Paul “Luke” Kuhn Burns Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

UPDATE: According to Ford Fischer, the subpoena was withdrawn!

The big reveal at this morning’s LARP in DC was that Paul “Luke” Kuhn is the DC Antifa who got the federal grand jury subpoena. He publicly burned it and refused to cooperate:

Note: Paul “Luke” Kuhn is famous for being exposed by Project Veritas for plotting to attack the Deploraball with butyric acid. Kuhn was arrested after that incident but was only sentenced to community service by the DC Superior Court.

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  1. Wow, so as a leftist you can do more or less what you want, and get away with it. I thought these guys fought the system? Nah, they ARE the system!

    • Antifa does nothing that the system fears. The system isn’t scared if you go out and beat up “Nazis” in defense of the multiracial global neoliberal capitalist order. If Antifa bombed the Israeli embassy or a NATO building or multinational corporation the system would come down on them, really hard, like they did on the Baader-Meinhof group. But Antifa doesn’t; they’re controlled “revolutionaries”. That’s why Horst Mahler has said that modern German “leftists” are the new Gladio-era “rightists”.

    • his plot as described is a terrorist act by definition. How does he not get a prison sentence? I routinely look at the names (J card) for the answer. It is rarely Smith, Jones or McDonald that gets off the hook or gloats in the media.

  2. “Kuhn.” Hmm. That name couldn’t be (((what I think it is))), could it? Surely it’s just a coincidence.

    Don’t worry, folks. Nothing to see here. Nothing out of the ordinary. Remember, “no reasonable prosecutor would take this case.”

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