Gone Spelunking: Who Is The Anarcho Raver?

Jordan Reid is to blame for this.

I want to start by saying that. I told him that he had 24 hours to deactivate JAM CITY ANTIFA on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. He could have walked away from this and saved the anonymity of his comrades.

Anyway, I became interested in the Antifa who goes by the pseudonym “Corvus Xan” after listening to Episode 39 of The Friendly Anarchist: Antifascist Road Trip From Nashville To Newnan with Jam City Antifa and Friends. Unfortunately, it has already been deleted because The Friendly Anarchist got skeered and went on a road trip tonight to Pee Pee Pants City.

To recap: I listened to the whole episode last night. In the episode, Jordan Reid of JAM CITY ANTIFA and Katherine of The Friendly Anarchist drive to Newnan, GA to oppose the NSM rally in April. Along the way, Jordan and Katherine pick up Comrade Corvus Xan who lives in rural Tennessee and inform the fash during their banter that he lives about 75 miles from Nashville.

This is Comrade Corvus Xan’s Facebook page:

It is locked down pretty tight.

This is someone who has gone to great lengths to protect his identity. There isn’t much to work with here. I want to stress that Comrade Corvus Xan WAS NOT doxed in the feud between Nashville Antifa and Nashville ARA. So this can’t be dismissed as “stale and outdated info.”

Corvus Xan’s Facebook page wasn’t initially as locked down as it is now. I managed to learn a great deal about him from the limited information that was provided:

– Comrade Corvus Xan is extremely fond of making and curating memes and propaganda. He is “The Anarcho Raver” on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I got to say that many of these memes are very good and that I was impressed by his work.

– Comrade Corvus Xan is also Kr4yon on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

– Comrade Corvus Xan is an “aspiring EDM composer” and loves dubstep.

– Comrade Corvus Xan is VERY FOND of burning American flags. It is one of his favorite hobbies.

– Comrade Corvus Xan used to be affiliated with Anonymous. He was @Anontennee on Twitter.

– Comrade Corvus Van is also an Antifa activist in Middle Tennessee.

– Comrade Corvus Xan is likely associated with Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network.

As I listened to Antifascist Road Trip From Nashville To Newnan, I became curious about Comrade Corvus Xan. He isn’t an urbanite. He comes from a Southern family in Middle Tennessee. He has thousands of posts on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. He has been to at least a half dozen events. He has even tweeted at me personally and has shared a photograph of my wife in Charlottesville.

Who is this guy?

Comrade Corvus Xan has been at Amren 2017 and Amren 2018. He went to Newnan. He went to the most recent Patriot Prayer rally in Portland. He was at Shelbyville and Murfreesboro. He was at the University of Tennessee to oppose Matt Heimbach and TWP. It is highly likely he has attended many other events in Tennessee and elsewhere. He knows a great deal about us.

Burning American Flags




Amren 2017

Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, TN

Heimbach In Knoxville At UT

Amren 2018


The first crack in the real world identity of “Corvus Xan” was this screenshot of his Facebook page which someone was kind enough to archive for us:

I recognized his face in the glass window at Amren 2017 standing next to Lacy Mac:

Here is the video from Daniel Friberg:

Corvus Xan was easy to spot in Newnan. All we had to do was look for him with Jordan Reid:

Unfortunately, Corvus Xan lost his shield thing in Newnan getting those Antifa XP points:

Here is the video:

Lacy Mac and Little Molly were kind enough to film Corvus Van nearly getting arrested a week later at Amren 2018:

Bathroom Knox had a much better video:

BTW, Corvus Xan camped out at the 2018 Amren Conference with our friend Timothy Grey Hall of Great Lakes Antifa who you can see below sashaying in full Antifa LARP mode:

Here is filmmaker Timothy Grey Hall aka Precious screaming at the cops in Newnan, GA:

Anyway, that’s where our knowledge of Comrade Corvus Xan stood until one of the anonymous enemies of Nashville Antifa/GLA Antifa straight up snitched him. They told us “Google King Ravie”:

It was pretty much over at that point:

Here are some of Raven Xan Morgan’s beats that I have been listening to:

And here is the definitive proof that Corvus Xan = Raven Xan Morgan:


The fam checks out.

Oh, and the distance between Nashville, TN and McMinnville, TN is 75 miles. Also, the meaning of “Corvus Xan” is Raven Xan … his first and middle name!

FWIW, I didn’t want to unmask a 23 year old idiot who is burning American flags in rural Tennessee and who might grow up one day. I gave Jordan Reid the chance to shut down JAM CITY ANTIFA and walk away from this. He responded by reopening his Twitter account and putting a target on my head.

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  1. What’s the purpose in outing him? Generally, I thought Antifa dox’s y’all because employers don’t like having you all on staff. Is the same true with the people you dox? Or are you hoping that one of your followers hurts him?

    • Well, if he participates in criminal action n the future, it’s now easy to report him to the police.

      People on here with businesses can refuse to do business with him/hire him on the tiny chance it ever came up.

      There are two reasons right off.

  2. I didn’t want to unmask him.

    In fact, I was beyond generous. I tried to reach out to him. All I asked was for Jordan Reid to shut down JAM CITY ANTIFA.

    Jordan posted a photo of me with a target on my face. Then he published a statement from his “collective.” The dude could have walked away and saved the anonymity of his comrades.

    I gave him like three chances to walk away.

    • Can confirm this by another line (did this before scrolling down the post!….so it wasn’t necessary to google “King Ravie”)

      In an archive.is search for Corvus Xan, you will be taken to an April 2016 screenshot of the associated FB homepage.

      Further information is available by clicking on the FRIENDS tab on that page. It lists Antifa, hacking, dubstep and pot smoking interests, but also a large number of similar aged people who have a subheading of a school in McMinnville TN.

      This narrows the probability of both being a past or present resident of this locale as well as being a student or alumnus circa 2015-2016.

      Given the latin word corvus, we can hypothesize this is a nom de plume for the name raven.

      Many of the peeps linked on the 2016 archived FB friends link have the surname Morgan.

      We then add the words Raven + Morgan, search and VOILA – a myspace account with all toKing Ravie”s mad trax (choooooof!)

  3. It is funny how antifa repeatedly say they are not scared of us, yet they go to all this trouble to hide their identity. Keep outing these vermin. The time will come when all this information will be useful. Trust me.

  4. This guy looks like he ceased to develop physically at age twelve. His mental growth was apparently stunted at an even earlier age. What a sad and pathetic excuse for a white man. He looks like Antifa’s equivalent of Barney Fife.

    How I wish we could give him a space to share with his Negro and Hispanic “allies” without any White racists to blame for their dysfunctions. The first day would not be over before his minority friends would be turning on him, accusing him of discrimination and demanding that he turn over his possessions for redistribution. I would love to see the expression on his face when he gets reminded that he is White.

    If for no other reason, we should be keeping files on these people so that when they show up during the purge seeking refuge from the horde, we can either deny them sanctuary and send them back out into the chaos or put them to work digging latrines during the day and lock them in cages at night. We will know who they are and that they cannot be trusted, and we can deal with them accordingly when the time comes.

    Great work Hunter! May God bless you and your family.

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