blue-balled chumps. In our fallen world, that’s the best any guy can do.

    In a healthy society, players like Roosh would be publicly executed, and the women they fornicate with would be tattooed with a red letter “A” and shotgun-married to any men who will take them. Women with that or any other tattoo merit no legal rights whatsoever, as they manifestly lack the judgement to manage their own affairs.

  4. I’m sad to hear this, but I’m not surprised Amazon is behaving this way. A few years ago, I read that Amazon was refusing to allow people to sell Confederate flags on it’s website. I guess Amazon is continuing to prohibit the sale of politically incorrect items.

  5. Roosh was apparently fuxored by a HuffPo “community organization event”.

    He has a compelling rebuttal to his deplatforming on his site RoK – citing numerous sexually violent and graphic authors who remain on Amazon for sale, including S King, who quite recently wrote a book with apparently a four page long detailed rape scene of a boy by an older man. You can only imagine the sort of person that gets a buzz in writing this in his older age and the sadistic (or masochistic bundle of sticks) sorts that buy it.

    Roosh just wrote a book about how to pick up women. That was pretty standard fare in my youth. Any amount of time with women when they speak and act candidly and you have a red pill right there.

    Why a book about that is off limits and King’s illegal boy buttsecks book remains is to be explained. I have heard the term “globohomobezos”. It seems to have merit.

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