Sept 11th Immigration Restriction Holy Day OD Classic

It is September 11th again – the 17th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Muslim terrorist attack that slaughtered thousands of our people here in our country. This is our country. Among the thousands of people murdered on that day, there were 343 martyred (White) New York City firemen. While everyone else was fleeing the burning, collapsing World Trade Center, these 300 modern day Spartans were marching up the WTC. Thousands of years ago, 300 White Spartans faced the dark, swarthy Asiatic hordes from hell. The 300 Spartans of old gave their lives to save Western civilization from destruction, or worse, Asiatic slavery. The 300 + FDY Spartans did the same on Sept 11th 2001.

Sept 11th is a special day for me – it’s 9/11 is about everything I have worked for these last 26 years since I fled New York City. It’s a day of “I Told You So” to any and all, including most of my relatives and various cowards, Neo Conservatives, Christian Zionists, Libertarian open borders loons, conspiracy mongering nut cases and cuckservatives – also various assortments of nasty Jews that just hate our people so much they take the side of the Muslim migrant mass murderers.
American Jews, Diaspora Jews, Israeli Jews really suck on immigration (Link)

Our enemies know the importance of “holy days”/holidays.They remove any holy days/holidays honoring our heroes like George Washington’s Birthday; they wage a war against Christmas and are now desecrating Confederate monuments and Confederate graves.

The slaughter of our people in our country on 9/11/01 would never have happened if we had sane, patriotic immigration policies, sane, pro American foreign policies. But we don’t.

Every single regular person I speak with from Serbia, Poland, Russia or Japan agrees with me about 9/11/01 – just keep these as bad as they get ugly, hateful, murderous Islamic Arabs, Pakis, Turks out. They can’t mass murder us in our country/countries if we don’t allow them to flood in to our country/countries.

This seems simple to me – but for so many confused, mixed up, distracted “Amurikuns” they just can’t rap their minds around simple things – and then there is the “American” (yeah right) television boob tube spouting nonsense about Russian plots, Assad’s Syria gassing little children, mean racist Trump separating families at the border, BlackLiesMatter and various old cuckservatives are droning on and on about…..


That’s just the way it is.

But for those of us at OD in the know, Sept 11th is a special day, a clarification day. On this holy day – please honor our 9/11/01 martyred dead and please get in the face, maybe punch the face of all our enemies and traitors and idiots who defend or deny this terrible Sept 11th slaughter.


  1. Also remember the German angle:

    A good chunk of 9/11 was hatched and planned in Hamburg.

    A city where, I saw during my summer grand tour, has a fair number of “Black Lives Matter” signs on display.

    Which should tell you what kind of city it is.

    I know at some point I’ll have to go there on business, now that I’m an actual expat living in Germany. And I’m going to dread doing so. Thankfully, it won’t be too soon.

  2. Please remember who profited from the collapse of the towers and the aftermath. 1million+ dead in wars that had nothing to do with this event. More than a trillion in hock to the bankers and tens of thousands of US lives, prime age men mostly, sacrificed to Moloch for greater yisroyl.

    While your friends in Southern Europe may have centuries of experience with invasion by Islamic armies and ultimately expelling them, WTC7 collapsing is the singular event for me that is so discordant with the official narrative that I am surprised to see such an ostensibly blue pilled perspective on this site.

    The engineer of the towers designed them specifically to withstand direct impact from this kind of attack (see the original plans, I think the engineer was called Skinner). The buildings were over engineered and should not have fallen the way they did, if at all, let alone the outline of the plane leaving a Wyle E Coyote style imprint on the exterior of the buildings as though force was evenly distributed even to the wingtips.

    If you are not convinced by this or the physics (absurd), then you should be by the invasion of Iraq. The BS was intense.

    • and that is absolutely no mark of disrespect for those that lost their lives helping people in this travesty. These are heroes in the true sense, where courage, altruism and the intent to or actual sacrifice of the greatest gift we are given on this earth was made by those who lived it and those who died trying.

      • sorry Bob, not directed at your comment…just qualifying mine. I see acquiescence to the appalling narrative as not just to the victims. I hope this is not out of place here. On that day, America lost about 5000 people, then many tens of thousands in the wars that followed. Iraq lost perhaps a million. For the most part, all are victims. To paraphrase you, distraction from the instigators is not justice. The world has never been the same since this and it shattered my worldview.

  3. 9/11 Trutherism has become a religious experience, a Political Correctness for the Right.

    The conspiracy theory is moronic on its face in a number of regards, and serves only to tar actual, objective conspiracies — eg, the entire government lying down and allowing a mass invasion by beaners — with its imbecility.

    1. There is nothing scientifically implausible in the destruction of the towers by crashing jet liners. They were rather flimsy due to the exterior being a large part of what held them up; once that was breached, a collapse became extremely likely.

