Neocolonial Twilight: “White People Won’t Save You”

There’s a video produced by some random leftist which compiles a constant half-hour stream of cringe-inducing Hollywood White Savior footage. Over and over and over again, you’re force-fed scene after scene of contrived imprinting on Whites of the romantic notion that our highest calling and purpose is saving brown people. You may recognize some of the films, from the ultimate classic, Lawrence of Arabia, up through the latest Emmy-nominated films about White people prancing around the world solving everybody else’s problems.

The final denouement of colonialism always involves the colonial class pleading that they’re there to help. In the micro, you have the elderly White farmer in 2010’s Mugabe and the White African insisting that he’s a kind and colorblind old man just trying to feed the nation. In the macro, you have the White Savior phenomenon. It transcends left and right, with neoconservative David French at National Review calling on his fellow evangelicals to take up the White Man’s Burden in the name of Christ and neoliberal Barack Obama calling on us to do it in the name of “social justice.”

Whether you’re solving brown people problems that they’re too pathetic to resolve themselves for Christ, for “social justice,” or for the Facebook profile of yourself swaddling AIDS orphans while on summer break, you’re liable to find yourself criticized by both liberal and conservative Millennials who find your behavior grating for the same reason, …expressed from opposite angles. The emerging left’s angle, that minorities should stop being depicted as selfless subhuman inferiors is permitted in popular discourse while the emerging right’s angle remains subject to censorship.

For the emerging right, young White men and women are asking themselves why they’re being constantly called to help and support all these rather obnoxious and hostile strangers. Since neolibs and neocons still control public discourse, it’s one of those questions that can’t be raised, bordering on legally actionable hate speech. But they can’t stop the emerging left from speaking out when the voices are those precious voices of color which their neoliberal rules don’t permit them to silence. They can’t stop minorities from insisting that they’re fully human, regard themselves as our equals, and aren’t looking to serve as props for our neurotic games to prove to one another how enlightened we are.

These minorities who reject Boomer neoliberalism in favor of heartfelt tribalism are moving in the smart direction. White people won’t save them. White Americans can’t even save themselves, and our “helpful” interactions with minorities virtually always involve an ulterior motive. After all, couldn’t David French have fed and cared for an entire village of Ethiopians for the effort and expense it took him to smuggle one into America to rely upon in article after article as a moral prop confirming his evangelical bonafides?

All of Hollywood, Washington, and Wall Street have been trying for generations to force White and Black Americans to bond with one another. For most Whites and Blacks, even at their best interracial relations still boil down to trying to make the best of dealing with an alien and untrusted tribal other. Even when adopted as infants, Blacks raised in White families generally maintain an otherness and sense of displacement and alienation. David’s daughter is old enough to be asking questions about Ethiopia, about the faraway kingdom which belongs to “her people,” who aren’t her parents’ people.

While a minority subset of Hispanic immigrants and light-skinned Arab Christians can assimilate in small numbers, our racial differences have functioned as proxies for ethnic and national distinction in America for for over 500 years. A No Fault Divorce is what the youngest Americans are looking toward, …a way to end the violent, destructive, and senseless mess that’s been America’s failed experiment at everybody overcoming profound congenital differences.

Even if you agree with your fellow right-thinking neolib and neocon associates that Whiteness and Blackness are both problems to be solved by Americanness, consumerism, and secular therapy culture, you can’t solve the problem that races exist, are different, and generally prefer to live, work, and play among their own. Let’s agree for the sake of argument that all really is just ignorant prejudice and fear driving it instead of real expressions of diversity bubbling up from the blood. Are we going to solve the fact that we humans are ignorant and fearful any time soon? Is that the plan? We’ve wasted half of a millennium on this bloody, nasty attempt to get along side-by-side, yet we’re promised we’re only a few hundred more years away from getting through the bad part so we can get to a future where there are no racial differences because everybody’s thoroughly interbred.

India’s been going with that exact strategy for several thousand years, with no sign of achieving a colorblind society in sight. White people won’t save minorities. Non-whites won’t finally all decide to start thinking and acting the way we tend to think they should. I’m hopeful that the emerging political voices will continue this trend we’re seeing, where Black youths mock White Saviorism as condescending racist bullshit and White youths stop feeling obligated to serve some other group in order to feel good about themselves and their own group. Let’s all just call it even and let the various nations in this prolapsed empire save themselves.


  1. We need to stop feeding these people, curing their diseases and doling out endless amounts of foreign aid-with money paid for by whites, that we’ll never get back. Doing all this ensures their population numbers are off the charts, and a large number of those will be tomorrows invaders, rapists and welfare cheats. We need to keep our noses out, and allow their population to naturally settle down to a normal, sustainable level. Give them free pills and condoms, but nothing else.
    Huge numbers of Africans are now in my country, and are an expensive nuisance who aren’t fitting in. Despite government efforts with all sorts of benefits not available to whites, we just can’t settle them down. In Africa, too many are being born, and too many want a piece of our civilization.
    We’re sick of it, and it needs to stop.

