Vice: We Camped Out With The Antifa Activists Plotting To Disarm The Alt-Right

So, I finally got around to watching the video of Elle Reeve camping out with Great Lakes Antifa at the 2018 American Renaissance conference:

This loudmouth caught my eye.

“Naya” is some kind of anarcho-communist militant faggot on Facebook:

I asked on Gab if he has been identified:

“Naya” aka “Timothy Grey” is a filmmaker based in Traverse City, MI. He goes by “Timothy Grey,” but his full legal name is Timothy Grey Hall:

Note: Timothy Grey Hall believes in “punching Nazis” and taking that extra step even if it means in engaging in violence against the Alt-Right.

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  1. Lol at antifa getting butthurt over “stealing” their work. Last I checked, most anarchists don’t believe in intellectual property.

  2. a “nazi” nowadays is anyone right of the Comintern. Do these people have an understanding of history. We fought the NSDAP. If they are so keen to resist against ethnic cleansing…what about yisroyl? Where actual ethnic cleansing enjoys popularity? If they oppose a socialist polity, as the NSDAP was, why are they targeting the alt-right? Words don’t mean much to them it seems, just the usual leftwing “outcome justifies the means” methodology.

    • The Socialist part of the NSDAP is so far removed from the Socialism of today that Hitler would not recognize it other than Bolshevism. These things are wholly different.

      We may have fought the NSDAP, but it was the biggest mistake this country ever made.

      • I always like to tell people “Just because a word is spelled the same way in two different scenarios, it doesn’t mean that the word means the same thing in both. For instance, take the word “bed”. Is a bed of thorny briers the same as the comfy bed you sleep in? It’s the same when you’re comparing a Communist Socialist to a National Socialist. Same exact word, socialist, but with quite different realities when used in each respective context. As with the comparison of a bed of briers to a bed with sheets, pillows and blankets, Socialism is a thorny pain in the ass… and National Socialism is a method to achieve recuperation.”

        Usually, they see my point. Although some still persist in argumentation, trying in vain to find faults with the comparisons.

        I guess some people just like sleeping on thorns.

        • David Irving wrote a biography of Goebells. It is online and free. The skypish reviews are wildly off beam and from reading them, they have been very unfair. Irving paints a bleak picture of Goebells and the way reviewers write you’d think Irving beatified him.

          Goebells was a card carrying pinko, then very much a socialist before the party gained majority in the Weimar days.

          Yes, there is a difference between the internationalist and nationalist strains of the time, obviously.

          However, Goebells assuredly makes it very clear to all he was a socialist (at least before invading Poland) and a key figure in the policies of the party until one too many dalliances (and probably coerced sex) behind Magda’s back led to a big fall from grace as he had an imago of conservative social mores nothing like his real life.

          She went back to him even after all that, alienating everyone who stood by her during her distress about his philandering.

          You could say he was a champagne socialist. He became rich off the back of the people (numerous properties, cars) while preaching the merits of socialism, much like today’s.

    • It has never been hard to trap the left in contradictions. But like Steve Bannon’s favorite creature, the honey badger, the left doesn’t give a s*it. If you like hearing conservatives expose liberal contradictions just watch Fox network nightly. The right has yet to figure out how to get power, and its constituency is eroding day by day, month by month, year by year, until one day we will be all gone. The last words out of our mouths will be “but you are guilty of hypocrisy!” To which they will reply “Let that thought be your consolation as you draw your last breath.”

      • That’s exactly the way I see it, Al. All the things we think we’re doing to the Left? Calling them hypocrites or laughing at them when they have to spend a few nights and jail? THEY DO NOT GIVE A FUCK, in fact to a large extent they ENJOY that kind of suffering. If we’re ever going to get anything accomplished, we’re going to have to quit hitting them where they laugh and start hitting them where they scream.

        HW’s tactic of making lists of their homes and jobs is a good step in that direction.

  3. These anti-whites pretend to be ‘anti-racist’, yet never target the racism of other races.
    That bald spokesman has a very punchable looking face.
    There you have it folks-you now know what you’re up against. They’re always greater in number because our side has to hold down jobs and you know…be responsible.
    And the female reporter, like most of them, was utterly fucking useless, failing to ask tough and obvious questions like:- ‘do you want America to become a third world shithole?’ Or ‘why do you want diversity only for white nations?’
    We’d all like to know! Another ‘fair and balanced’ reporter who was obviously on their side.
    Start getting fit, and start breeding.

    • That’s because “racist” is a word that means “White.” They have a clear grasp of its actual meaning and know that a groid, say, can’t be racist because they can’t be White.

      You’re treating it as an abstract philosophical term meaning something like “a member of a race feeling hostility towards another race and/or preferring the interests of their own.” The actual definition has nothing to do with airy abstract ideas or ethical whatever. It LITERALLY means “White-skinned devil who deserves to die slowly for the crime of existing and not being brown.”

      “Anti-racism” means “in favor of utterly subjugating and/or exterminating Whites.”

  4. @Ironsides

    Your spot on. ‘Anti-racism’ is code for anti-white. ‘Diversity’ is code for white genocide. ‘Affirmative action’ is code for discrimination against whites. Why is it only people like you and I who can see this?

    • I see it. In just about every commercial, in every movie and TV show made after 1970.

      Since, I can’t do anything about my Original Sin, I am learning to embrace it.

  5. These Bolshevik Orcs are beneath hypocrisy. The propaganda wing of the Communist/Globalist Long March might engage in libtard prop in the ‘win them over’ phase of the conflict – but to do that with a literate population they have to have control of all media – otherwise they lose control of the narrative. The Political Commissars no longer have control over the narrative and the Agenda is appearing through all tiheir schmo screens. The Normies are experiencing the incongruities and starting to talk about it; worse yet think about it. So it stands to reason that the Commanders of the Long March will initiate the marauding orcs phase. With his fake African name, Tim is a munt wannabe – and what a feral looking POS he is. Probably fantasizes he is Patrice Lumumba building Wakanda. When the Americans take out the trash – stick him on top.

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