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  1. Hail Bolsonaro! Make Brazil Great Again!

    To my dear friends in Israel: I am so sorry for the way that the Brazilian government has treated you with the baby killing commies in power. It will not go on much longer! In a few months, Bolsonaro will take power and will finally treat you with respect. He will invade Venezuela, overthrow their anti-Semitic Marxist government and put a pro-Israeli government that will allow Jewish plunder of the nation as Jesus ordains. Vote Bolsonaro to end anti-Semitism and turn Brazil into a CIA slave colony!

    • Being a colony of Israel isn’t the worst thing in the world; being ruled by commie niggers is. Jews know they have to keep you alive and semi-healthy to exploit you; niggers will just rape your whole family, hack you to pieces with machetes, steal all your stuff and destroy it, then starve to death because their EBT cards mysteriously stopped working.

  2. Also, have you noticed that Breitbart is always calling Maduro and Assad dictators, yet supports Bolsonaro who wants to turn Brazil into a vicious dictatorship where anyone criticizing Jews and Israel is summarily executed?

    The so-called assassination attempt was an attempt to increase support for Israel’s preferred candidate and ensure his election. I imagine the “assassin” was paid by Mossad.

    • Fine, fine–you’ve convinced us. The next time we get a chance, we’ll all vote for communism, just because the Jews hate it so much. Now please, please–take your (((political savvy))) elsewhere.

    • Maduro is not a great leader like Chavez, in fact he is part Jew himself, but nonetheless Jews hate Venezuela with a passion so fierce it could never be put into words. Most of the Jews have left the country, at even higher rate than the non-Jewish bourgeoisie, because the Venezuelan government is so fanatically anti-Jew (or, more accurately, the Jews are fanatically anti-Socialist) and distritibuted the oil wealth that the Jews had been hoarding back to the people. Communist organizations there often distribute propaganda saying “judios go home”.

      This is why we should be supporting Jeremy Cornyn unconditionally as well. The Jews despise him SO much.

  3. Also, Maduro and Venezuela are fighting against Yankee imperialism. Shouldn’t Southern Nationalists support anyone struggling against Yankee imperialism?

    Neo-confederate, Latin American Marxists and Palestinians should be allies, not enemies,

  4. Who would want to live in Maduro’s Venezuela?

    Venezuela is in chaos. The economy has cratered. Millions of people have fled the country. If I were in Brazil, I would vote for Bolsonaro because Venezuela shows that as bad as Brazil is now with the violent crime and economic decline it can still get much worse.

    • Venezuela is a shithole full of Blacks, who would want to live there anyway?

      White/Southern Nationalists should hope that the anti-Zionist anti-imperialist nationalists side always wins in these Third World shithole countries over the “pro-western” (zionist) side. That means they should support Maduro, Assad, Gaddafi, the Houthis, Kim, etc. against their opponents.

      • Brazil is also a shithole full of blacks.

        It is relatively stable though compared to Venezuela. The Whites in Brazil have been disarmed in a country which is suffering from a tidal wave of violent crime. As it has been explained to me, the Whites in Brazil understandably fear becoming another Venezuela or South Africa. There have been attacks on Brazilian farmers similar to the ones in South Africa.

        I disagree with the idea that we should always side with “anti-imperialist” communists. In reality, those people are fanatically anti-White, not NazBol. The mainstream Left is only slightly less anti-White. In a multiracial context, communism simply means expropriating White people. In Brazil, Lula’s government imposed a massive affirmative action program on the country.

        Bolsonaro represents the White backlash to the crime, corruption, taxation, economic collapse and cultural degeneration of the Lula years. It is not unlike the Trump movement here. It is “pro-Israel” in the sense that Bolsonaro’s constituency are Brazilian evangelicals, but otherwise he is great on all other issues and better than the European nationalists.

        • “There have been attacks on Brazilian farmers similar to the ones in South Africa.” Absolutely false

          “Brazilian evangelicals”, 98% of them, are really the scum of society.
          The brown, the illiterate, the lowest tier of society. The overwhelming majority of whites remain Catholic or just don’t care.

          Brazilian Evangelicals just imitated the worst aspects of American ones.
          It’s very disgusting to contemplate the absolute ugliness of Brazilian brown toothless evangelical rabble repeating like zombies what their scoundrel pastors are blabbering on the pulpit in order to fool them and steal their money.

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