  2. I was at a popular amusement venue a few years ago, and a young, white girl was sitting at a table with several black, teenage males. I glanced over at them and as I was looking away, I exclaimed aloud, “It’s Jane Goodall’s Granddaughter!”

    I looked back over toward them, and saw that it had gone right over their heads. But their were two White policemen, who were assigned to security detail, sitting nearby and one of them was about to fall out his chair laughing. The other officer was quizzically glaring at him, apparently oblivious to what I had just said and wondering what brought about the fit of hilarity in his partner.

  3. Non-whites don’t want to be saved by us, they want to feed off of us, to exploit us all the way to death. That’s why they never advocate the one solution to their “oppression” that will work – getting the hell away from us. Non-whites know what’s good for them: getting government goons to force whites to turn over their territories, money, and pussy to non-whites. Articles that try to play up the meme that it’s good for everybody are first and foremost false, and are a less extreme variation of the sort of sucking up to the genocidal establishment that David French and crew practice. It morally equates the exploited with the exploiter, the genocide victim with his slave-masters and murderers. What makes a cuck a cuck isn’t that he isn’t pro-white and pro-West, it’s that he turns a blind eye or actively supports the white-hating racism of the leftist/non-white coalition. He’s anti-racism in the same way the left is anti-racism – he’s objectively anti-white. The victims of systematic policies of racial genocide shouldn’t care about the effects that breaking those policies have on their perpetrators and beneficiaries, as I’m sure the author doesn’t.

    • The Hard Left are not as smart as you’re giving them credit for.

      America’s minorities do not have enough sense to smile and do what results in the optimum benefit for themselves. Humans don’t work like that. Black South Africans didn’t stop at the point in the nineties when they had maximized their rights while more or less leaving Whites alone to create infrastructure and order that everybody benefits from. They’ve got to “Kill the Boer” even if it means starving their own children.

      Pretending that they’re so cool and rational does us all a disservice, and we should absolutely join the Hard Left in mocking the selfish and supremacist motives of “white saviors.”

      • I’m in two minds about this. Authentic white saviors actually convert blacks to our side in Africa in some countries. I know this from first hand experience. It is real but overwhelmed by the vast numbers of blacks who know little better than to take what they can and cannot readily learn due to low IQ and the culture of dog eat dog. Being dreadful to the good ones in Africa is a mistake. These aren’t the ones scaling the fences of Ceuta and throwing sh.t at the po po.

        The Hard Left at a higher level sees social power blocs and seeks to define them in terms of divide and rule narratives, a perennial being the oppressor-victim dialectic, where the semantics are reversed, such that the “victim” howls in pain as he strikes you. I don’t think they really care less about black people other than a means to an end.

        Demographics are destiny and the Hard Left actually has us on this tactic to divide and rule. They have controlled the borders and immigration policy for decades. (The Hard Left at the top being actually the plutocratic elite).

        Black pill – We are done if turned into minority and we will have to do something or that will be reality in our lifetimes.

        • A minority in what context?

          We’ve never been a global majority, and we can readily achieve alliances with other ethnic groups who share our nationalist orientation.

          All that’s necessary is a “majority of will,” which may prove quite achievable if mass society and their institutions continue spiraling into dysfunction and distraction.

          All we need to do is create a subset of white folks who refuse to be displaced and then raise the opportunity cost of displacing us high enough to discourage those who seek to displace us. It’s a herculean feat, but it doesn’t require a global or national majority or taking on the entire world.

          • The context is a planned status of minority in the USA, in the UK, in France, in Germany. Places where absolute majority was the case until the synchronised efforts of our current hostile elite decided to open the borders.

            it seems to me that a pivotal stage in the USA will be when the new majority of nonwhites decides or in truth is cradle to grave brainwashed into “deciding” to end foundational laws in favor of whatever pablum is programmed into the rubes from above.

            As you say, we need to organize and you are right, this is based on will and the results of a small group can be surprisingly effective. History shows it.

  4. Hollywood is fond of making movies about magic negros, i.e. characters that exist just to make white people feel good about themselves, there is a magic negro in The Green Mile, he even has magic powers and of course a heart of gold. Red, in the Shawshank Redemption, is another character who seems to exist to support the white leading character.

    • It’s an American trope though.

      The White/Black Master/Slave Aristocrat/Butler.

      It’s Jeeves and Wooster in a semi tropical climate.

  5. All these people suffer from ABS-Amy Biehl Syndrome.(Look her up if you do not know who she is and you will understand!)

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