Gone Spelunking: Who Is Friendly Anarchism?

Jordan Reid is also to blame this.

I gave him like three chances to shut down JAM CITY ANTIFA and go away and save the anonymity of his comrades. He responded by posting a blog with my face in crosshairs:

He published a statement in which he said, “if you want to play then lets play,” and then he followed it up with a blog post about my wife. Not cool!

Once again, I was a nice guy. I thought that I was being overly generous: just shut down your stupid LARP group and go away and stick to your anarchist podcasts. Let Corey Lemley or Julez Delphiki or someone else who isn’t a moron with poor praxis run Antifa in Nashville.

But no .. Jordan wouldn’t listen to me. He is an immature idiot. The full extent of the disaster he led his comrades into in Newnan, GA has only recently come to light. In addition to Corvus Xan (aka Raven Xan Morgan), the third member of that unfortunate trio was Katherine from Friendly Anarchism. As we have already seen, Jordan, Katherine and Corvus Xan recorded The Antifascist Roadtrip from Nashville to Newnan in which they pretty much doxed themselves to fash.

Meet Jordan Reid with Katherine and Corvus Xan in Newnan, GA:

This is how Katherine presents herself to the world:

Let’s be honest with ourselves: there are Antifa reading this blog who are looking at this and cringing. What kind of praxis is this? Who is the fool leading the blind in Nashville?

Katherine is a LARPer and a podcast e-celeb:


She interviewed Little Molly Conger of Cville DSA about the action in Knoxville.


She interviewed Gregory Southall Williams of Triangle IWW.


She interviewed DLJ of One People’s Project.

Katherine could have stayed in her lane as an Antifa e-celeb. Unfortunately, she hooked up with Jordan Reid of JAM CITY ANTIFA and holy shit we saw what went down in Newnan didn’t we?

Wait a minute?

Is that Katherine getting rolled up by the pigs? I believe it is!

JAM CITY ANTIFA and Nashville Antifa are an embarrassment to Antifa:

Darlin’, why?

BTW, the whole Eugene, OR to Nashville, TN thing on that Antifascist Roadtrip From Nashville to Newnan didn’t help your case. That’s some pretty inside baseball to know Jimmy Marr.


Nashville Antifa/Great Lakes Antifa/JAM CITY ANTIFA can’t be allowed to continue to embarrass Nashville. Why isn’t a seasoned activist like Corey Lemley in charge?

Even we agree it is time to Draft Corey! Make Nashville Great Again!

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  1. Hunter, we got your back brother. All you need to do is call for arms. These POS’s are nothing but larpers like you always said. When push comes to shove, they’ll cave and fall into the fetal position sucking their thumbs black and blued with their demented eyes showing White. They’re paid provocateurs working for their jewish communist overlods. Theyre misguided sheep with no backbone and no true identity/ reality mindset, they’re pretender wannabes that are misled to believe anarchy is the answer to their miserable lonely lives. They’re brainwashed liberal ideas and ideals will not work and never had until finaced by rich jew pricks like in 1917 Russia. They’re cockroaches that can be fumigated in one battle, but one or two always survive to breed again as we see in our modern time.
    I live in this liberal nightmare here in New England and see it daily. This yankee sees the enemy and they are weak faggot soy boys who squeal like girls and manly girls who talk like tough biker dudes.
    God help us and he does expose their true identity, LARPERS for jew communist interests and they’re too stupid to see their own self destruction.

  2. Christian antifa that is a laugh. Why not Christian Jews?? The Father of Christ God almighty made us all different, with different aptitudes, different abilities and different strengths and weaknesses. God loves variety. These antifa anti-Christians believe in an impossible equality in direct contradiction to Gods will and Gods plans. What a bunch of clowns.

  3. VERY good what you’re doing here. I’d “like” to see a push for a new Confederacy … but at least YOU are doing more than all other alt right outlets – all they do is “narrate” – put together. Hats off to you. You need $ to grow bigger. I’d fund raise if I were you. Develop a plan in steps & phases …

  4. Christian Antifa…thats a stretch, and woudnt that be an uncomfortable title given the hatred most leftists have for Christianity?

    • I was Christian and anarchist at one point, in the vein of Jaques Ellul or Ammon Hennacy (though I was never a pacifist). It’s possible if you misread the Old Testament history of Israel and focus on the New Testament Synoptic Gospels and Acts of the Apostles to the near-complete exclusion of anything St. Paul ever wrote.

      Oddly enough–and I know it’s the exact opposite of how it works with most people–I don’t think I would have ever puked up all those bluepills if I hadn’t have lost my faith.

  5. Hunter: That picture with the bullseye can be construed as a terroristic threat. Maybe you should file a complaint with law enforcement. In any case, it would be good to have it on record. It’s amazing how these red punks and criminals imagine themselves to be “noble.”

  6. I wish we had enemies who were worthy of respect. I do agree with Pantifa when they burn the US flag as a protest against America’s imperialism and state-sponsored terrorism. But to threaten HW and his family goes way beyond the pale.

    Beaners invading our country with impunity, the insolence of the jews, feminists and queers…..We could put a stop to all of it within 72 hours if we really wanted to.

    • We do not have many enemies worthy of respect, Spahn, because in order to have respect for someone, they need to have respect not only for themselves, but, for others – and The Judeo-Bolshevist Left has absolutely no respect for anyone but themselves.

      What goes around comes around, or so they say…

    • @spahnranch1969

      The Jews are behind all of this, Spahn, including the Messican invasion. Antifa©, like all the Shabbat Goys, are just Jew-Dazed stooges. The Jews have many tools, like Communism©, in their nation wrecking toolbox.

    • @Brutus

      “They are all uglier than three-peckered billy goats.”

      If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be Antifa©, or any other kind of stooge.

  7. I finally understand the reason they wear masks now. H.P. Lovecraft wrote a horror story about the people in a seaside village degenerating into strange creatures. It was called The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The mugshots above remind me of his unsettling story.

    • @Billy Blogs

      They wear masks in imitation of the Antifa© in 1990’s Germany. Back then, Antifa could be attacked and even killed, by their opponents, including the Police. This was especially true in East Berlin.
      They could also be arrested on sight and spend time in prison.

      The local German authorities tacitly and quietly supported the Right.

      Unlike the Germans in 90′, American Antifa© have the full support of USZOG and are in no real danger, whatsoever.

    • @Billy: Lovecraft was a talented but underappreciated writer with a fertile imagination. And he was an old time Yankee who lamented the post Civil War invasion of New England by the wops and other Catholic dagoes.

  8. We should start a ‘100 statues’ project Fund-raise to erect 100 NEW Confederate memorials…..antifa will scream.

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