Infowars: President Trump Punts On Social Media Censorship

If this is true, it will be a political disaster.

“Potential executive action to address the widespread Big Tech deplatforming and censorship of prominent conservative voices is being stymied by administration insiders who are oblivious to the threat and have convinced President Trump to put the issue on the back burner.

Infowars has learned from a source close to the administration that executive action on the matter was planned as soon as this week, but that it has likely been delayed yet again.

Several people within Trump’s inner circle know the threat to the mid-terms and his re-election chances that social media censorship poses, including Donald Trump Jr. and Brad Parscale, his 2020 campaign manager.

However, older members of the administration are completely unaware of the fact that banning prominent online voices and manipulating algorithms can shift millions of votes and are oblivious to the danger. …

I see no reason to doubt it since Infowars has been a major Donald Trump cheerleading site and has been highly invested in the outcome of this issue for obvious reasons.

Note: The GOP wants to focus on ‘Tax Cuts 2’ and avoid a government shutdown over funding the border wall.

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  1. “The GOP wants to focus on ‘Tax Cuts 2’ and avoid a government shutdown over funding the border wall.”

    Republican Party= Political party that represents the interests of Oligarchs, Plutocrats and Jews.

    Democratic Party= Political party that represents the interests of Jews, Oligarchs and Plutocrats.

    There is no party that represents the interests of White Americans.

    • @Jimmy…

      ‘“The GOP wants to focus on ‘Tax Cuts 2’ and avoid a government shutdown over funding the border wall.”

      New England Yankee speak for : “Geld Über Alles – es gibt nur Geld.”

      • Jewnius the KIKE is insulting Germans, and “New England Yankees, yet AGAIN, to divert attention from the Jewing.

        (((Genes))) will out, won’t they? So JEW

      • You’re all wrong. It’s way more than greed. Most GOP politicians are scared to death of the liberals and figure that defying them is almost like waving a Nazi flag. Trump was elected by going against the party establishment but now that he’s in office he’s more interested in protecting himself than in keeping his promises — especially since most of his voters will stick by him. However, he’s starting to see defections and could lose enough of his base to end up impeached or worse.

        • Dear Mr. Camus,
          President Trump has definitely not kept all his promises – yet.

          That said, he made more promises than any I’ve ever seen and he’s kept more of them.

          As to defections, those who have ‘defected’ are a few White Nationalists, and they have been outnumbered by those who have climbed on the Trump-train.

          The only area I can see what you say is that President Trump wants to protect himself.

          That said, all of us who support him would like him to do that, as well.

          Thank you for your reply.

  2. Succinctly correct, James O. At least Trump tries. Even lip service is a start.

    Trump will remember who his base is, how many attended his rallies (massive) and their contributions. A lot of people knew what was at stake then and it still is the case. There isn’t even a wall yet.

    All he has to do is the right thing, despite whatever the MSM can conjure and in fact that actually helps when they go into a frenzy because it adds the necessary contrast to show them up as the violent propagandist hypocrites they are.

    Although most of us have reservations about AJ, there is no doubt most of us have tuned in to his show at some stage in our respective voyages to where we are now. For me that was about 10 years ago on the weekend for a little time and then a show or two in the primaries.

    So, an attack on Jones is an attack on the voice of the base, even if none of us really listen to him. Trump will hopefully read the pulse correctly again and run with it. He had a winning formula to induce polarity and it looks like a good time to whip the media freak show up again on the topic of free speech. Showing their hypocrisy with “Free speech for me but not for thee” will again hopefully remind and attract the ambivalent forgetful normies to the real situation and the terrible fate in line for us if turned into minority.

  3. Apparently, it’s in the jews’ script for Trump to bluster, and then do nothing even though they fully recognize that cuckservative voices are the ones being silenced. The Republicant leadership knows this will have a large negative result for them in the upcoming elections, and this is the plan. The Republicants never wanted to win in 2016.They didn’t expect to. It would mean the Republican electorate would expect them to produce. They didn’t, and when they lose in 2018, they will continue to sit on their hands thus fulfilling the demands of the jews that will place the nation wrecking whackos in charge..

    • Excellent analysis. When you look at history and think about unforced errors by ruling parties, great men, nation states even sports teams the stale whiff of matzo isn’t far behind.

      Saul L’Chaim Ryan.

  4. President Trump will return to this theme, over and over again.


    Because it is a winner and an earner, and, in the end, his advisors can say all they want – President Trump likes winners.

    My prediction?

    Action on this in his 2nd term, this after he uses it as a blunt force bludgeoning device in his reelection campaign.

    This is how the president percolates.

    Remember, you heard it from Ole Junius…

  5. Just like the embarrassing nego president Obama said, “I have a pen and a phone” concerning executive orders, Trump should take that advice seriously. I believe (((they))) got his nuts in a vice and cannot commit to his campaign promises, especially on this important issue.

  6. With Trump it’s all about perceptions – he is perceived to be a threat to the globohomo elite, he is perceived to be helpful to the economy, he is perceived to be a fascist or a patriot or a capitalist or a populist. You can project whatever beliefs, hopes or fears you have on to him. He can be whatever you need him to be. In that way he’s like Charlie Manson.

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