Big Tech Is Subsidizing Violent Antifa Protests In North Carolina

It is bad enough that Big Tech is censoring conservatives and nationalists.

It is outrageous though that violent leftists are not subjected to the same censorship by crowdfunding platforms. In the last three weeks, 25 violent leftists have been arrested at Silent Sam protests in Chapel Hill, NC. Barry Brown of ACTBAC is the only person on the pro-Confederate side who has been arrested. In other words, 25x more violent leftists have been arrested than conservatives. The disparity in political violence is even greater when arrests at previous Silent Sam protests are included.

How do they get away with this? How is it that the side which commits the overwhelming majority of the violence is not the one that is censored? How is this not the story? I’ve tracked 520 arrests for violent leftwing extremism over the past two years and I have barely scratched the surface. A staggering number of violent leftists have been arrested at political events compared to nationalists and conservatives. It is already clear that the ratio isn’t anywhere close to parity.

At the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, something like 6 nationalists were arrested compared to 5 violent leftists. 23 violent leftists were arrested at the Loyal White Knights rally alone in July 2017. Even in Charlottesville, around 35 violent leftists were arrested between May and August 2017, which is 5x the number of nationalists. Unlike the Alt-Right though, violent leftists continue to be arrested like every other weekend. The political violence is overwhelmingly coming from one side. In Brazil, a violent leftist affiliated with Antifa attempted to assassinate Jair Bolsonaro last week.

We can start with Patreon:

Molly Conger of Charlottesville (aka Socialist Dog Mom) has been a ringleader at two of the violent protests at the Silent Sam monument in Chapel Hill, NC. She has also threatened at Charlottesville City Council meetings to bring the same violent protests back home to Charlottesville:

This is someone whose violent activism in North Carolina is financed ENTIRELY by Patreon. If Patreon wasn’t subsidizing this, it wouldn’t be happening:

You can report Molly Conger’s violation of Patreon’s Terms of Service by signing up a Patreon account, clicking the ‘Report This Creator’ button and submitting the above links as evidence.

PayPal is an even worse offender:

In the aftermath of each of these violent protests, Antifa have rushed to Twitter to solicit donations to the Durham Solidarity Center Freedom Fighter Bond Fund. In other words, they are using PayPal to crowdfund their bail money. Once again, MUH BAIL FUND is another clear example of how Big Tech is subsidizing violent protests in North Carolina.

Contact PayPal:

Report the Durham Solidarity Center Freedom Fighter Bond Fund for fueling violence against North Carolina police officers.

Fundrazr is notorious for subsidizing Antifa violence:

Nearly $2,000 has been raised to subsidize MUH BAIL FUND through Fundrazr.

You can report this campaign to Fundrazr at

Note: Are these crowdfunding services likely to pull the plug? Probably not, but reporting these TOS violations is worth less than five minutes of your time.

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  1. In the 1830-60’s, the criminals were bankrolled by the Financiers and Industrialists of Boston, New York and Chicago. Many of whom were crypto-Jews, or acted like Jews.

    Today’s criminals are bankrolled by the Neo-Industrialists and Financiers of Palo Alto, Portland and Seattle. Many of whom are openly and even militantly, Jewish.

    Now, as then, the real criminals, traitors and foreign devils are hailed as Patriots defending “America©®” against actual Americans who believe in the rule of Law and the Constitution. The latter of which are still called “Rebels,” “Copperheads,” and “Traitors.”

    Same old war. Same old enemies. The only thing that’s changed is the speed at which information and funds are collected and disbursed. And the speed of transport.

  2. Of course the big tech companies are protecting them and working to support them. We’ve all known this for years and some of us have been saying it for decades. The censorship has become more prevalent over the last 8 years or so, and the anti-White rhetoric has definitely become more overt and has been infused into the mainstream narrative and pushed by much of corporate America. But it’s the same kind of targeted censorship and selective enforcement of TOS that we can all predict with fine accuracy and detail. We pretty much know what they’re going to do when it’s all said and done. We have a good idea of how they’re going to do it. We definitely know what they’re going to say or, as is the case with pointing out their hypocrisy and double standards, what they will ignore.

    New platforms come and go. New CEOs and companies pop up on the scene all the time and all fall into line in order to be allowed a seat at the table. This is predictable. You play the game and learn to skirt the rules until such a time when you are in a position to change the rules of the game. Or…. you don’t play the game at all. Make no mistake, it’s their game right now.

    I’m trying to be positive about GAB and trying to be supportive. But I notice it skews in the same juvenile direction that has plagued most other sites that claimed they were pro-White or at least protecting the rights of everyone to be able to speak their mind. It’s one thing to talk about Free Speech in the context of a broad range of ideas and thoughts allowed to exist throughout a nation. It’s quite something else to pretend that you can force all that speech into a commercial platform and then think you can force other platforms to accept it without restrictions.

    You own your home, right? It’s your yard, right? You should be able to take a shit right in the middle of your front yard and wave to your neighbors, daring them to say something about it, right? Your neighbor has a huge house and yard, and he always invites you over whenever he has large parties with a lot of influential people attending. Taking a shit on his lawn would give you maximum exposure. That’s what truly Free people do. They shit when they want and where they want. You’re not really free unless you can do that.

    I really thought that the fight was to have laws, rules and terms of service applied equally among all people. In a perfect world, a platform like Twitter would allow black people to talk about how they’ve been oppressed and targeted by evil White people. In response, White people(or anyone wishing to challenge this) would be able to put up stats and factual evidence to show just how inaccurate and wrong those opinions are. White people should be able to talk freely about the benefits of more homogeneous societies and having nations where we can protect our uniqueness. Pure conjecture/lies, ad hominem and vitriol should always be brushed aside to make room for facts, reason and logic, no matter the person or group in question.

    What I’ve come to find out, however, is that the fight that many of the loudmouths and people complaining the most about Free Speech have in mind consists solely of being able to say nigger nigger nigger, Jooooos, kikes, etc. without restrictions and without offering anything tangible or practical to the greater community. They’re just looking to take a shit on someone else’s lawn and have someone else clean up the mess when Code Enforcement gets sent in because the rest of the neighborhood has been complaining about the stench.

    • @Celestial – this is a fight, alright, to the death. You’ve just written a lot of very intelligent observations – but you’ve made one enormous, glaring error. The facts and logic thing. Those are White People Things. Only WHITE People CARE about those things. No one else DOES. Its all about raw emotion, and will to power. When are Whites going to LEARN this elemental fact?

      Jews and their pet Darks don’t really care if you call them names. They care about THIER ability to make you stop saying or writing those names, or anything ELSE THEY don’t want YOU to say or think.


      It’s all about mental code enforcement. THEIR codes. Not yours.


      Racial slurs are psychological barriers. It ability to use racial slurs, and to think them in the first, place, are essential for SURVIVAL. Us vs THEM. We are Us. THEY are The Other. If you don’t think way – you won’t exist for very long. The Jew Racial Tactic of “equality, liberty, and fraternity”, whne Whites began to swallow that psychological poison, is when our genocide began. Name calling is a VERY effective tactic. Haven’t you noticed? Why else are the HEBES so determined to shut us down?

      EFF fact and logic. They mean nothing in the war for survival.

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