Neckbeard Wobblies Protest Gateway Eagle Council In St. Louis

This will be a short reportback.

The LARP in St. Louis with Karl Marx t-shirts and Soviet flags was very low energy this afternoon. I will post it here anyway though for your amusement:

Note: That’s how I feel like when I am in St. Louis and gorge on Imo’s pizza!

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  1. I hate to say it, but the Alt-Lite is going to be light years ahead of White Nationalists and the Alt-Right crowd before too long. They have a more coherent message, a better plan of attack and a more proactive outreach strategy. The bottom line is that they are far less vitriolic and much more palatable to a broader scope of the US population.

      • Do you have a time frame for this “swept away” fantasy? It’s got to have some kind of expiration date, because I swear I’ve heard the exact same shit for 15 years.

  2. Profa must really be getting desperate if they’re taking out after the Schlaflyites.

    In other news, I’m surprised the Schlafly organization is still functioning this long after her death. I was expecting it to fall apart.

    HW: If you ever get the chance, try German pizza, more accurately, the style of pizza made in the belt from the Alsace over to Swabia.

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