    2. The unnecessary stupidity of it all. The US gov’t has never needed a pretext this powerful to go to war. The Vietnam War was started over radar echoes. Why go through this tremendous, over-complicated plan that could backfire twenty thousand different ways when some minor, unverifiable incident is all it takes? It’s not like the zombie hordes in front of the TVs are going to rise up in outrage or something. They’re going to go “America, fuck yeah!” and support it no matter how flimsy the excuse, and even those who don’t won’t be able to stop it.

    3. The unnecessary stupidity of it all, Part II. What kind of idiots would set up the massively difficult task of faking aircraft attacks when a simple truck full of explosives at the base would do the same damn thing?

    4. The huh? What are they waiting for? factor. The attacks occurred in 2001, and the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. Why wait so long if it was their plan all along? The delay suggests opportunism, not a carefully executed Master Plan.

    5.. I don’t see why it’s necessary to have this moronic scenario in order to castigate the U.S. gov’t. “Letting violent brown people into your country results in thousands of citizens dying” is a massive condemnation. Additionally, it’s a blaring instance of why letting hordes of alien foreigners immigrate is treason. Absolving the wogs of responsibility, like the CTs do, pretty much puts the blame on Whitey and suggests massive immigration from shitholes is NOT a problem.

    Finally, the endless stack of conspiracy theories posits a massively boring world. NOBODY has any agency except for the Controlling Cabal. Every effing action taking, including individual muggings, shootings, or whatever, occurs at their behest. Everyone else is a totally passive observer, incapable of taking actions without the Cabal’s say-so.

    If every event is a false flag, then they control everyone totally and own every bit of destiny. Congrats, you’ve just come up with a scenario in which their power and intelligence is godlike and overwhelming. In which resistance is futile. I reject that categorically out of hand because I refuse to believe these scum are superhumans who absolutely control every event (and are therefore undefeatable.

    9/11 CTs are not only profoundly stupid, but carried to their logical conclusion, are the ultimate in defeatism. To hell with that.

    • The government “CT” is the most ludicrous of all.

      Because of all the BS CTs real truth has been effectively obfuscated; however, in the end, 911 proves clearly one thing: Jews have a stranglehold on our legal system, the media, and money.

      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    • Ironsides – agreed and well said. OD has a very practical, positive comment policy strictly prohibiting wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory comments.

      We don’t allow them.

      9/11/01 works great from our (Southern Nationalist, populist Conservative, race realist, identitatrian) perspective.

      We don’t want the worst brown turd Arabs, Pakis, Afro Arabs like Al Qaeda leader in Yemen anwar-al-awlaki invading our country/countries and slaughtering our people any more than we want these same brown turd Islamists invading Rotherham England and gang raping young English White girls.

      Anybody who objects or tries to deny it happened/is happening is an idiot/traitor.

      And no we don’t go the other way and fall for lying Neo Conservative Jewish Zionist war mongering lies like the (Very handsome, White) secular government of Syria and the Russians GASSING LITTLE CHILDREN. No they’re not.

      Michelle Malkin has a very good article about 9/11/01 today published in Vdare

      • “9/11/01 works great from our (Southern Nationalist, populist Conservative, race realist, identitatrian) perspective.”

        White Aryan politics must be based upon the best truth available, and open to correction if clearer details unfold. However, there never was a need to go beyond the obvious controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 and everything that it implies.

        All 911 now proves is that the indictments which should have been immediately issued were not issued because the ultimate perpetrators – Jews – control the means to do so, while their media has run cover for them from the very beginning, with few exceptions.

        Of course, it is laudable policy to fight the non-White invasion of America, and all White lands, but it should not include support for the Jew narrative.

        First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

      • Why should I care if Antifa or corporations censor your freedom of speech if you also “no platform” views you dont like? I’m saying this as someone who is a scientific socialist and totally rejects “trutherism” and other silly conspiracy explanations of the anti-imperialist resistance attacks on 9/11/01.

      • I would not call myself a traitor. Stupid inevitably, as the cornerstone to wisdom. Religious perhaps, but with an eye to discrepancy and when seen, cannot be unseen.

        If you believe the media narrative you must ask yourself why. Especially after Iraq. Why? Iraq was complete horseshit, with relentless wall to wall media propaganda about WMD and nothing was ever found except some corroded old missiles that were junk! And still they put that up open TV as “evidence” for the rubes.

        9/11 was the pretext to the mass slaughter of Iraqis and only one country and their countrymen really benefited all the way. Cui (((effin))) bono?

        If nothing else, WTC7 collapsing into its footprint (conveniently with the Enron evidence) should pique any enquiring mind.

    • @Ironsides…much as I dislike youtube, you can see Wesley Clark’s interview there about the conversation with Rumsfeld about 9/11 and that the brief “from higher up” was to invade 5 countries on the basis of 9/11. It’s there and playing out as we speak.

      I think anyone with a basic science education can watch the footage and see it for what it is, all structural supports of WTC7 giving way at once with nothing below. It sinks directly into the footprint. It is blatant.

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